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27.08.2011:Due to some unavoidable circumstances, the Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA notified earlier vide notice dated 17.08.2011 being held at Jabalpur (M.P.) w.e.f. 15th & 16th October'2011 is hereby postponed and re-scheduled to be held on 19th & 20th October'2011 at the same venue. The meeting venue and agenda for discussion will remain the same <<Click here for Notice>> <<Click Here for Notice of Postponement>>

12.10.2011 : Publication of BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY - 2012 : AIBSNLEA is bringing out BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY - 2012. This Executive Diary with improved quality and features will have full page for each day. The diary will be ready for dispatch by second week of November-2011. The price has been fixed at Rs. 130/- per copy including postage / freight charges. For further details and placement of orders, please contact at the following address:- Shri B. Ravindranath, FS [Phone - 011-23326695, Mob: 9868101880, Fax - 011-23353571], Shri Bhagwan Singh, AGS (HQ) [Phone - 011-23037869, Mob: 9868501895], CH-17-2-15, P&T Chemmery Staff Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001   Fax - 011-23315315 <<Click Here for letter>>

20.06.2011: Brief of 270 SDEs and 147 SDEs of LDCE quota  who got retrospective date promotion  - drafted & complied by Sh. S.K. Dalai, Advisor(Legal) AIBSNLEA, CHQ Click Here for details

19.06.2011:Click Here for the Brief History of the court cases regarding 270 & 147 SDEs LDCE quota retrospect promotions -- Drafted &  complied by  veteran leader Com. A.Sugumaran, Ex-Circle Secretary, TESA(I), Tamilnadu Circle ; who is one of the applicant in the 270 Court Case.

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31.10.2011: GS, President, AGS (HQ), CS Delhi Circle met CMD BSNL and discussed

(a)  We felicitated CMD BSNL on behalf of our CWC Meet, Jabalpur held on 19th & 20th Oct'2011 since he could not attend it due to his busy schedule at New Delhi  Click Here for <<Photo1>> <<Photo2>>

(b) ITS Officers absorption issue: We impressed upon to end the deputation in BSNL. CMD explained that absorption process of ITS officers has been re-initiated and he has categorically told that this time govt. has decided to complete the process. ITS officers should exercise option for BSNL to end duality. Officers should have commitment for BSNL. BSNL will regain its old glory. If someone feels that BSNL will not turnaround, they should immediately quit BSNL. He opined that good number of ITS officers will exercise the option for BSNL. However, in case of shortage, we will promote our own executives and will recruit some required executives from open market. He appealed us to keep ready to face any challenge in the days to come.

(c) VRS: On VRS issue, CMD explained that BSNL Board has already decided to bring VRS and proposal has been sent to DoT for financial support & approval. DoT is examining the proposal and in case govt. approves, it will be implemented. He further mentioned that in case govt. don't approve VRS proposal than BSNL has to decided its own ways & means to turn around the company by increasing  its customer base and revenue.

31.10.2011: Decisions of the JAC meeting held on 31st October 2011:A meeting of the Joint Action Committee was held today, 31st October 2011 presided over by Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener, JAC, briefed the house about the developments after  last meeting.

The main agenda was the one day strike given notice for 10th October and deferred for bringing wider unity for struggle.  NFTE and FNTO have been contacted in the mean time for united struggle.

After detailed discussion on all the relevant issues, the following decisions were taken:

1.   Considering the viewpoints expressed by the unions and for bringing wider unity for struggle and further to organise the strike with full preparation, the JAC decided that the deferred one day strike be organised by the middle of December 2011.

2.     The strike will be one day strike as decided earlier.

3.     In between, discussion will be held with NFTE / FNTO for a suitable date.

4.     An appeal to the Members of Parliament will be prepared by JAC which will be sent to the lower levels to contact the Parliament Members in their constituency and seek support from them for taking up in the Parliament.

In the meantime, hectic campaign for strike should be organised at all levels.

26.10.2011: GS Message on Deepawali: May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Deepawali  is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here's hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead.

Let us take a pledge on Deepawali that we will devote overselves in enhancing BSNL's  glory by providing high class services without fail to our customers. Best wishes to u and Ur family on Diwali : GS AIBSNLEA

25.10.2011: GS writes to Shri A.K. Garg, Director(HR), BSNL regarding Local Oftg. Promotion to executives- date of reversion during retirement [Ref : CGM/CTD letter no CGM/MISC/VI/10-11 DT 12-10-2011] <<Click Here for letter>>

25.10.2011:BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding Transfer and posting of Executive s [AGM/DE] in the Telecom Operation Stream -  << Click Here for order>> 

21.10.2011:Joint Forum of BSNL absorbed Executive Associations writes to  CMD, BSNL regarding contingency plans of BSNL Management <<Cilck Here for letter>>

21.10.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding Payment of IDA at revised rates w.e.f. 01.10.2011 to BSNL employees << Click Here for order>>  <<DPE order>>
21.10.2011: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding posting on completion of filed training of Direct Recruited DGMs in BSNL << Click Here for order>>

