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ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

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22.07.2016:   Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Promotion order in the grade of Architect (E4) on regular basis <<<Click here for order>>>>

22.07.2016:   GS writes to:

1. Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL,  regarding  Pay fixation and settlement of pension of BSNL employees- <<<Click here for letter>>>

2. The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding

(a) Request for Posting in Kerala Circle on promotion to DGM (Finance)

(b) Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accountant Personnel

<<<Click here for letter>>>

3.The GM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding  

(a) Requested for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of AGM /DE

<<<Click here for letter>>>

22.07.2016:   Removal of 60:40 Clause towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retires employees: DOT ultimately modified the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees vide letter number 40-13/2013-Pen(T) dated 20.07.2016 <<<Click here for letter>>>. Now-

a. The pension liability in respect of employees of DOT/DTS/DTO who retired prior to 01.10.2000 is solely borne by Government of India and the BSNL will have no liability in respect of these employees.

b. The liability towards pensionary benefits including family pension to the BSNL employees (excepting those recruited after 01.10.2000), as per sub-rule 22 of Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 lies with the Government of India. The condition that the annual pension liability of the government shall not exceed 60% of the annual receipts to Government from the item specified in the O.M. dated 15.06.2006, is hereby rescinded.

c. BSNL will continue to discharge pension liability by way of pension contribution in accordance with FR 116.

This is an another feather in the cap of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA,  who fought and persuaded from bottom to top to get a rid from this arbitrarily imposed provision on BSNL and thus ensures bright future of DOT/DTS/DTO employees aborbed in BSNL.

22.07.2016:   BSNL Corporate Office announces a policy guidelines for considering requests of its employees for deputation to outside organization.

<<<Click here for letter>>>

21.07.2016:  GS, AGS (Finance) and AGS(C/E/Arch/TF) met Adl. Secy (T) DOT and discussed regarding the objections are being raised by CCA units on the Pay fixation of Executives twice in the same Pay scale ie. On time bound promotion and Post based promotion as per  the provisions of EPP.  We explained that some CCAs are making queries w.r.t Pay fixation under EPP in the  cases of some executives who have retired recently and will retire shortly.  Whereas, all the  pay fixations of BSNL Executives have been made as per the provisions of EPP which was approved by DOT.  After detail discussions AST mentioned that the Pay fixation made as per EPP are not being questioned, only the number of pay fixation made in E-9 IDA Pay scale has been questioned.  Hence, no pension case of Group 'B' level Executives and promote Group 'A' level  will be questioned.  He assured to give clearance to all pending pension cases in CCAs.  He further advised to give a representation in this regard.

21.07.2016:  GS, AGS (Finance) and AGS(C/E/Arch/TF) met DDG(Estt) and Director (Estt) DOT and extended thanks for issuing the 78.2% IDA Pay fixation order of BSNL Pensioners and 60:40sharing provision withdrawal order  today by  DOT.

21.07.2016:  GS ,AGS (Finance) and AGS(C/E/Arch/TF) met PGM(BW) Sh.H.K.Mandora and s regarding

a. CPC from JTO (C) to SDE(C) - We requested to expedite CPC to fill up 58 SDE(C) vacant posts.  PGM(BW)  informed that the CPC has been expedited to fill up about 58 SDE(C) Posts, now the CPC minutes are being sent to the competent authority for approval.  He assured to issue promotion orders shortly.  We also requested for the consideration of tenure/request transfer of SDEs(C).  He assured to  look in to the matter.  For the consideration of the request transfer cases of SDEs(C) of NEI and NEII Circles to Assam Circle, he assured to discuss the matter with Director (HR) shortly. 

b. CPC from SDE(C) to EE(C) :- We requested to initiate CPC from SDE(C) to EE(C) . PGM (BW) mentioned that a proposal to initiate CPC from SDE (C) to EE(C) has been sent to the competent authority for approval.  He assured an early action in this regard.

c. Notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay scales w.e.f 1.10.2000- We requested to get cleared the proposal from BSNL MC w.r.t JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering wings pay fixation from 1.10.2000 on notional basis.  PGM (BW) assured to look in to the matter.

21.07.2016:  Meeting with CVO BSNL:GS, FS, AGS(HQ), AGS (Finance) and AGS (CE/Arch/TF) wings met CVO BSNL Sh.Deepak Kaushik recently joined on courtesy call.  We appraised him about the delay causing in issuing VCRs on time bound and post based promotion, delay in settlement of the disciplinary cases  and appeal cases in BSNL CO.   Also requested to  examine the cases in the manner where the cases due laps in the procedure or system have occurred are to be dealt differently to correct  the system.  CVO assured to look in to the matter.

21.07.2016:   Meeting  with CMD BSNL :GS met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding the press release/media report on strategic  sale of BSNL and MTNL as per the direction of Niti Ayog . CMD BSNL mentioned that this news was floated by media against that Hon'ble MOSC immediately spoke to the Niti Ayog authorities and asked to give clarification that Niti Ayog never proposed the strategic sale of BSNL/MTNL.  Accordingly, Niti Ayog  immediately conducted a press conference and clarified that BSNL and MTNL are not in the list of Niti Ayog for strategic sale.  Hence, there is no issue of strategic sale of BSNL/MTNL. He advised that now employees should concentrate to grow BSNL service and its quality.

We also requested for the settlement of long pending HR issues of executives in BSNL.  CMD assured to discuss the matter with Director (HR) for early settlement of the HR issues.

21.07.2016:  Report of the CEC AIBSNLEA, Kerala Circle held on 16th July 2016  at 10.30 Hrs at AIBSNLEA Bhawan, Ernakulam:The Circle Executive Committee of AIBSNLEA, Kerala Circle was held at AIBSNLEA Bhawan, Ernakulam at 10.30 hours on 16th July 2016  under the chairmanship of Shri . Manoj, Vice President , Kerala Circle.   The list of participants is annexed. The meeting commenced with silent prayer.

The agenda was passed with the inclusion of an additional item viz., "Resolutions", after silent prayer. Sri. K. N. M. Nair, District Secretary of Ernakulam SSA ( Host  welcomed all the members present.   

Shri. V. Shaji, Circle Secretary appraised the house that in the midst of apprehension among some of our members regarding the existence and continuance of our Association, there is happy news that some members of other executive unions are joined in AIBSNLEA in different SSAs recently. They enrolled as a new member of our Association and they are attending in our meeting.  He narrated all the organizational activities of each SSAs with the present members ship details.

On the arrival of the great leader of AIBSNLEA , Shri  Prahalad Rai, All India General Secretary, the house salute him with standing ovation  and  a self introduction was held.

Shri. Manoj, Vice President delivered his presidential speech.  He recalled the step-by-step growth of our Association since its inception, the gains and losses and his experiences throughout the associational life.  He reiterated the necessity of continuance of the association with improved vigor and vitality under the dynamic leadership of the new leadership which will come into effect in this meeting.

