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ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




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30.06.2022 Congratulations to all the Retiring Comrades!

AIBSNLEA CHQ extends Best Wishes to all the Comrades, who are going to retire on 30.06.2022 on Superannuation, We wish for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement. 


Comrades! You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph.  We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA and BSNL as well.


CHQ Congratulates You all on Your Superannuation.

29.06.2022 GS Writes to the CMD , BSNL on creation of the Trust/Fund for Post Retirement Medical Benefit for the Direct Recruits Employees of BSNL.

Sir, it seems separate PRMB Trust/Fund is not in existence like BSNL Superannuation Trust, BSNL Gratuity Trust. This is a serious question in the minds of BSNL Recruits that how their family will get Medical benefits after VRS, Retirement, Deceased etc., in this pathetic financial condition of the Company as well as in this pandemic situation......

<<< GS Letter to CMD>>>>

27.06.2022  Details of the Agenda Meeting of AIBSNLEA with DIR (HR) the 22nd June 2022 Follow…

2. AO to CAO Promotions  : AIBSNLEA requested DIR(HR)  BSNL for the early promotion of  AO to CAO . AIBSNLEA also requested to hold the CPC for all eligible AOs by extending relaxation for all eligible AOs as on 01-01-2022. There is an acute shortage in the Cadre of CAOs .Presently only 47 CAOs are working across the Country in BSNL against the Sanctioned Strength of 672 posts. We further requested the Dir (HR) that  the JAOs appointed since 1996 viz JAO 1996 Batch  , JAO 1999 Batch  , JAO 2004 Batch etc., / Promoted as AOs in the Year 2008, 2009 and 2015  may be considered for CAO  promotion with relaxation wherever required as on 01-01-2022 . We further brought to the kind attention of the Dir (HR) JAO 1996 Batch Executives are waiting for their CAO promotion for the past 26 years.

DIR(HR) appreciated our concern and expressed his hope that the “Status Quo” from CAT Chandigarh can be lifted without delay and consequently the  much delayed AO to CAO promotion orders can be released 

It is also saddened and deeply regretted to mention here that this long pending AO to CAO Promotion is solely taken by AIBSNLEA only. No other Association could so far include this issue of AO to CAO Promotion issue in their Agenda meeting with the Management. AIBSNLEA cannot forget the matters of any Executive Community of Telecom/ Accounts/ Civil/ Electrical/ CSS/ CSSS- including PA, PS, PPS & Sr PPS/TF/Architecture .  

3&4. E1+5 Increments and E2-E3 Standard Pay Scales: AIBSNLEA strongly pleaded for the settlement of 2nd PRC residues in BSNL , the Standard Pay Scales E2&E3 ,  30% SAB , the pending grant of E1+ 5 (five) advance increments on the minimum revised E1 IDA Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 to the SRD JTOs  & DR Specially abled 2010 batch, LDCE JAOs 2013 batch  DR JAOs of 2015, 2018 batch, DR JTO of 2017 batch LDCE JAOs of 2016 batches and LDCE JTOs  of 2016 & 2017 batches etc . 

AIBSNLEA appreciated BSNL Management for taking up all the matters with DOT due to continuous and consistent efforts of   AIBSNLEA and other Associations. However, as long as the genuine demands are not at all materialized for the benefits of BSNL Executives , it would be very much demotivating the Executives. We pleaded with the Dir(HR) that BSNL is EBIDTA positive for the last three consecutive Financial Years and hence these genuine demands can be taken up again for the final favorable settlement on behalf of the BSNL Executives .

DIR(HR) patiently listened to all our requests and commended that E1+5 increments and the Standard Pay Scales of BSNL Executives are the closed Chapters , as of now . This is heavily shocking and de-motivating especially to the young executives in BSNL.

AIBSNLEA strongly protested and informed the  DIR (HR) that, for AIBSNLEA these issues are not closed doors though for DOT these may be closed Chapters. GS AIBSNLEA has written to CMD for considering E1+ 5 increments  

<<<Click Here for Letter >>>

5. Huge reduction/cut Accounts Officers’ Sanctioned strength in Chennai TD and Kolkatta TD after BSNL Restructuring: 

AIBSNLEA requested for the enhancement of the Sanctioned strength of Executives in Accounts Cadre as proposed by the concerned CGMTs in CHTD and Kol TD .  We pleaded for the enhancement of Sanctioned Posts of  Accounts Executives in these Circles as the Circles are Performing Financially(earning Higher Revenue i.e more than 250 Cr.) at par with Major Circles

 DGM F: 7(As Proposed) against 3(Sanctioned),

CAO: 23(As Proposed) 7(sanctioned) ,

AO/JAO : 80 /83 (As Proposed) and

AO/JAO: CHTD-46(Sanctioned) & Kol TD -44 (Sanctioned) .