20.10.2011: BSNL NEWS

(i) Loss-making BSNL wants to surrender broadband licence in 17 circles <<Click Here for news>>

(ii) BSNL approaches govt for surrender of BWA spectrum <<Click Here for news>>

20.10.2011:Report of the General Secretary placed in the Central Working Committee Meeting of AIBSNLEA held on 19th & 20th Octomber'2011 at BRBRAITT, Ridge Road, Jabalpur (Chargadi), Madhya Pradesh <<Click Here for report>>

19.10.2011:Central Working Committee meeting of the AIBSNLEA at Jabalpur(MP) The  Central Working Committee meeting of the AIBSNLEA commenced on 19th Oct'2011 at 9.30 hours at BRBRAITT, Jabalpur with hoisting of Association flag by Com. P. Venugopal, President.

Com. P. Venugopal, President  of AIBSNLEA presided over the meeting. President in his opening remarks requested every one to co-operate with the dias in completing the agenda points and various important issues in the crucial period. He welcomed all the CHQ Office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, special invitees and requested all to fully participate in the deliberations and make the CWC a grand success. 

Com A.K. Tiwari,  Circle Secretary  Jabalpur , welcomed all the CHQ Office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, special invitees and requested the participants to excuse them for the shortcomings, if any in the arrangement of accommodation, etc. to the participants and requested everyone to co-operate in conducting the meeting successfully and inform the host volunteers in case of any short fall in the arrangements.

President informed that Open Session is scheduled at 11.30 hours.

Agenda circulated were unanimously approved by the CWC. One minute silence was observed in the memory of departed comrades. After Self introduction, the agenda items were discussed. Minutes of the 3rd CWC meeting held at Goa were unanimously confirmed. Circle  Secretaries, Organizing Secretaries , AGSs and Advisors  placed their report. Com. GS sum up the reports. CWC meet adjourned for the Open Session at 11.00 hours

The Open Session on the occasion of CWC meet commenced at 11.30 hours with lighting of sacred lamp by Shri Neeraj Verma, G.M. (Trg.), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi and other dignitaries.  Comrades of Jabalpur Circle warmly welcomed the Chief Guest Shri Neeraj Verma, Guest of Honors Shri Jitendra Vyas, CGM (TF), Jabalpur, Shri A C. Mishra, Sr. GM TD, Jabalpur, Shri G.C. Manna, Sr. G.M. Inspection Circle, Shri S.K. Bose, Sr. G.M. TTC, Jabalpur,  Shri Prabhash Singh, Sr. G.M. (Admn), M.P. Circle, Special Guest, Shri K. Satyanarayana with Bouquets , Shreephal, Shawls and Mementos.

Com B.S. Rajput, Circle Secretary of M.P. welcomed all the members.  He has mentioned that the CWC is being held in a crucial period by the BSNL with the proposed VRS, ITS absorption, revenue reduction, etc. and it is very much important to identify the reasons for the revenue reduction and to find out a suitable solution to bring the BSNL in its original glory.

Com Prahlad Rai G.S. welcomed the gathering and placed his key note address <<Click Here for Keynote address>>.

Com P. Venugopal, President, AIBSNLEA, in his address expressed sincere gratitude to Jabalpur Circle, BRBRAITT, for making wonderful arrangement for the CWC. President  informed that since the inception of BSNL, all the executives and non-executives are dedicatedly working for the growth of BSNL.  But, it is painful to say that the ITS officers, who are leading us is not able to take a decision on their absorption issue.  He requested the ITS officers to get absorb in BSNL and join the work force of BSNL so that BSNL can achieve its original position.  He informed that DoT has requested the executives of face any contingency situation to manage the BSNL in the case of ITS officer not opted for BSNL.  President has informed that on behalf of the Association our CHQ has already informed the DoT that BSNL executives are ready to face any challenge. President has stated that at the time when BSNL employees were putting their maximum efforts to bring back the BSNL in its original position despite of all odds, the management has proposed the VRS and the same has diverted the focus of the employees from its efforts.  MTNL has in no way benefited with VRS and the same will be the result in BSNL too.  The VRS is proposed to cover up the mis-management of BSNL by the management.  As regards the viability of BSNL, BSNL has earned profit around 9 years, the revenue in landline itself has reduced drastically, where all the taxes, etc. liable to be paid by the BSNL in intact and there is no change in it.   He informed that AIBSNLEA is striving its best to educate its members and in supporting the management to grow and earn its original position.  He has requested all the members to provide better and delighted services to its customers.

Com. K Satyanaraya, Founder President of AIBSNLEA is his speech mentioned   BSNL is not the only company having competition and there is a competition in every field and the deliberations should concentrate on the    status of Banks especially in the case of State Bank of India and how they could come to such a situation despite of stiff competition. He requested all the ITS officers to get absorbed in the BSNL and to be part of the organisation and lead the force.    He also pointed out that in case ITS officers are not willing to get absorbed in the BSNL they should go back to DoT, so that BSNL can make its own arrangement and the uncertainty will be ended once for all.  