In the report of Circle Secretary, he narrated each and every activities being carried out in the circle and all the pending issues at circle level and CHQ levels . Some of the items he touched upon follows .

And service issues. The report is appreciated unanimously. 

Shri. Vijayakumar, Finance Secretary, Kerala Circle presented the status of the Receipts and payments accounts of the Association.  He expressed that some SSAs are very poor in remittance of subscriptions as well as.   However, some SSAs are deserves appreciation for their efforts to collect the monthly subscription up to 31.05.2016  and remit the quota to Circle Unit/CHQ.   

Sri. Mangalanandan, Advisor, Sri. Sebastain, CWC Member, Smt. Baby Rani, Vice President were given elaborated speech regarding the association activities as well as about the coming up referendum. 

Sri. Prahladrai, General Secretary has given a detailed speech regarding all the envious achievements our great association . In the hour long eloborative speech he ensured all the pending HR issue will be settled soon.  He recalled the details mentioned in his report of AIC held at Mysure.   The General Secretary urged all the Executives to act accordingly for the assured  winning of united forum in the referendum . He also urged the house to take all out efforts to  ensure  a splendid victory for our association. 

Sri. John, D/P Ernakulam  proposed Vote of Thanks and the meeting completed at 21.00 hours with dinner.

21.07.2016:  Report of the UF meeting of  AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA , Kerala Circle 
17th July 2016  at 10.30 Hrs at Hotel Paulson park Ernakulam:
Meeting of the UF of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA Kerala has been convened at Hotel Paulson park Ernakulam under the presidentship of V.Shaji , CS AIBSNLEA . Com. Prahlad Rai , GS AIBSNLEA and  Com. Laksman CHQ President AIGETOA participated and addressed the meeting. A coordination committee of UF is also formed with members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Com. Laksman CHQ President AIGETOA elaborated all the issues of AIGETOA comrades and all direct recruiters . He urged to have a wide platform of DRs . He reminded the activities of UF. GS AIBSNLEA in is majestic speech explained all the victories carved out for the whole executive community of BSNL and action plans for going ahead to sort out pending issues.

21.07.2016:   GS writes to:

1. Mrs. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding JTOs (Erstwhile Officiating JTOs) Service.

<<<Click here for letter>>>

2. Mrs. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding Arbitrary move towards JTO (O)

<<<Click here for letter>>>

3. Mrs. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding JAO,LICE 40% examination 2013 Batch)  New syllabus and Request for Reserving required  posts for those  approached   and other CATs and for the qualified  JAO Candidates of Rajasthan Circle and Tamilnadu Circle but not declared as qualified due to want of vacancies due to wrong calculation of vacancies

<<<Click here for letter>>>

21.07.2016:  Status on Officiating JTO Case in Hon'ble CAT Jodhpur:

The OA No. 290/00165/2016 case of Chet Ram Sharma and others versus BSNL and others listed for hearing today. After a part hearing the case is further posted for 25.07.2016.  

20.07.2016:   GS writes to

1. The GM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a)   Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of DGM<<<Click here for letter>>>

20.07.2016:    DPC for promotion from CAO to the cadre of DGM (Finance):

The DPC for promotion from CAO to the cadre of DGM (Finance) on adhoc basis is held  up due to want of APARs. List of Regular CAOs, whose APARs (CRs) and VCs is  wanting as on 19-07-2016 for the CPC is attached. All the CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to kindly make all out efforts for making available the pending APARs concerning to their Circle / District immediately for curtailment of delay in conducting CPC for the cadre of DGM (Finance). <<<<Click here for the List>>>>>

20.07.2016:  Withdrawal of 60:40 Pension sharing provision of BSNL Pensioners:

GS, AGS  (C/E Arch/TF) AIBSNLEA met DOT Officers regarding withdrawal of 60:40 pension sharing provision of BSNL Pensioners.  It is informed that a separate order 60:40 provision withdrawal is under process to Secy. (T) for approval and the necessary order in this regard is expected shortly. (Most probably by tomorrow).

20.07.2016:   GS and FS discussed in the Pers Cell BSNL Corporate Office regarding:

 A Modification in posting order on promotion from DE to DGM and declination from promotion: It is understood that some modification from DE to DGM to nearby deficit circles may be considered on genuine grounds. Also the declination from DGM promotions may be considered only on some extra ordinary justified grounds.


B CPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T): The court case in the Hon'ble high court Kerala is posted for hearing on 27.07.2016 wherein the reply on TES Gr. “B” vacancy position since 1996 to 2001 and thereafter has been prepared by BSNL Corporate Office and being sent to BSNL Advocate through CGMT Kerala Circle shortly. BSNL's Advocate from Kerala will personally visit to BSNL Corporate Office to meet and discuss the matter with the senior officers of BSNL in the presence of Sr. Advocate Shri R.D. Aggarwal before next date of hearing i.e. 27.07.2016. We are expecting vacation of the stay orders on 27.07.2016.


C SDE (T) to DE (T) and AO to CAO CPCs: We have been pleading to get the stay order vacated by filing a writ petition in the Hon'ble High Court against the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh stay order on promotions. Now BSNL Management has decided to file a writ petition shortly in the Hon'ble High Court as per the advice of Solicitor General, Govt. of India.


D CPC from SDE (E) to EE (E): The CPC work is in progress in the CPC Cell of BSNL Corporate Office to fill up about 125 vacant EE (E) posts. Most of the ACRs have been received. About 30 VCRs have also been received. Efforts are being made to expedite the CPC.

19.07.2016:   GS writes to

1. The GM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a)    Representation from Shri Shiv Das Ram, DE Staff No. 17075 & HR No. 197911018 regarding promotion & posting of regular DE of Telecom operations stream to the grade of DGM (Adhoc) in Telecom Operation stream in the pay scale of Rs. 32900-58000

(b) Requested for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of SDE

( c) Representation from Shri Shibu, Rajbhasha Adhikari / AD (OL), % PGM , BGHD,HR No. 200100569 Telephone House , Bengaluru regarding request for temporary transfer to Kerala Circle.-

(d) Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of DGM

(e) Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of AGM <<<Click here for letter>>>

2. The Director (HR)  BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a)  Representation received from Shri  P. Venugopal , Deputy General Manager (Finance) (Retired) 49, MGR Nagar , Attur bye pass Road, Seelanaicken patty, Salem- 636201  regarding refund of Rs. 72192/- recovered from salary towards delay in completion of Time Bound promotion Examination <<<Click here for letter>>>

3.  The PGM (BW), BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a) Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of SDE (Civil) <<<Click here for letter>>>

4. The Director (Finance)  BSNL Board, regarding

(a)  Representation received from Shri   B. Rajesh & S. Gnaneswara Rao, Officiating JAOs, Krishna SSA, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh Circle regarding for regularisation of Officiating JAOs as one Time measure. <<<Click here for letter>>>

19.07.2016:   Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre:

The proposal of restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre approved by BSNL MC has been sent to DoT for ratification. We will now pursue it in DoT for an early approval.