 DIR(HR) mentioned that  the Management  is analyzing and reviewing the situations once again and the Strength of the Executives  in Chennai TD and Kolkata TD would be enhanced as requested by AIBSNLEA. AIBSNLEA extended since thanks to the  DIR(HR)  

 6. Merger of NATFM with ALTTC and the bad fate of Accounts Officers shifted without extending Options.

AIBSNLEA submitted the bad fate of Executives of Accounts Vertical  in  NATFM, Hyderabad. Along with the merger of NATFM Hyderabad to ALTTC , Ghaziabad , the Executives have also been transferred from Hyderabad to ALTTC Ghaziabad without extending the chance to exercise Options for Circles/BAs to get their transfer   , whereas options were called from Executives working in RTTC Rajpura /Jaipur /Lucknow for their posting in Territorial Circle when those Training Centers have been closed . This is an embarrassing situation for the Executives in NATFM. DIR (HR) assured to take remedial actions in favor of the transferred Executives to ALTTC.  AIBSNLEA extended since thanks to DIR(HR)   

 7&8. PA-PS and PS to PPS pending Promotions &  Promotion of Civil/Electrical/TF etc : AIBSNLEA  requested to issue Pending Promotion orders in all other Verticals of  PA-PS , PS to PPS, PPS to Sr PPS  and in Civil/Electrical/TF etc . DIR (HR) informed that PA-PS promotion orders are being released and PS to PPS will be processed . GS AIBSNLEA submitted request letters for the promotions in PA to PS and PS to PPS . DIR(HR) mentioned that Promotions in Civil and Electrical wings are under process  

9. Effective Mode of Training in Training Centers. AIBSNLEA appreciated BSNL Management in arranging training for Executives on Company cost for their Financial upgradation. However, the present ways of OnLine training of some Training Centers for Executives during office timing is neither effective for Executives nor beneficial to BSNL ultimately. In between Online training Executives are to complete multiple office duties including attending phone calls would naturally defeat the very purpose of On-Line training.   Instead, the videos of training stuff may be arranged in Servers centrally and Executives may be permitted to undergo training On-Line from Home /Office after permitting Duty Off . For the identification and authentication of Executives, OTP may be sent on the Service numbers of Executives.  

DIR (HR) appreciated the AIBSNLEA’s suggestions in this regard and mentioned to give a detailed letter. 

10. Victimized transfer of DS Ludhiana Com. Rajender Singh, AD (OL) to Patiala by then GM Ludhiana:   AIBSNLEA discussed the matter in detail with the DIR (HR) . After the discussion AIBSNLEA requested the DIR (HR) to call a detailed report  on this topic from CGMT Punjab . DIR (HR) assured to look into the matter.

11.CGMT may be Posted in Odisha and PGMT to Bhuvneshwar BA : AIBSNLEA requested to post CGMT in Odisha and PGMT to Bhuvneshwar BA as in all the Meetings of AIBSNLEA , Odisha Circle is requesting to CHQ . DIR (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that the Sr.Officers would be posted after merger of BBNL with BSNL as BSNL faces shortage of Sr.Officers , as of now.

Many matters affected with our members have also been discussed in detail with DIR(HR) . The meeting lasted for an hour and DIR(HR) appreciated AIBSNLEA in taking up matters with  the Management in a convincing manner.  

24.06.2022   GS writes to Shri. Purwar ji    CMD BSNL  regarding  request for early Promotions from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) for both in Telecom and Finance Streams    <<<< GS Letter to the CMD , BSNL>>>>

24.06.2022   GS writes to the CMD BSNL , Shri. Purwar ji   requesting  for grant 5 (five) advance increments on the minimum revised E1 IDA Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 to the SRD JTOs  & DR Specially abled 2010 batch, LDCE JAOs 2013 batch  DR JAOs of 2015, 2018 batch, DR JTO of 2017 batch LDCE JAOs of 2016 batche and LDCE JTOs  of 2016 & 2017 batches.