Shri A.C. Mishra, Sr. GMTD, Jabalpur in his addressed  informed that the dynamic leader like Shri Prahlad Rai is capable to take care of all the needs of the executives and expressed that BSNL management will look into the issues favourably and settle the issues. He informed that BSNL is in the 4th position as on date in the market.  Lack of timely procurement of equipment and non-focus on products like WLL and its technology, planning and sales strategy is cause of it.  WiMAX also is now in uncertainty and BWA spectrum is being returned to DoT.  In case BSNL is not planning and implementing and its sale technology, the situation of BSNL will more worsened. Value addition to the landline services are required to keep the basis services.  Lack of modems and EPBTs are also contributing  heavily in the present situation of BSNL.  He has pointed out that overall change in  technology  implementation , attitude, sale strategy,  is the need of the hour.

Shri G.C. Manna, Sr. G.M. , Inspection Circle, Jabalpur mentioned that  as regards the quality of service, as mentioned by the GS, the quality of service of 114 places was analysed by the inspection circle and there is an overall improvement in the services and requested to keep the same trend.  The telecommunication journal released by Inspection circle  was presented to all the dignitaries on the Dias and also to all members present.  He informed that the journal is released in two volumes and requested every one to subscribe the magazine so that all the technical / technological development and its knowledge can be passed to all and also through its newly designed website.  He informed that all the publications are registered one. 

Shri S.K. Bose, Sr. G.M., TTC, Jabalpur in his address expressed happiness that AIBSNLEA in conducting the CWC in this institution and giving the chance to host the CWC.    He informed that there are very few PSU those kept the positive growth for a period of 9 to 10 years like BSNL and it is also a great achievement.  He stated that "leader is one and leadership is collected".   In case the team is winning it is the victory of the team and failure is the responsible of the team leader. He stated that we should focus and be dedicated to increase the  revenue and stop worrying.  BRBRAITT has designed a motivational course and the same will be imparted to around 2500 executives including top management. He informed that BRBRAITT has designed and commenced imparting multiple number of  courses for the outsiders.

Shri Prabhash Singh, Sr. G.M. (A), MP Circle Bhopal  in his addressed stated that on behalf of CGMT, MP Circle   informed that CGM was very much interested in attending the meeting but, due to ill health condition could not attend the meeting and regretted for the same. He is informed that MP circle is handling and settling all the issues of its employees as a family matter whatever may be the issue.  He informed that new NTP will boost the services by way of giving 100 Mbps  speed for broadband and suggested that land line services are to be strengthened by way of dispensing drop wires, using new technology cables.

Shri Jitendra Vyas, CGM(TF), Jabalpur  in his speech stated that many of us are seeing that what we get from others, instead looking that what we are giving.  He further mentioned that de-centralisation of necessary powers are required to satisfy the customers at all levels right from counter staff.    He stated that self analyzation is must and we have to learn to give the same what we expect from others.    

Shri Neeraj Verma, Sr.GM (Trg.). BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi in his address stated that Director (HR) and CMD were very much keen to attend the function and address the gathering.  He has informed that all the issued presented in the session will be submitted to the concerned Sr. officers in the corporate office for its settlement.  He has informed that the association like AIBSNLEA is very much important for the BSNL and it needs tremendous co-ordination and the BSNL corporation is very well aware that the AIBSNLEA is discharging the distant responsibility and value all of you. He stated that when an Assn. like AIBSNLEA having members of about 30000 itself is like an organisation and the head of the AIBSNLEA is equivalent.   BSNL C.O. will not hesitate to say that   participation of each member is extreme important for the survival of the organisation. He read out the message of Director (HR), New Delhi.  In the message Director (HR) stated the future of BSNL will depend largely on how its human resources faces the stiff challenges being faced by the organisation.  He also stated that the well being of all of us depends upon the growth and prosperity of the BSNL.  AIBSNLEA has a significant role to play in this regard by providing inspiration to its members to keep the organisational interest uppermost in their deliberation. <<Click Here for the message of Director (HR), BSNL>>

In the message of CMD, BSNL;  it was mentioned that CMD apologised for not attending the session in person.  CMD stated  that the accounts of the company has been finalised and 6384 crore loss is posted which is three time more of 2009-10.  It is a matter of concern and lot of effort needs to be put to come out of present situation. 25% revenue has to be increased as compared to previous year.  Only 26.6% of the target assigned is achieved so far. He stated that wired line services are to be focused along with other services. Personalised services are to be given to the customers.  The unproductive expenditure to be reduced and requested for whole hearted support of AIBSNLEA and requested to make arrangement to face any situation and manage the services in case of ITS do not get absorbed in BSNL as contingency plan.  CMD, BSNL has conveyed his best wishes for the Diwali.  <<Click Here for the message of CMD, BSNL>>

Com Amit Gupta,   OS (S), Kolkatta extended vote of thanks to one and all.  In his speech mentioned that lack of professional guidance for marketing cell has not made us successful businessman. He also mentioned that in Director(HR) message the efforts for settlement of HR issues should have been mentioned .