19.07.2016:   Meeting with Sr. GM (Legal) and GM (SR)

GS FS and AGS (Fin.) met with SR. GM (Legal) and GM (SR) and discussed regarding 3rd PRC questionnaire reply submitted by AIBSNLEA and its further submission to 3rd PRC. We explained the reply given by AIBSNLEA item wise. Sr. GM (Legal) and GM (SR) appreciated our presentation and assured to incorporate our feedback while framing BSNL's feedback to 3rd PRC.

19.07.2016:   GS writes to Shri Justice Satish Chandra (Retd), Chairman, 3rd PRC regarding the views of AIBSNLEA on the questionnaire circulated by the 3rd PRC and requests to grant a time to present our views in person on the proposed pay and perks structure of the executives in CPSEs effective from 01.01.2017 <<<Click here for the letter>>>

18.07.2016:  GS writes to:

(1) Shri A.K. Tyagi, PGM (EW), BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a) Request for cancellation of Transfer in the grade of SDEs (E) of Odisha Circle.<<<Click here for letter>>>

(2) Shri A.K. Tyagi, PGM (EW), BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(b) Posting of SE (E), EE(E) & SDE(E) in Odisha Circle on priority basis. <<<Click here for letter>>>

(3) The GM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a) Request for transfer /Posting/Cancellation/ retention in the Cadre of    DGM (Adhoc)

(b) Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of    AGM  <<<Click here for letter>>>

(4) The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office,  regarding

(a)   Request for transfer / Posting / Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accountant Personnel

(b) Representation from  Shri P. Rajeshwar Rao CAO-TRA, % The CGM Telecom, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai, Staff No. 87775 regarding for restoration of DGM-Adhoc Promotion.  <<<Click here for letter>>>

18.07.2016:   Meeting of the recently regularised officiating JTOs in Kerala on 17.07.2016 :About 250 officiating JTOs in BSNL Kerala circle who got absorbed recently as regular JTOs after a long wait as per JTO RR 2014 assembled in Ernakulam at " Renewal Centre Kaloor Kochi-17 " on 17-7-2016. There has been serious deliberations on their burning issues in the fore-noon session under the leadership of leaders like Com. K. Pushparaj JTO (Trivandrum) Legal Coordinator, Com. P.Radhakrishnan JTO, CWC member of AIBSNLEA etc. All of them conveyed their firm willingness to add strength to AIBSNLEA and got enrolled as members in their respective SSA branches..

The Officiating JTO fraternity held an open-session of their historic gathering at the same venue at 4.00 PM on the same day, in which Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary AIBSNLEA, Com. K.N.Baby Rani, All India Vice-President-I, AIBSNLEA, Com. T.K.Mangalanandan Ex- Circle Secretary and Advisor to AIBSNLEA, Kerala Com.ShajiCircle Secretary AIBSNLEA, Kerala Circle and the entire Circle Executive Committee members of AIBSNLEA Kerala including District Presidents and Secretaries have been invited. Almost all the recently regularized Officiating JTOs of Kerala Circle and majority of the CEC members of AIBSNLEA from various parts of the circle.

The AIBSNLEA leaders were welcomed by the participants with slogans "AIBSNLEA Zindabad " Com.Prahlad Rai Zindabad” etc. The session started at 4.00 PM with Com. P.Radhakrishnan (JTO Kannur & CWC member AIBSNLEA ) on the chair. Com. Harilal ( JTO Trivandum SSA ) welcomed the dignitaries on the dais and all the participants in the special function.
Com. P.Radhakrishnan in his presidential speech made a special mention of the serious and active involvement of AIBSNLEA CHQ under the leadership of Com.Prahlad Rai and the circle body under the leadership of Com.T.K.Mangalanandan for the past several years for bringing out a fruitful end result in their battle for regularization of Officiating JTOs in BSNL. He expressed the wholehearted gratitude to the AIBSNLEA for and on behalf of all the officiating JTOs got regularized recently. He also remembered that the efforts made by Com.K.N.Baby Rani ,CHQ-Vice-President of AIBSNLEA was vital in their prolonged battle for achieving the deserved regularization. He also appreciated the support and patronage being bestowed by the present Circle Secretary Com. V.Shaji and his team in Kerala circle.

Com.K.Pushparaj (JTO and legal-coordinator at Trivandrum) in his key-note address presented all burning issues still pending and haunting the HR field of officiating JTOs even after their regularization. He sought the full-fledged support and patronage of AIBSNLEA in settling all these genuine issues with regard to fixation of pay, seniority, promotional avenues etc. A memorandum on this matter accompanied by relevant documents was handed over to the General Secretary . He expressed his boundless thankfulness to the leaders of AIBSNLEA for their constant pursuance and support extended during the course of their struggle against injustice.

The special gathering felicitated the CHQ and circle level leader of AIBSNLEA by presenting mementos as a symbol of their affection and gratitude . They also donated an amount of Rupees Fifty thousand being their donation to the legal fund of AIBSNLEA CHQ.

Com. T.K.Mangalanandan, Former Circle Secretary and currently Advisor to AIBSNLEA, Kerala addressed the gathering and explained a brief history of the prolonged struggle we conducted against the injustice shown by certain vested interested groups who always tried to torpedo the Board's decisions to regularize the affected group. There had been a colluding group within the BSNL management, but we could bring it out and make the authorities fully convinced of the gravity and genuineness of the issue. This has finally led to the present achievement though it came belatedly. Even now there exists threats in the form of unwarranted court cases filed by frustrating groups, but we will defeat all such attempts with more vigour.

Com. K.N.BabyRani ,CHQ Vice-President in her speech narrated the course of action taken by AIBSNLEA CHQ to make the regularization of all officiating JTOs a reality. The full fledged support given by Com.Prahlad Rai, GS of AIBSNLEA was the main driving force. She added that the credit goes to the untiring and constant follow up done by members like Com. P. Radhakrishnan and Com.K.Pushparaj whose pursued the matter with a commendable will power. She requested all of the regularised JTOs to extend support to the mighty association AIBSNLEA and involve in the activities to make it the number one association in the ensuing referendum.
Com. V. Shaji, Circle Secretary Kerala also welcomed them to the forefront of association activities. He appealed all the JTOs to strengthen AIBSNLEA.

Com. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA in his speech elaborated the various phases in our struggle against indifferent attitude of BSNL administration in the case of regularisation of officiating JTOs. There had been lapses on the part of the management in defending the case of officiating JTOs in the court of law when it was dragged to the HC of Haryana by some vested interests. Only AIBSNLEA could point out it to the notice of CMD and we even demanded for a thorough enquiry in to the suspected collusion in this matter. The strong involvement and interference of our association and our constant pursuing could yield results finally. He stressed that AIBSNLEA always stood firmly with the oppressed group and those who are fighting for justice. This association will further take all possible measures to ensure that their genuine demands pertaining to fixation of pay and allowances, promotion, protection of service etc . He welcomed all the newly enrolled members and asked them to come to the forefront of this organisation to add momentum to our fight to become the number one association of executives in BSNL in the forthcoming election of association with majority of members. The call of the GS was received by the participants with a big applause.