It is constrained  to bring your kind notice  that in the meeting of this association held with DIR (HR), it is told that E1+5 increment in BSNL is a dead topic like E2-E3 Standard Pay Scales , is heavily shocking and de-motivating especially to the young executives in BSNL .

Due consistant and continuous  efforts of AIBSNLEA , BSNL Board approved the grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500 to the directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch and directly recruited JAOs in respect of whom result declared in 2010 have been ordered to be fixed at Rs.19020/- vide the  above cited reference at  (1&2) and subsequently  BSNL Board approved the same for JAO 2010 LICE batch (both 10% Quota & 40% Quota) vide the above cited reference at (3) i.e., the pay of such JAOS has been fixed in the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500/- by granting one notional increment @ 3% of their existing pay in the feeder grade or at Rs. 19020/- by way of granting five advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 scale, whichever is higher ....

                                          <<<< GS Letter to the CMD , BSNL>>>>

23.06.2022 Today, AIBSNLEA CHQ Leaders met their Sr. Counsel and discussed regarding the arbitrary order issued by DoT dated 30.03.2022 to implement the DoT order dated 05.07.2017 (Rescinding of an additional increment granted to BSNL Executives on functional promotion) which is against Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi order dated 21.12.2017 and it is contempt of Court. Now the case is re-notified for further hearing on 31.08.2022 in the Hon’ble High Court, Delhi and AIBSNLEA decided to issue “Legal Notice” to DoT and Counter Affidavit in the Honb’le High Court, Delhi through our Sr. Counsel.

Brief History of the Case:

Withdrawal of Additional Increment in the same Scale on Functional Promotion under EPP: DoT vide its letter dated 05.07.2017 withdraw additional Increment in the same Scale on Functional Promotion under EPP. Against this, AIBSNLEA immediately file an OA in the Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi for quashing the order. Accordingly, Hon’ble PB CAT after some hearings quashed & set aside the said order of DoT dated 05.07.2017. Even after that DoT continued to reduce the pension of the BSNL retiree executives, against this AIBSNLEA filed a Contempt Petition in the Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi. Thereafter DoT stopped reducing the Pension/revising the Pay fixation by obtaining an undertaking from the retiring executives;

DoT has filed Writ Petition in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi wherein AIBSNLEA has filed a Caveat.  The case was heard on 12.09.2019 and Hon’ble High Court of Delhi directed DoT and BSNL to sit together & take a decision in this regard before 30th September, 2019. Pursuant to the orders of the Hon’ble High Court Delhi, BSNL Management invited GS, AIBSNLEA for the meeting to be held on 30.09.2019 at 11.30 hrs in the Chamber of PGM (Pers), BSNL CO, New Delhi in the capacity of the Prime Litigant in this case. Accordingly the former GS Com. S.Sivakumar and former AGS(Fin) Com. Rajpal attended the meeting and submitted AIBSNLEA views during the meeting:      

<<<Click Here for AIBSNLEA Views & Related Documents>>>      

In view of the foregoing, the DOT letter dated 05.07.2017 is not at all legally as well as ethically justified at a later stage. Its retention would create trust deficit between the BSNL employees and the Central Govt./DoT which is also unwarranted. With reference to AIBSNLEA claim, BSNL Management in its letter dated 03.08.2017 has also urged the Central Govt. not to rescind the Para I-II (v) of Executive Promotion Policy (EPP). AIBSNLEA Leaders requested  to kindly consider AIBSNLEA views in the meeting held on 30.09.2019 between representative officers of DoT & BSNL and render justice by withdrawing the impugned order of DoT dated 05.07.2017 and the case is listed for next  Hearing on 10th Feb’2020.

But DoT requested further time in the Honb’le High Court, Delhi on 10.02.2020 and it was listed again on 19.05.2020. Due to Covid situation it was not heard and further postponed to 28.03.2022.