The Open Session concluded at 15.15 hours with national anthem. <<Click Here for Glimpses of OPEN Session>>

House re-assembled to discuss the pending items of earlier session and continued late night upto 1.00 AM.

19.10.2011:   Hon'ble CAT, Mumbai  OA No.603/2011  judgment dated on 16th Sept. 2011 regarding ODI List in favour of the applicant.  Click here for copy of judgment
18.10.2011:  BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding contingency plan in case of repatriation of Group A ITS officers to DoT <<Click Here for letter>>

18.10.2011:JAC decided One Day Strike on 15th Nov'2011 in support of its demands


  • No VRS.

  • Payment of PLI.

  • Restoration of medical allowance, LTC and Leave encashment.

  • Policy related issues

  • Conclusion of the process of absorption of ITS.

  • Merger of 78.2% IDA.

Policy related issues include:-

  • Compensation for BSNL's rural operations.

  • Pension contribution on actual basic pay.

  • Refund of RS.8313 crore to BSNL, which  was paid towards BWA spectrum charges.

  • Reimbursement of License Fee.

  • Allowing BSNL to surrender 3G spectrum of unviable circles.( Private companies are given the freedom to select circles of their choice.)

  • Refund of Rs. 7500 crore with interest, collected from BSNL towards "Notional Loan."

  • Procurement of equipments.

  • Discontinue TACs.

All the CHQ / Circle/Branch Office Bearers are requested to mobilize for successful implementation of One Day Strike Call.

17.10.2011: BSNL  Corporate office issued order regarding modification in the list of OC issued earlier on dated 12.10.2011 for calling of ACRs and Screening Committee report for preparatory work for promotion of Executives (TES Group-'B' )  to STS Grade on Adhoc basis -   <<Modification in list of OC dated 12.10.2011>>

CWC NEWS: All the Circle Secretaries are requested to inform the Host Circle about the arrival/departure of Members attending the CWC at Jablapur to be held w.e.f. 19th to 20th October'2011 on e-mail: and in case of any problem, feel free to talk with Com. B.S. Rajput, Circle Secretary, MP Circle [Mobile No. 09425603318] or  Com. A.K. Tiwari,  Circle Secretary, BRBRAITT Circle [Mobile no.  09425801044]


Click Here for PROFORMA of REPORT OF THE CIRCLE SECRETARY to be PLACED IN Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA  at Jabalpur w.e.f. 19th to  20th October'2011

15.10.2011: BSNL NEWS

(i) BSNL, MTNL seek a way to exit 3G in some circles  <<Click Here for news>>

(ii) 'BSNL has a two-year window to turn around' <<Click Here for news>>

(iii) DoT panel rejects 10-digit proposal for fixed-line phones <<Click Here for news>>

14.10.2011:GS, President met Secy(T), DoT and discussed

(a) Absorption of ITS officers in BSNL: We extended thanks for re-starting the process of absorption of ITS Officers in BSNL/MTNL in the interest of BSNL. Secy(T) appreciated our concern and mentioned that the government is firm to complete the process of ITS Officers absorption in BSNL/MTNL. He advised that BSNL Executives should devote more and ensure to face the challenges. He further clarified that deputation / Foreign Service will not be allowed in BSNL/MTNL.

(b) VRS : On our query, that whether government will provide funds to implement VRS in BSNL. Secy(T) categorically mentioned that government wants to revive BSNL and for that purpose appropriate action will be taken to arrange the funds.

14.10.2011:GS, President met Addl. Secy(T) &  JS(T), DoT and discussed

(c) Absorption of ITS officers in BSNL: We requested to end deputation in BSNL by completing the absorption process for the survival of BSNL. JST mentioned that government has re-initiated the process of ITS Officers absorption in BSNL/MTNL to ensure that officers take absorption & commit for organisation, however, there may be certain problems to complete the process but existing employees should come forward to meet the challenges as government is determined to end the deputation / foreign service. He further advised to devote more to increase the revenue by more devotion.

14.10.2011:GS, President met Sr.GM(Pers.) and discussed

(a) DPC from SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc/Regular): We explained that the officers mainly from Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Chennai, STR declined promotion one and half year before, their names are missing from the list of calling ACRs for DPC from SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc/Regular). Sr. GM(Pers.) assured that within two -three days, a separate list will be displayed for calling their ACRs.

13.10.2011:GS, President, FS  met PGM(FP) and discussed

(a) DPC from AO to CAO: PGM(FP) confirmed that he has received the clearance from Sr. GM(Pers.) & immediately sent to competent authority for approval to initiate the DPC.

(b) Consideration of request/tenure transfers of AOs: We expressed our serious concerned against delay in issuing request/tenure transfers of AOs. PGM(FP) confirmed that approval of ED(F)  has been received with certain modifications. He assured an early issuance of order.