Com. Ramachandran JTO from Kozhikode, and a veteran leader of the movement delivered vote of thanks.   
<<<<Click here for glimpses>>>>>>

18.07.2016:  Congratulations !

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the long pending orders for Revision of pension of BSNL pensioners / family pensioners, who retired prior to 16.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay / Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment.

<<<Click here for the DoT OM dated 18.07.2016>>>

AIBSNLEA extends its thanks and gratitude to the then Hon'ble MOC & IT, Secretary (T) and all officers and officials of the Establishment Cell and other concerned Cells of DoT for their kind hearted support. in resolving the long pending issue of BSNL Pensioners.

15.07.2016:  GS writes to:

Mrs. Sujata Ray,Director (HR), BSNL Board, regarding request  for declaration of results of provisional candidates appeared in the JTO LICE(T), where the TTA examination was held after 31.12.2007-  <<<Click here for letter>>>

15.07.2016:   Meeting PGM (EW), BSNL Corporate Office:

GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin.) and AGS (C/E/Arch/TF) met with PGM (EW), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi and discussed regarding:

A. CPC from SDE (E) to EE (E): We requested to expedite the CPC from SDE (E) to EE (E) and mentioned that since there is no stay order from any Hon'ble court we may go ahead for conducting the CPC from SDE (E) to EE (E) mentioning subject to out come of concerned court case. PGM (EW) informed that the CPC work is in progress, all the ACRS of the eligible SDEs have been collected, about 59 VCRs of the eligible SDEs have also been received. Regarding remaining VCRs a reminder will be issued today and shortly CPC will be conducted.

B.  CPC from JTO (E) to SDE (E): We requested to expedite the CPC from JTO (E) to SDE (E). Jt. GM (EW) who was also available in the meeting, informed that all the vacant SDEs(E) posts are already filled up however, after the EE (E) promotion orders against the vacant SDE (E) posts the CPC will be immediately initiated.

C. Promotion from TTA to JTO (E): Jt. GM (EW) informed  that to fill-up all vacant JTO (E) posts from departmental candidates an LICE conducted against that 80 candidates have qualified the exam wherein about 17 qualified candidates are in-eligible to appear in the said LICE. Shortly a decision will be taken in this regard.

D. CPC from CAO to DGM (Fin.): We requested PGM (EW), the Chairman of the CPC, to conduct the CPC for promotion from CAO to DGM (Fin.) at the earliest. PGM (EW) assured to look into the matter at the earliest.     

15.07.2016:   CPC for promotions from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil):

As reported on yesterday, the CPC for promotions from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil) commenced today to fill 57 vacancies. The CPC proceeding could not be completed today and will remain continued.

14.07.2016:   United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA leaders Meeting with Addl. Secretary (T)

GS alongwith GS AIGETOA and JS North AIGETOA met Addl. Secretary Telecom Shri N.  Sivasailam and discussed the status of Pay scale and Superannuation Proposals sent by BSNL. AST emphasized that by not extending the standard pay scales all these years and doing recruitment on non-standard pay scales was not good on the part of BSNL and the same should have been rectified way back. BSNL kept the issue hanging for all this time just on the pretext of sending queries and receiving counter queries.


We said that for failure on the part of BSNL Management, the employees who have been given sub-standard pay scales cannot be penalized and now when the BSNL management has taken some corrective action in the form of recommendation of the proposal for replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A pay-scales with E-2 pay scale to JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 to SDE/AO/Equivalent and pay scales  E-3 to E-6 by  E-4 to E-7 respectively,  and  the  same should be done in the minimum possible time. We informed AST that queries sought by DoT from BSNL has been replied to and his intervention for an early action is required in the case. We also informed that the proposal had been lying in DoT without any significant progress on the issue for last one month.


The Addl. Secretary (T) emphasized that the issue has become very complex and DoT cannot take any decision on without consultation with DPE as the case relates to replacement of non-standard pay scales.  We told AST that already DPE has given its feedback that non-standard pay scales should be replaced with the standard pay-scales. AST told that personally he is not in favor of upward revision of Pay-scales. AST told that financial losses should be taken care of in such situations which has already been taken care of by BSNL. We emphasized that even financial has also not been taken care of as projected by BSNL. In actuality, the executives are facing huge pay loss vis-à-vis the per-revised scales and that was one of the reasons, that  Khan committee has taken a decision to upgrade the scale so that this pain can be minimized a little bit.  The step taken by BSNL is one short step in right direction and hence DoT should also endorse it. We requested AST for a positive recommendation on the issue for justice to the younger executives who have been recruited on an intermediate pay scale and how DoT can even think of downgrading the scales arbitrarily without charge-sheeting or penalizing an executive. AST told that without concurrence on the issue from DPE, decision on upward revision of the Pay-scales cannot be taken by DoT. AST told that this is also necessary to avoid delay which may caused by examination of the proposal by various sections of DoT and accordingly he has decided to send the proposal to DPE expecting an early decision. AST told that he will get the proposal forwarded to DPE as received from BSNL without any further inputs from DoT and he directed JS (Admin) to send the proposal to DPE for concurrence by tomorrow evening. He said that thereafter, the outcome shall be intimated to BSNL.  AST asked us also to pursue at DPE for quick disposal from their end.


On the issue of Superannuation, AST told that he will direct the concerned wing to expedite the process and ensure a quick decision on the matter at the earliest.


From the meeting with Addl. Secretary (T), it is quite evident that path is not very easy and in fact there are road blocks at each and every corner. The way DoT is trying to negate the proposal, gives us enough glimpses for the coming days ahead. We have to remain united and sending wrong signals by presenting a disunited picture is not going to help at all. So let's keep our flock together and speak in United Voice instead of sending feelers and scapegoats to the management and DoT.  We should also ensure that the issue and efforts done till date does not gets killed up just because of over enthusiasm of some persons. We have to remain vigilant and judicious in our approach.

14.07.2016:   GS, AGS (Fin.), CS-UP(W) and CS-HAR Circle met GM (FP) and discussed regarding:

A. CPC from AO to CAO: GM (FP) informed that the court case in the Hon?ble CAT Chandigarh could not be heard on 12.07.2016 due to unavailability of Hon?ble Judge. The next date of hearing is expected on 08.08.2016. After getting the clearance from Hon?ble CAT CPC from AO to CAO would be expedited.

B. CPC from CAO to DGM (F): We requested to expedite the CPC from CAO to DGM (F). GM (FP) mentioned that the CPC work is in progress, the ACRs/VCRs are being collected. Efforts are being made to conduct the CPC shortly.