In the mean time DoT directed BSNL on 07.02.2020, to withdraw the additional increment as per the DoT order dated 05.07.2017 which was quashed by Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi on 21.12.2017 and pending with the Honb’le High Court, Delhi. As per the suggestions of AIBSNLEA in the meeting held on 30.09.2019, BSNL Management again written a letter to the Secretary(Telecom) on 22.07.2021 requesting to withdraw the DoT order dated 5.7.2017. But surprisingly DoT vide its letter dated 30.03.2022 once again directed to implement the order dated 05.07.2017 which is against Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi order dated 21.12.2017 and it is contempt of Court.

Now the case is re-notified for further hearing on 31.08.2022. AIBSNLEA CHQ leaders met with their Counsel and are going to issue “Legal Notice” to DoT, file the Application and Counter Affidavit in the Honb’le High Court, Delhi through our Sr. Counsel.

AIBSNLEA is the only Association taken up the very prestigious case wherein all Executives both absorbed in BSNL and directly recruited by BSNL are affected financially, especially during Pension Calculation on Superannuation.

23.06.2022 AIBSNLEA had an Agenda meeting with Director HR on today the 22nd June 2022 with the following Agenda Points


1. SDE to AGM Promotion
2. AO to CAO Long pending Promotion
3. E1+5 increments
4. E2-E3 Standard Pay Scales
5. Accounts Officers’ huge cut in Chennai TD and Kolkatta TD
6. NATFM Merger with ALTTC fates of Accounts Officers shifted without extending Options
7. PA-PS and PS to PPS pending Promotions
8. Promotion of Civil/Electrical/TF etc
9. Effective Mode of trainings in Training Centers.
10.Victimized transfer of DS Ludhiana Com. Rajender Singh, AD (OL) to Patiala by then GM Ludhiana  
11.CGMT may be Posted in Odisha and PGMT to Bhuvneshwar BA
12.And, many individual cases on genuine Medical and family grounds


GS AIBSNLEA Com Shaji . V, CHQ President AIBSNLEA Com . Raj Pal Sharma and Auditor CHQ Com.Slathia met the  Director HR and discussed the Agenda items. The meeting lasted for more than one hour . DIR HR BSNL Board Shri Aravind Vadnerkar was very much open and discussed  on each and every point of our Agenda.

(1) SDE to AGM Promotions:

AIBSNLEA requested to release the much awaited and long Pending SDE(T) to AGM(T) Promotions in single go without hitting any legal hurdles by considering Promotion for the whole eligible SDEs in the SDE Seniority  List No. 8 to 13. But,  DIR HR was just annoyed with AIBSNLEA that only AIBSNLEA is pressurizing the Management for the Seniority  List No.  8 to 13 promotion orders in all meetings ,through whatsapp and through Letters that BSNL Management must consider all the eligible Executives are to be promoted. No other Associations are exerting pressure like AIBSNLEA exerting on Management. AIBSNLEA replied to DIR HR that the legacy of AIBSNLEA will not permit our association for the piece meal business of partial promotions since AIBSNLEA represents all the Executives in all pockets . All the eligible officers are to be promoted for the better going of BSNL as this is a crucial time of BSNL wherein BSNL Management has to consider the young bloods of BSNL more for the survival of BSNL. We further  reiterated that the whole eligible SDE(T)s in the SDE Seniority  List No.  8 to 13 should be considered for AGM(T) Promotion within a month after getting Legal Opinion from the Senior Advocate as agreed by the DIR HR in the meeting of the JF of Associations, i.e.,  AIBSNLEA , AIGETOA and SNEA held on 31-12-21. However DIR HR opined that as per the Management perspective, we can give promotions to only available vacancies. AIBSNLEA strongly protested against it and exerted pressure on DIR HR that, if you are giving Promotions for SDEs, please give promotions to all eligible candidates who are completed the eligible 7 years of service in SDE cadre as an one time measure. DIR HR shared and appreciated the views of AIBSNLEA and mentioned that until and unless One particular Welfare Association give written commitment , Management cannot process any promotions till the finalization of the Jarnail Singh & Ors. Appellant (s) Versus  Lachhmi Narain Gupta & Ors. Respondent (s) in the Hon’ble SC of India. DIR HR further mentioned that the  promotion orders will be issued only for 2100 existing vacancies. AIBSNLEA expressed our strong resentment that as an onetime measure and as a special case Management may consider all eligible SDEs up to Seniority List No13 as assured by the Director HR in the meeting of JF of Association i.e., AIBSNLEA , AIGETOA and SNEA held on 31-12-21 .DIR HR repeatedly appreciated the stand of AIBSNLEA that all eligible candidates are to be promoted. 