13.10.2011: BSNL NEWS

(i) DoT cautions BSNL against Chinese vendors for Rs 5000 crore contract <<Click Here for news>>

(ii) Beware Chinese telecom vendors, India tells BSNL <<Click Here for news>>

13.10.2011: DoT writes to BSNL regarding Contingency plan of BSNL in case of repatriation of ITS officers to DoT - Plan submitted by BSNL rejected by DOT <<Click Here for letter of DoT>>

13.10.2011: BSNL NEWS

(i) BSNL seeks to surrender BWA spectrum, but will govt return the money?<<Click Here for news>>

(iii) Column : Nine months more for BSNL <<Click Here for news>>

12.10.2011: AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded the result in getting released the order for calling of ACRs and Screening Committee report for preparatory work for promotion of Executives (TES Group-'B' )  to STS Grade on Adhoc basis - <<Click Here for letter>> Click Here for list of  eligible SDES <<SC>> <<ST>> <<OC>>

12.10.2011: GS, President, AGS(F) met PGM(FP) Sh. K.C.G.K. Pilliai and greeted him for the dismissal of court case in the Hon'ble Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi today against his appointment as Director(F), BSNL.

12.10.2011: GS, President, AGS (HQ) met Director (HR), BSNL and discussed

(a) Invited Director(HR) to grace the Open Session being organized in the occasion of  CWC Meet at Jabalpur on 19th Oct'2011 and Director(HR) mentioned that he will confirm the programme on 14th Oct'2011. On our request to resolve some pressing HR issues i.e. DPCs from SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc/Regular), AO to CAO(Adhoc/Regular), DE to DGM(Engg.). Director (HR) assured that in the cadres where no court stay is pending DPCs will be conducted.

(b) Modifications proposed in Transfer Policy: Director(HR) confirmed that our views on modification proposed in Transfer policy has been received and shortly decision in this regard will be taken by the BSNL Management.

(c) ITS absorption issue: Director(HR) further mentioned that it is a final call for  absorption of ITS officers in BSNL and he will take the required ITS officers only who are ready to own the responsibility of BSNL and their service matters are governed by BSNL only.

(d) Reversion of local officiating executives to the substantive grade one day before their retirement :  We expressed our serious concern against reversion of local officiating executives to the substantive grade one day before their retirement, which is humiliation and demoralization to them. We pleaded that in case, the executives officiating on a higher post they should retire on officiating post only, BSNL is not going to face any financial implication. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

12.10.2011 : Publication of BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY - 2012 : AIBSNLEA is bringing out BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY - 2012. This Executive Diary with improved quality and features will have full page for each day. The diary will be ready for dispatch by second week of November-2011. The price has been fixed at Rs. 130/- per copy including postage / freight charges. For further details and placement of orders, please contact at the following address:- Shri B. Ravindranath, FS [Phone - 011-23326695, Mob: 9868101880, Fax - 011-23353571], Shri Bhagwan Singh, AGS (HQ) [Phone - 011-23037869, Mob: 9868501895], CH-17-2-15, P&T Chemmery Staff Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001   Fax - 011-23315315 <<Click Here for letter>>

11.10.2011 : GS, President met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed

(a) DPCs from SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) and DE(Regular) : We requested to initiate DPCs from  SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) and DE(Regular) . Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that on some court cases the legal opinion has been sought and awaited. However, to initiate DPC the case is being processed to Competent Authority for approval to initiate the DPCs against vacant DEs posts on regular and adhoc basis. To start the process ACRs of the eligible SDEs to DE(Adhoc) promotion are being called today/tomorrow. The ACRs of DE(Adhoc), eligible  for DE(Regular) are available in BSNL Corporate Office.

(b) DPC from AO to CAO : We requested to clear the proposal of SEA Section to fill up CAO vacant posts on regular / adhoc basis. Sr. GM(Pers.) informed that today only the proposal has been sent to the competent authority to initiate DPCs to fill up vacant CAO posts. After the approval of competent authority, SEA section will put up MC Note to the BSNL Management committee for approval to initiate DPC.

(c)  Modifications in Transfer Policy as proposed: We requested to finalize the modifications in the Transfer Policy as suggested by United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations, CHQ . Sr, GM(Pers.) assured an early action.

(d) Submission of Committee reports on Pay anomaly caseL: Senior Executives are drawing less pay than their Juniors and Sr. AO/Sr. SDE & PA/PS recovery case: Sr. GM(Pers.) informed that in the Committee meeting held on 11.10.2011 the issue wherein Seniors are drawing less salary than their juniors could not be discussed but the issue of Sr. SDE/Sr.AO and AAO pay fixation was discussed. He again talked to PGM(FP) and fixed up the Committee meeting on 13.10.2011 at 10.30 AM to discuss the issue of Seniors are drawing less salary than their juniors.