C. Consideration of request / tenure transfer of AOs / CAOs/ DGM (F): We requested for consideration of request / tenure transfer of AOs / CAOs/ DGM (F). GM (FP) assured to issue request / tenure transfers shortly.

14.07.2016:   GS, AGS (Fin.), CS-UP(W) and CS-HAR Circle met Director (HR) and discussed regarding:

A. Implementation of CPSU Cadre hierarchy: We expressed our serious concern against delay in implementing the Khan Committee report on CPSU Cadre hierarchy. Earlier an assurance was given to submit the proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to BSNL MC before 30th June 2016 but no action has been taken in this regard. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with GM (Pers) for an early presentation.

B. Declination of DGM (T) promotion orders - not accepted by the competent authority: We resented against the arbitrary order of Pers. Cell of BSNL CO for not accepting the declination of the DGM (T) promotion order by individual officials on their health / family problems. We explained that maximum possible executives have already joined on promotion but some executives are unable to join the distant circles on promotion. We again requested to consider the genuine cases to avoid possible VRS.  Director (HR) mentioned that the DGM promotions have been issued after a lot of efforts in the interest of BSNL and individuals also and now declining the promotions is not justified at all. However, she assured to look into some genuine case, if any.

C. Bifurcation of AP Telecom Circle in Telangana and AP Telecom Circles: We informed Director (HR) that the volunteers have been called from the employees in AP Telecom Circle Office, Hyderabad only but a few executives (13) have given option for AP Circle.  We requested to call for the options from whole erstwhile AP Telecom Circle i.e. present AP Circle and Telengana Circle to give a fair chance to all executives for getting their choice of station. And also to assure that executives opting AP Telecom Circle Office at Vijayawada from  Telenagana Hyderabad will be treated as inter circle transfer and they will have break in tenure after two years. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

14.07.2016:   CPC for promotions from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil):

It is reliably learnt that the CPC for promotions from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil) is taking place tomorrow to fill about 57 vacancies.

13.07.2016:  AIBSNLEA submitted reply of 3rd PRC questionnaire to BSNL Management for further submission to DPE:  <<<<Click here for letter>>>>   <<<Click here for 3rd PRC questionnaire and response of AIBSNLEA>>>>

13.07.2016:  Meeting of Forum Leaders with Hon'ble MOC, Govt. of India, New Delhi:

The members of the Core Committee of the Forum, viz., com. P. Abhimanyu, Convenor, com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA and com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, met with Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon?ble Minister of State for Communications. The representatives welcomed the MoS(C) by offering bouquet and shawl and made a brief presentation to the Hon?ble MoS(C) on the efforts being taken by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations for the revival of BSNL. Forum leaders explained about the ?Service With A Smile? programme of the Forum, currently being implemented by the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL. Further, the representatives sought the intervention of the Hon?ble MoS(C) to ensure the next pension revision for the BSNL pensioners. They also requested that pension contribution by BSNL should be calculated based on actual basic pay and not on the maximum of the pay scale. The Hon?ble MoS(C) told the Forum representatives to give these issues in writing and assured that these would be taken care of.


Click for the glimpses of meeting of BSNL Forum leaders with Hon'ble MOC, Govt. of India, New Delhi......<<Photo1>>    <<Photo2>>  <<Photo3>>> 

12.07.2016:  Core committee Meeting with CMD BSNL:-

GS along with members of the core committee of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations met CMD BSNL and discussed the issues related to viability of BSNL.  CMD appraised that in the first Quarter the  BSNL overall growth is 3% + ve side.   MN is also + ve In CM segment it is more than 8%, CFA it is balancing and in EB segment it has come down in this this quarter hence the overall growth is 3% + ve side. He emphasized that some more efforts are required to increase the revenue.  NMAR-SAT services(Satelite base services) are being launched by BSNL shortly through a Gateway created at Gaziabad.   TRAI has given licence to BSNL for IN-MARSAT services operation. BSNL will only be the service provider in this service initially for Army and thereafter for commercial services which will give good revenue.  BSNL will also  launch wi-fi and B/B services in Aircraft.  The West Bengal, Kolkata TD and Chennai TD Circles are lagging being in growth, these circles have come up to reduce the losses of BSNL.  We requested for getting  transferred of assets  from DOT to BSNL on priority basis.  CMD assured to look in to.  Reconciliation of accounts are being done for last 3 years, BSN: will get benefit of  Rs.400 crs  on account of this and this exercise will be completed by Dec 2016 etc.


We congratulated him for the settlement of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation to BSNL Pensioners and 60:40 provision withdrawal from Pension Rule- 37 A.  CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and mentioned that the Ex-Hon'ble MOC & IT Sh. Ravishanker  Prasadji helped a lot in this regard to get the clearance from Cabinet. 


CMD also fixed 10thAugust , the date for organizing processions by all the employees and BSNL Management at Circle/SSA level to give popularity to "SWAS" and BSNL's services.  We assured our fullest support for the betterment of BSNL.

12.07.2016:  GS,FS, GS, AIRBSNLEWA and CS, BSNL CO, AIGETOA met the DOT  Officers ie. Member (Services), Member (Finance), DDG(Estt), DDG (FEB), Director (Estt) and Director (PSU) and extended our sincere gratitude and thanks to them with "Sweet" for getting cleared the proposal of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation to BSNL Pensioners and withdrawal of 60:40 provision of Pension Rule-37 A from Cabinet, Govt. of India.  We also got cleared the file from DDG (FEB) Sh. Rajeev Kumar for issuing the order in this regard. Director (Estt) assured to issue order by tomorrow on this issue.


DDG (Estt) and DDG (FEB) mentioned that even on 4-7-2016 during Cabinet Meeting a certificate from DOT was asked to submit assuring that on implementation of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation to BSNL Pensioners and withdrawal of 60:40 pension will not cause  any previous financial liability on Govt. And the certificate was immediately given by DDG (FEB) to cabinet secretariat in this regard then the cabinet approved the above proposal.  Necessary orders in this regard are expected tomorrow itself.


On the issue of E-2 to E-7 IDA Pay scales implementation in BSNL and 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees clearance from DOT.  Director (PSU) informed that both issues  under consideration to DOT.  It will take some time to get the clearance from DOT.  We  further requested Member (Finance) DOT to intervene in both the matters for early clearance.  Member (Finance) has assured to look in to the matter.

12.07.2016:  Meeting with GM(Pers.) on dated 08.07.2016:GS, AGS(HQ) met GM(Pers) and discussed regarding

(a) Bifurcation of AP Telecom Circle in Telangana and AP Telecom Circles: GM (Pers) informed  that the volunteers in this regard has been called from the employees in AP Telecom Circle Office, Hyderabad but only few executives has given option for AP Circle.  He clarified that those executives will have break in their tenure after completion of two years of service in AP Telecom Circle at Vijayawada. However, in case sufficient volunteers are not there from Hyderabad then the options will be  called  from whole AP Telecom Circle.