11.10.2011 :  GS, President met GM(Estt.) and discussed

(a) 3% fitment benefit on promotion first in substantive grade and thereafter on promotion grade: GM(Estt.) mentioned that the case has been received from EF cell and positive remarks and now it was  sent to the DoT for clarification.

(b) Anomaly due to accrual of increment of Junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale implementation of 2nd PRC: We further requested to restore the original order dated 23.09.2009 wherein provision for ante-dating the increment of the senior to that of the junior was envisaged. Alternatively, management can think of any other solution that will address the issue of anomaly wherein the junior does not draw more pay than the senior and also the senior does not face any drop in his basic pay which he/she will be drawing by virtue of the 3% annual increment provided in the rule. GM (Estt.) assured to discuss the matter  with more feedback separately.

(a)  Removal of FR-35 for officiating JTOs and one time measure for upgrading TTA posts to JTO posts: GM (Estt) mentioned that Kerala Telecom Circle has given fixation under FR 22 (I) (a) (i) to officiating JTOs as per Ernakulam Court judgment instead of challenging the judgment in the higher court. This has caused the problem. We strongly protested against this and requested to give FR 22 (I) (a) (i) pay fixation to all JTOs offg all over the country and to regularise them as one time measure. Now BSNL has filed appeal in the Hon'ble High Court Ernakulam.

GM (Estt.) informed that against creation of super-numeric posts of JTOs to avoid reversion, a contempt has been filed in Hon'ble  Chandigarh High Court and the next hearing date is posted on 19th Nov'2011.

(b)  The LDCE of 35% and 15% quota of JTO is to be notified. GM(Estt.) informed that the SLP of BSNL was finally heared on 30.09.2011 by Hon'ble Ernakulam High Court and judgment is reserved. As soon as the judgment is delivered the LDCE against 15% & 35% quota will be conducted. More than 8000 JTOs vacancies are available.

(c)  Submission of Committee reports on Pay anomaly case - Senior Executives are drawing less pay than their Juniors and Sr. AO/Sr. SDE & PA/PS recovery case: GM(Estt.) mentioned that in the Committee Meeting held on 11.10.2011 the issue of Sr. SDE/Sr. AO , AAO pay fixation was discussed and shortly Committee will submit its report.

11.10.2011: BSNL NEWS

(i) KUWJ-KNEF workers picket BSNL exchange  <<Click Here for news>>

(ii) Hope to be profitable by FY13 says ITI <<Click Here for news>>

(iii) 2100 people from Nagpur to go on Haj pilgrimage <<Click Here for news>>

(iv) Live: Telecom stocks closed at high as policy announced <<Click Here for news>>

11.10.2011: United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association, CHQ, New Delhi submitted suggestions to Director(HR), BSNL on review of guidelines on Transfer Policy <<Click Here for suggestions submitted by UF>>
11.10.2011: As demanded by this association to conduct DPC for financial upgradation twice in a year under EPP has now been considered and order issued regarding Executive Promotion Policy - advance processing of time-bound IDA pay scale up-gradation twice a year <<Click Here for letter>>

10.10.2011: NATIONAL TELECOM POLICY-2011:  Hon'ble Minister for Communications and IT, Shri Kapil Sibal released NTP-2011 on 10th October, 2011 for public consultation and feedback in 4 weeks.

Press brief on National Telecom Policy-2011 <<Click Here for Press Brief>>

Draft National Telecom Policy-2011 <<Click Here for Draft NTP-2011>>

10.10.2011: BSNL NEWS

(i) Living with four glasses of fruit juice a day  <<Click Here for news>>

(i) 3 private operators still disconnected from BSNL <<Click Here for news>>

(iii) BSNL disrupts links with private firms for 10th day <<Click Here for news>>

(iv) Pay compensation to victim of police brutality, SHRC to govt. <<Click Here for news>>

(v) India's BSNL cuts off operators following dispute <<Click Here for news>>

(vi) BSNL employees union seek refund of over Rs 8 300 cr <<Click Here for news>>

(vii) BSNL disconnects its services to private operators in Haryana <<Click Here for news>>

(viii) CBI seeks details from DoT on alleged set-up connecting Sun TV office and ...<<Click Here for news>>

(ix) BSNL extends special schemes for customers  <<Click Here for news>>

(x) BSNL offers to set up co-op for VRS staff; outsource work  <<Click Here for news>>

05.10.2011:JAC writes to CMD on, leasing/outsourcing of BSNL Towers and OFC <<click here>>

05.10.2011:Strike deferred to the 1st week of November,2011   The JAC meeting was held on 04.10.2011, under the chairmanship of Com. Suresh Kumar. GS, and President attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the discussion that took place between the JAC leaders and Director (HR) on 03.10.2011. Since the management did not respond to our demands, the JAC decided to go ahead with the strike. However, with a view to pave way for united struggle, the JAC unanimously decided to defer the strike to the first week of November. The JAC will again meet on 17.10.2011 and finalise the exact date of the strike. Click here for Decisions taken in the meeting of the JAC held on 04.10.2011

04.10.2011:CEC Meet of Kerla Circle on 01.10.2011:C.E.C of AIBSNLEA, Kerala Circle met on 01.10.2011 in the Association's own office building "AIBSNLEA BHAVAN" at Ernakulam. Com. K.F.Antony, Circle President presided the meeting. There has been participation from all the branches in the circle. Com. K.N. Baby Rani, CHQ Vice-President attended the CEC. Com. P. Krishnamohan, Secretary of host branch welcomed the gathering. Com. K.F.Antony, Circle President, in his presidential address explained the issues taken up with circle administration in the last meeting had with CGMT on 21-9-2011. He congratulated the office-bearers of Trivandrum branch for the good work they did resulted in induction of 40 new members to the branch. There has been a felicitation session thereafter.

After the felicitation session the CEC session started. The Circle President announced the formation of a new branch of AIBSNLEA called "Circle Office Branch" with area of operation as the BSNL Circle Office at Trivandrum. The CEC approved this newly formed branch which represents all our members working in the office of CGMT, Trivandrum.

Minutes of the last CEC held at Trivandrum was presented and the same was passed. This was followed by reporting of the CS. In addition to various staff related issues such as transfer and postings of executives, allowing local officiating promotions in different cadres, anomalies in pay fixation etc., the circle body also took up several items related to financial viability of the company with suggestions for improvement.

The reporting of the CS was followed by reporting by branch secretaries/ Assistant Secretaries/ Organizing Secretaries. CHQ Vice-President and CWC members also addressed the CEC and participated in discussions on organizational matters and various local issues. C.S, in his summing up, replied to queries raised during discussion. Com. V.Sunilkumar, F.S delivered vote of thanks and the CEC concluded at 7.30 PM.

04.10.2011:Circle Conferecne of AIBSNLEA BRBRAITT, Circle on 04.10.2011: General body meeting was held  on 02.10.2011 at 11 AM in Community Hall, BRBRAITT Compound Jabalpur. The total membership of the Circle is 54, out of this 47 members were present in the house. Shri H.M. Bajpai Circle President, MP Circle, Sh. B.S.Rajput Circle Secretary, MP Circle & Sh. Parwez Khan, Advisor-III, CHQ were present in the meeting. Sh.T.N. Pandey, President AIBSNLEA, GMTD Jabalpur addressed the open Session, in his address he impressed upon the current status of BSNL & role of our members to improve the present situation. Sh. H.M.  Bajpai, Sh. B.S. Rajput & Sh. Parwez Khan also addressed the gathering.  Treasurer report was presented in the house by out going treasurer which was accepted by voice vote. Treasurer report was present in the house by out going treasurer, which was accepted by voice vote.   In his Keynote address the working CS presented his report which was accepted by the house. The Circle President dissolved the present Circle Body & requested the house to elect the new body.   Sh. T.N. Pandey was proposed as election officer, he conducted the election. The following Circle Office bearers were elected:

Shri.T.S.Pagare, Circle President (Mob.9425801032)

Shri.S.K.Dubey, Circle Vice President (Mob.9425801076)

Shri.A.K.Tiwari, Circle Secretary (Mob.9425801044; Address: 2230 Bharat Colony Madan Mahal Jabalpur)

Shri.S.D.Namdeo, Asst.Circle Secretary

Shri.R.K.Sarawgi, Circle Financial secretary

Shri.D.K.Sharma, Asst. Financial secretary

Shri.D.K.Upadhya, Organizing Secretary

Oath Ceremony to the elected body was performed by Sh.H.M. Bajpai. Newly elected CS expressed thanks to the gathering & assured to work hard for the benefit of the members. Programme ended with National anthem.

04.10.2011:  Note on discussion between the JAC and BSNL management, held on 03.10.2011 <<Click here for Note on discussion>>

04.10.2011: Meeting with CMD BSNL: GS, President, AGS(HQ) met CMD, BSNL and discussed

(a) Viability of BSNL &  VRS: We requested to CMD BSNL to apprise about the status of VRS. CMD informed that BSNL Board has approved the VRS and today itself the same may be sent to administrative ministry (DoT) for its consideration. CMD tried to justified that it is  voluntarily retirement scheme which will be in the interest of BSNL and also in the interest of employees who is going to take VRS as well as who remains in the BSNL. He also mentioned that an organization with average age of employees more than 49 years,  can't survive in long term and it is only one of the efforts by which BSNL can be make a vibrant organization. He also added that VRS will be implemented only when the DoT provides financial support. We reacted that in case the one lakh employees are given VRS, how the organization will run, having such a big infrastructure in landline & Mobile network in the rural and urban areas of the country. It will over load the remaining employees and will adversely affect the services and customer care. Hence, VRS can't be the solution to turn around the company. BSNL Management should concentrate for the procurement of GSM equipment, telephone instruments, cables, Broadband modems, MLLN equipments, drop wire etc and proper planning to utilize the existing expert man-power for the growth of BSNL. CMD mentioned that we are planning to lease out towers and spare bandwidth of OFC network to vendors for earning revenue but these are the hygienic points only and major revenue expenditure can be saved by reducing staff. He mentioned that BSNL is earning about Rs. 100 crs. per day but its expenditure is more and upto Sept'2011 (this financial year) the release of fund from Corporate office is Rs. 1000 crs. more than the receipts. However, we opposed VRS proposal at this juncture and outsourcing .  