(b) Consideration of Request/tenure transfer of SDEs/DEs:   GM(Pers) informed that shortly all the pending request/tenure transfer  of SDEs/DEs will be considered.

12.07.2016:  ..... Congratulations! It is reliably learnt from the Advocate dealing the case on behalf on the stenographers that: The SLP filed by the BSNL Management against the verdict of Hon'ble High Court Eranamkulam and Hon'ble High Court, Chennai has been dismissed. The case was initially filed in the Hon'ble CAT Eranamkulam and Hon'ble CAT Chennai and both court have give judgment in the favour of stenographers to fill up the vacancies of PA as on 31.12.2003 based on old R.R. However, BSNL has filed appeal against the judgment in both the courts. Both the Hon'ble High Court  dismissed the appeal of BSNL. Again BSNL Management filed SLP against the decisions of both the Hon'ble High Courts, which has now been dismissed by Hon'ble Supreme Court.

<<<<Click here for TELEWAVE-June-2016>>>>

10.07.2016 : Com. Bijoy Bhattachrjee, Circle Secretary, West Bengal Circle lost his wife today evening. AIBSNLEA convey heartfelt condolence  to the bereaved family. Soul may rest in peace.
10.07.2016:  ..... Today CMD BSNL Tweeted about disruption of BSNL network due to rains and restoration efforts....."We have formed special teams under the leadership of CGM's & are monitoring the restoration process on an hourly basis".....<<<<Click here for CMD BSNL Tweeter.....>>>>>

All the executives of affected area are requested to join hands in quickly putting BSNL network alright again. This is the right time to prove once again that BSNL can only provide telecom services in all situations continuously with minimum restoration time.......GS AIBSNLEA

08.07.2016:  Congratulations ! TTA to JTO(T) LICE result declared .......

Click here for <<<<Letter>>>>>    <<<<List1>>>>>  <<<<List2>>>>>  

08.07.2016:   GS,FS, AGS(F) met GM(FP) and discussed regarding

(a) CPC from AO to CAO: We requested to call ACRs/VCRs to initiate CPC from AO to CAO. GM(FP) mentioned that the court case pending in Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh is coming for hearing on 12th July 2016 and now efforts are being made to get transfer this case in PB CAT New Delhi. Here in PB CAT, New Delhi through our Sr. Advocate, we will try for early clearance to initiate CPC.

(b) Consideration of tenure/request transfer of AOs/CAos from Hear tenure Circles: GM(FP) assured that transfer orders of such cases will be issued in next week.

08.07.2016:   GS discussed with PGM(BW) regarding

(a)    CPC from JTO to SDE(C) : We expressed our serious concern against delay in expedite CPC from JTO(C) to SDE(C).  PGM(BW) mentioned that CPC work is in progress but it is being delayed due to non-availability of EE(C) at HQ, BSNL Corporate Office to compile ACRs/VCRs and pursuance. We suggested that if any EE(C) is willing to join as EE(C) HQ, BSNL Corporate Office, his request will be considered immediately. However, he assured to expedite CPC at the earliest.

(b)   CPC from SDE(C) to EE(C): We requested to initiate CPC from SDE(C) to EE(C) to fill up all vacant EE(C) posts. PGM(BW) informed that to initiate the CPC from SDE(C) to EE(C) proposal has been prepared and being send to the Competent Authority for approval shortly.

(c)    Consideration of tenure / request transfers of SDE(C)/EE(C) from NE-I/NE-II Circle to Assam Circle: We requested for consideration of tenure / request transfers of SDE(C)/EE(C) from NE-I/NE-II Circle to Assam Circle. PGM(BW) mentioned that SDE(C)/EE(C) in NE-I/NE-II Circle have not completed three years tenure period as per transfer policy, since they have been reported for NE Circle only. We strongly protested against his view point and requested that as per transfer policy of Inter-Circle transfer for Hard Tenure Circle; these SDEs/EEs transfer order are to be considered immediately as it is already been considered in Telecom/Finance wings of BSNL. These SDEs/EEs are all India cadre and same policy has to be adopted for them also. PGM(BW) assured to re-examine the issue.

08.07.2016:   BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding

(i) Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of SDE (T) under 33 percent quota held on 21.06.2015 - Calling of VCRs of qualified candidates  <<<<Click here for order>>>>

(ii) DPC under seniority quota - Furnishing current status of left out JTOs AIEL circulated on 20.02.2015 <<<<Click here for order>>>>

08.07.2016:   IDA increased by 2.4%. The revised rate of IDA w.e.f. 01.07.2016 is 114.8% <<<<Click here for the OM issued by DPE>>>>>

08.07.2016:   BSNL Corporate Office issues List of empanelled hospitals in Delhi and NCR as on 30.06.2016  <<<<Click here for the List>>>>>

08.07.2016: GS writes to:

(1) The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding

(a) Request for transfer /Posting/Cancellation/ retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel

(b) Representation received from Shri Anand B. Rohidekar, Staff No. 88008, CAO , Ahmedabad Telecom District , Gujarat Telecom Circle, Ahmedabad-380006 regarding Correction in Provisional Seniority list in the grade of STS ( CAO) working in BSNL as on 10.6.2016 and request for posting back to home Circle.

( c) Representation received from Shri N.K. Sharma Staff No. 88034 regarding promotion to the Chief Account officer(STS) consequent upon conclusion of disclinary proceedings.<<<Click here for letter>>>

(2) The GM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding

(a) Request for transfer /Posting/Cancellation/ retention in the Cadre    of   SDE     

(b) Representation from Shri Sundar Pal (AGM-OPN), % GMTD Karnal, HR No. 198211199 regarding for exemption from tenure transfer out of Circle being a Handicapped Person.

(c) Representation from Shri C.L. Ganjoo, SDE, % GMTD Jammu, HR No. 198212201  regarding Notional Promotion to SDE (T) grade (TES Group 'B' at par with next immediate junior(s) with effects from 29.4.2011 and actual from the date of assuming the charge (w.e.f 09.12.2013) -

(d) Request for transfer/Posting/Cancellation / retention in the Cadre of AGM/DE

(e) Request for transfer /Posting/Cancellation/ retention in the Cadre of  DGM (Adhoc)- <<<Click here for letter>>>

(3) The Director (HR)  BSNL Board, regarding

 (a) Representation from Smt. K. Vasantha kumari, Account Officer (Under Removal) % GMTD, BSNL, Panaji, Goa regarding Review Petition under BSNL CDA Rules 2006- removal from service- conviction under section 138 of NI act-

(b) Representation received from Shri Avadhoot Vishwas Mahajan, SDE (Computers), Sangli, HR No. 199701461 regarding for first time bound promotion after 4 years without reaching higher scale Condition ?Implementation of Hon'ble Chennai Judgement in OA441/2010 dated 23.2.2012

(c) Representation received from Shri Satya wan, P.A regarding clarification in respect of implementation of policy guidelines issued by BSNL CO in respect of PA/PS of BSNL field units. <<<Click here for letter>>>

(4) The GM (Estt) BSNL Corporate office, regarding

(a)Representation received from Shri R.R. Ganapathy, M.Com,   M.B.A. HR MS No. 198215911/Sr. Section Supervisor, AO (EC) Section /5th Floor/FBR Telecom Building/ % GMM/BSNL/STR/ Chennai-600001 regarding for considering his promotion to JTO (T) under 15 % quota for the year 99-2000 & 2000-2001 & 2001-2002 Vacancies of Tamil Nadu Circle. 