(b) ITS absorption issue: On our query on ITS absorption issue, CMD informed that this time it is a real process of absorption for ITS officers and it will end thereafter. He mentioned that government is serious to complete the absorption process and in case the ITS officers do not exercise the option, they will be repatriated to DoT and BSNL will start its  own recruitment on need basis. He mentioned that it may take more than six months time which may affect the growth of BSNL also but BSNL has to  face the situation.

(c) Holding of DPCs in various cadres: We expressed our serious concern against the non-holding of DPCs in various cadres. Whereas a large number of Group - 'A' and 'B' posts are lying vacant.  CMD assured to look into the matter.  

(d) Merging of Mtce. Region , Telecom Project Circles with Territorial Circles and  Inspection Circle with QA Circle :  We suggested to reduce the establishment expenditure by merging of Mtce. , Telecom Project Circles with Territorial Circles and  Inspection Circle with QA Circle.  CMD assured to look into the matter.

04.10.2011:GS , President met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed

(a) DPCs from SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) & DE(Regular) : We requested to initiate DPCs to fill up vacant  DEs (Adhoc) / DE(Regular) posts.  Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that legal opinion is being taken to operate TES Group - 'B' list no. 6  shortly to initiate DPCs. We explained that in  Jun'10-July'10 already list no. 6 has been operated during the DE(adhoc)/(Regular) promotions.  He assured an early action in this regard.

(b) Filling up of DGM(Engg.) posts : We requested to fill up vacant DGM posts by the eligible DEs. Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that DoT opinion on 270 SDEs seniority court case has been sought. We further requested that atleast the officers whose seniority is un- disputed may be promoted since they are retiring.   Sr. GM(Pers.) advice to take up the matter with competent authority.

(c) Submission of Committee reports on Pay anomaly case - Senior Executives are drawing less pay than their Juniors and Sr. AO/Sr. SDE & PA/PS recovery case: We expressed our serious concern against delay in submitting Committee report on Pay anomaly case - Senior Executives are drawing less pay than their Juniors and Sr. AO/Sr. SDE & PA/PS recovery case. Sr. GM(Pers.) informed that today committee meeting could not be held due to busy schedule of PGM(FP). He immediately spoke to PGM(FP) and decided to hold the meting tomorrow morning to discuss the issues. However, he assured an early decision.

04.10.2011: :BSNL NEWS

(i) BSNL remains disconnected, says unaware of order to begin services  <<Click Here for news>>
(ii) BSNL to get Rs 5503cr more for defence communications network
 <<Click Here for news>>
(iii) No ID proof, BSNL discontinues services of 15000 customers 
<<Click Here for news>>
(iv) BSNL RK Nagar customer centre the best 
<<Click Here for news>>
(v) Pitroda favors open, transparent e-auction of spectrum 
<<Click Here for news>>
(vi) News Digest: 2G Scam, BSNL, Nokia, Walmart, Milestone Interactive & More 
<<Click Here for news>>
(vii) News Roundup: HDFC Realty Fund To Invest $90M In Bangalore IT Park 
<<Click Here for news>>

03.10.2011: Management meets leaders of the JAC: In the back ground of the notice issued by JAC for one day strike on 10.10.2011, Management invited JAC leaders for talks today the 03.10.2011. Leaders of all the constituents of JAC participated in the meeting. JAC leaders vehemently opposed the VRS and told the management that VRS is neither in the interest of the employees nor in the interest of the company. The meeting ended without taking any decision

03.10.2011: :BSNL NEWS

(i) BSNL cuts off private operators in Punjab
<<Click Here for news>>
(ii) BSNL Withdraws Broadband Spectrum Facility
<<Click Here for news>>
(iii) Feedback of BSNL customers received
<<Click Here for news>>
(iv) BSNL asks for an additional Rs5.5k crore for defence network
<<Click Here for news>>
(v) Telecom service remain affected in Punjab for third day
<<Click Here for news>>
(vi) 'Indian mobile comm market likely to see consolidation'
<<Click Here for news>>
(vii) Hailing the Google bus
<<Click Here for news>>

(viii) BSNL offers to surrender broadband spectrum <<Click Here for news>>
(ix) Telecom Tribunal passes interim order directing PSU to restore services
<<Click Here for news>>

01.10.2011:BSNL management invite JAC leaders to talk on 03.10.2011 <<click here for letter>>

01.10.2011:GS Message on BSNL DAY:Best Wishes on BSNL Day! Let  all of us together make maximum efforts to strengthen BSNL and provide quality services to our esteem subscribers: GS AIBSNLEA