(b) Representation received from Shri Sanjay Kumar, (JTO-CMTS-Agra) HR No. 199801415 regarding for promotion from JTO to the grade of SDE (Telecom) on regular basis after Completion of penalty imposed<<<Click here for letter>>>

(5) The PGM (Electrical) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding  requested for transfer /Posting/Cancellation/ retention in the Cadre    of   SDE (E)-<<<Click here for letter>>>

06.07.2016:  GS writes to:

Ms. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding Request for recruitment in the cadre of JTO(C/E) and/or JE(C/E) in similar line with JE (T) from open market.   <<<Click here for letter>>>





06.07.2016: GS,  AGS(HQ), AGS (C/E/Arch/TF) and GS (TEAM, MTNL) met with Hon'ble Minister of States for Finance & Corporate Affairs Shri.Arjun Ram Meghwal Ji and felicitated him on assuming the high office of the Minister of States for Finance & Corporate Affairs and wished him all success in his endeavor. <<<<Click here for letter>>>>>

Click here for Glimpses......<<<<Photo1>>>>     <<<<Photo2>>>>      <<<<Photo3>>>>    <<<<Photo4>>>>

06.07.2016:  Shri Manoj Sinha, takes over the charge of Minister of States for Communications <<<<Click here to know more about our Minister>>>>>

GS, FS, AGS (C/E/Arch/TF) and AGS (Fin.) met with Hon'ble Minister of States for Communications and felicitated him on assuming the high office of the Minister of States for Communications and assured our fullest cooperation. <<<<Click here for the letter>>>>>

<<<<Click here for the Photo_1>>>>>, <<<<Click here for the Photo_2>>>>>, <<<<Click here for the Photo_3>>>>>, <<<<Click here for the Photo_4>>>>>

06.07.2016:  One more feather in the cap of achievements of AIBSNLEA - 78.2% IDA Pay fitment benefit to BSBNL Pensioners and removal of 60:40 liability sharing provisions in the BSNL Pension Rules 37-A approved by Union Cabinet.

At the time of granting 78.2% IDA Pay fitment benefit to BSNL employees on 10.06.2013, it was assured by DoT that BSNL Pensioners will automatically get the benefit on actual basis as the Pension is the right  of Pensioners but later on the issue was made complicated that since the BSNL serving employees have been granted actual benefit w.e.f 10.06.2013 than how BSNL Pensioners can be given actual benefit from 01.01.2007. And, since there is no provision exists for notional Pension Pay fixation, the matter was referred to DoP&W and DoE by DoT to give notional Pension fixation w.e.f. 01.01.2007 and actual from 10.06.2013. DoP&W cleared the proposal but subject to the clearance from DoE. The DoE raised some objections regarding 60:40 provision of liability sharing from BSNL under Rule 37-A. The same were clarified by DoT in the Cabinet Note which was directly sent to Cabinet with the approval of Hon'ble MoC & IT.


On the issue of 60:40 liability sharing provision made by Govt. secretly and arbitrary in BSNL's Pension Rule 37-A in the year 2005. It was never informed to BSNL. The information in this regard was taken under RTI by our veteran leader Com. Amit Kumar Gupta, Ex. OS (East), AIBSNLEA and presently AGS, AIRBSNLEWA wherein the details on 60:40 liability sharing introduced in Pension Rule 37-A after the approval of Cabinet was known to everybody. This provoked us to ensure withdrawal of this 60:40 provision from the Rule 37-A. This provision only delayed the settlement of 78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit to BSNL Pensioners for three years.


AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA wholeheartedly took the matter with DoT, DoP&W and DoE for the implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit to BSNL Pensioners and withdrawal of arbitrary provision of 60:40 liability sharing from BSNL. Finally succeeded in convincing the concern authorities in DoT, DoP&W and DoE and got settled it from Union Cabinet. The necessary orders in this regard are expected shortly. The hurdles due to 60:40 sharing module between BSNL and Govt. are now abolished therefore on this pretext IDA Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners at the time of 3rd PRC implementation will not be an issue. This is a great achievement on the part of AIBSNLEA as well as AIRBSNLEWA.


AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA will ensure actual benefit of 78.2% IDA fitment w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Also the amount of DCRG, leave encashment and commutation of Pension of these Pensioners should be increased w.e.f. 01.01.2007 on this account. The necessary steps will shortly be taken by AIBSNLEA in this regard since Pension is the property of the Pensioners. Let us, continue our efforts to achieve full Pensionary benefits to BSNL Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2007.

05.07.2016:  Union Cabinet approves Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners Removing Anomalies: Congratulations! Efforts of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA ultimately yielded results.  

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the revision of pension of BSNL pensioners and family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment, and (ii) Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees. 

The pension of BSNL pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 has been revised w.e.f. 01.01.2007 notionally with actual benefit w.e.f. 10.06.2013, by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment at par with the serving employees of BSNL. However, increase in the amount of DCRG, leave encashment and commutation of pension in respect of these pensioners shall not be increased on this account. 

The pension liability in respect of employees of Department of Telecommunications (DOT) / Department of Telecom Services (DTS) / Department of Telecom Operations (DTO) who retired prior to 01.10.2000 is solely borne by Government of India and the BSNL will have no liability in respect of these employees. In respect of employees who are absorbed in BSNL, the liability on account of pensionary benefits shall be fully borne by Government while BSNL will continue to discharge pension liability by way of pension contribution in accordance with FR-116 for the period they so work/worked. (60:40 Black Rule is now removed)

The revision entails an estimated recurring annual expenditure of approximately Rs 129.63 crore for pensioners and Rs 24.93 crore for family pensioners and arrears from 2013-14 would be Rs 239.92 crore approximately for pensioners and Rs 44.62 Crore approximately for family pensioners. Approximately118500 pensioners all over India will be benefited by this revision. 

This revision has fulfilled the long pending demand of revision of pension of BSNL absorbed employees who retired prior to 10.06.2013 and will bring the pensioners at par with the serving employees of BSNL by removing the anomalies. It will help in reducing the financial burden of BSNL and removing prospects of industrial unrest in BSNL while fulfilling the commitment of Government. 


The decision of the Cabinet has come in the wake of an anomalous situation created in the difference of pension formula among the BSNL retirees who retired before and after 10.06.2013. Further, the decision regarding pensionary liability is on persistent demand from various quarters and a series of deliberations at different levels to fulfill the assurance given by the Government before corporatization i.e. before formation of BSNL.

05.07.2016:  BSNL Corporate Office issues OM on 04.07.2016 regarding composition of various CPCs for Executives (BSNL Management Service) in respect of various streams - Telecom Operation, Telecom Finance, Civil, Electrical, Architect, Telecom Factories and other streams of BSNLMS. <<<<Click here for the OM>>>>>
05.07.2016:  The DPC for promotion CAO to the cadre of DGM (Finance) on adhoc basis is held  up due the want of APARs. The list of Regular CAOs whose APARs (CRs) is  wanting as on 05-07-2016 for CPC for promotion to the cadre of DGM (Finance) is attached. All the CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to kindly make all out efforts for making available the pending APARs concerning to their Circle / District at the earliest so that the much awaited CPC may be held. <<<<Click here for the List>>>>>

05.07.2016:  AIBSNLEA files MA on 04.07.2016 in Hon'ble CAT Bench Jodhpur:

AIBSNLEA to safeguard the interest of thousands of officiating JTOs who pass the screening test years back under Recruitment Rules 1996 and are still deprived from regularization due to administrative lapses on the part of BSNL has filed an MA (Miscellaneous Application) on 04.07.2016 under section 21 of the CAT Rules for being impleaded as party respondent in the OA No. 290/00165/2016 case of Chet Ram Sharma and others versus BSNL and others. The next date of hearing is 13.07.2016. 

Achievements of AIBSNLEA after formation of BSNL


1.     To bring all Group ?B' Officers (DOT recognized) Associations of the Executives under the umbrella of Central Coordination Committee.

2.     Smooth absorption of Gr. 'A'and Gr. 'B'officers of BSNL in 2003

3.     IDA Pay Scale finalization for BSNL Executives on point to point fixation basis.

4.     Absorption of Gr.B and Gr.A  Officers in BSNL

5.     Grant of perks to BSNL Executives from 01.01.2005 in 2006 on actual basis.

6.     Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) notification on 18.01.2007

7.     Clarifications related to execution of EPP issued on 30.05.2007 and EPP implemented in full.

8.     Restructuring of Executive cadres i.e. JAO, JE(C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering Wings, PA/PS and Assistants of CSS cadre etc.

9.     Date of effect for all upgraded pay scales decided as on 01.10.2000 for the purpose of counting the residency period and now persuing for notional benefit.

10.  AAO pay scale settled in the grade of Rs.11875/- at par with the grade of AO.

11.  Filling up of the vacant STS Gr. 'A'posts in all disciplines in BSNL in the year 2006.

12.  Transparent transfer policy for executives in BSNL notified in 2009.

13.  Implementation of 2nd PRC with 30% Fitment benefit.

14.  Notification of BSNL MSRR in 2009 with date of effect as 01.10.2000.

15.  Regularization of Adhoc STS level Executives in year 2010.

16.  Promotion of Regular STS level Executives to the grade of DGM on Adhoc basis by giving one time relaxation of one year in the eligibility conditions for promotion to DGM in year 2010 first time in BSNL.

17.  IDA Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners on 15th March 2011.

18.  Regularization of Adhoc DGM to DGM (Regular) in year 2012

19.  Regular holding of CPCs in Gr.'B', Gr.'A', JAG, SAG and HAG grades.

20.  Provided GSM Mobile Telephone connections with STD facility and hand set to all Executives.

21.  Provided Broadband connections at the residence of all Executives and increased free call limit. Provided data facility to all Executives.

22.   E1+5 advance increments in IDA pay scale to JAO/JTO equivalent Executives to avoid their losses.

23.  Regularization of Officiating JTOs by creating supernumerary posts of 3500 JTOs to avoid reversion as per the judgement of Hon'ble Chandigarh High Court and  now after  finalization of JTO RR 2014.

24.  Reversion of 1966 SDEs could be stopped by intervention of AIBSNLEA in Hon'ble Delhi High Court in the year 2007.

25.  JAO-2010 batch option case resolved with the untiring efforts of AIBSNLEA

26.  Implementation of 2nd PRC recommendations with 30% fitment to all BSNL Executives.

27.  78.2% IDA fitment to all BSNL Executives.

28.  E-2 to E-7 IDA Pay Scales proposal got approved from BSNL MC and sent to DOT for ratification.

29.  CPSU cadre hierarchy implementation as per KHAN Committee report within two months' time given by BSNL management.

30.  Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees with 3% contribution has been approved by BSNL Board and sent to DOT for ratification.

31.   E-1 + 5 advance increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAO 2013 batch and PA cadre approved by BSNL Board and now sent to DOT for ratification.

32.  PPS Posts are created with all CGMs and Sr.PPS Posts with CMD / Director of BSNL Board.

33.  Membership verification of Executive Association process has started as per AIBSNLEA demand.

34.  3% Pay fixation benefit on time bound promotion and further 3% Pay fixation on DNI under EPP settled.

35.  BSNL Board approved to have recruitment of 2000 JTOs (DR) and 2500 TTAs (DR) in BSNL.

36.  LICE from TTA to JTO (T) has been started after the finalization of JTO RR-2014.

37.  ITS officer's absorption issue got finality in BSNL/MTNL.  Filed contempt case against arbitrary deployment of ITS Officers in BSNL in the Hon'ble High Court Delhi and PB CAT New Delhi to quash the deployment order.


In addition to dealing with the HR related issues of BSNL Executives, AIBSNLEA played a pivotal role with regard to the viability of BSNL. AIBSNLEA always remained at fore front in all the struggles of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to safe guard the interest of BSNL. In true sense, AIBSNLEA safe guarded the interest of the entire BSNL Executive fraternity and BSNL as a whole.

02.07.2016:  Sr. Acctt. working in BSNL get the Scale of 5500-9000 w.e.f. 01.01.1996 with financial benefit 19.02.2003 but not granted upgraded IDA Scale of 9850-14600 nor Get Group 'B' Status. as their Counter Parts get in other ministries and departments whereas Assistants of CSS get the same in BSNL. Now as per decision of CAT Sr. Accounts also gets the Group 'B' Status and scale both w.e.f. 01.10.2000 similar to Assistants of CSS in BSNL. <<<Click here for the CAT Order>>>

<<<<Click here for the GS Report submitted to the 5th AIC at Mysuru on 18.06.2016>>>>>

01.07.2016:  BSNL Corporate Office issues guidelines regarding:

1. Preparation of Electoral Rolls for conduct of 1st membership verification to elect majority representative Association of Executive employees in BSNL - consolidated guidelines regarding <<<<Click here for order>>>>>

2. Non-transfer of Executive staff till completion of 1st membership verification process of Executives' Association in BSNL - revised guidelines regarding <<<<Click here for order>>>>>