Finally DIR HR affirmed that until and unless management gets the consent signature of one Welfare Association , Management cannot go ahead with SDE to  AGM (T)  promotions that too only for 2100 vacancies .  

GS AIBSNLEA has written to Shri P. K. Purwar Ji, CMD, BSNL, ...<<< [GS Letter] >>>... regarding request to release the much awaited and long Pending SDE(T) to AGM(T) Promotions in single go without hitting any legal hurdles by considering promotion for the whole eligible SDEs in the SDE(T) Seniority List No 8 to 13

Details of Discussion with Director (HR) on other agenda Points Follow ......

22.06.2022GS writes to The Director (HR),BSNL Board regarding request for consideration of Medical Grounds immunity cases in long stay transfers in the cadre of AGM//DE(T) <<< Click here for GS letter>>>

21.06.2022 AUAB (All Unions & Associations of BSNL) DHARNA on 21st June 2022

Pan India Day Long Dharna on 21.06.2022 (Tuesday) has been called under the banner of AUAB for the following demands. <<< Click here for AUAB letter>>>

❖ Immediate replacement of E1A pay scale with E2 pay scale and E2A pay scale with E3 pay scale, w.e.f. 01.01.2007, without cascading effect on other pay scales to ensure E2  Scale for JTO/JAO/Eqvlt grades and E3 scale for SDE/AO/Eqvlt grades.

❖ Extension of full 30% SAB contribution for BSNL Recruited Employees, as per the 2nd PRC recommendations and immediate depositing of the balance contribution thereon and making the SAB Pension fund up to date. 

❖ In the JTO LICE to be held on 07-08-2022, there are no vacancies in 11 circles and only a few vacancies in 9 more circles. The same is going to be the fate of the other LICEs of the Non-Executives. Hence, it is demanded that the JTO LICE as well as all other LICEs of the Non-Executives, should be conducted with the posts that were available as on 31-01-2020. 

❖ Immediate lifting of the ban imposed on Compassionate Ground Appointments, so as to provide jobs to the dependents of the Covid victims, as well as the employees who died in accidents while on duty. 

❖ Fill up all the SC/ST backlog vacancies without delay. 

❖ Implement the unfulfilled assurances that were given by the CMD BSNL in the meeting held with the AUAB, on 27-10-2021. Withdraw the show cause notices issued for the imposition of break-in- service and remove the stringent conditions imposed for transfers under Para 9 of the BSNL Transfer Policy.

20.06.2022GS writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate office regarding   Consideration of regular promotions from PA to PS on personal up gradation basis on completion of 12 years in the PA grade  <<<Click here for GS letter>>>

20.06.2022GS writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate office regarding   Consideration of regular promotions from PS to PPS to fill up all the vacant posts in Corporate office & Field units <<<Click here for GS letter>>>   

14.06.2022 Meeting with PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO, New Delhi:

Com. Shaji. V, GS AIBSNLEA joined in Corporate Office New Delhi today and met with PGM (Pers.) along with President CHQ Com. Rajpal Sharma.

At the outset we appreciated and thanked PGM (Pers.) for calling VCs for the long awaited promotion from SDE(T) to DE(T)/AGM(T) and discussed regarding:

A) Promotion from SDE(T) to DE(T)/AGM(T): We enquired PGM (Pers) about the latest status of the Promotion process in SDE(T) to AGM(T). PGM (Pers) mentioned that the promotion process is started and expressed his confidence that the promotion orders would be released as generally expected. We have submitted the earlier view of AIBSNLEA that all eligible SDE(T)s who have completed the qualifying service of 7 years may be considered for the AGM(T) promotions to avoid displeasure among the youngsters. PGM(Pers) appreciated our concern and shared our views that all eligible executives have to be promoted without any prejudice and legal complicity.

We further submitted that some websites claiming that the BSNL Management is getting readied for SDET to AGMT promotion after engaging a written agreement with them. We expressed our apprehension that if it is for avoiding further litigation, how does the so called written agreement will prevent any affected executive from approaching Court of Law against any anomaly, if arises any, instead we submitted our views that all eligible SDEs may be promoted in a single go so that no future legal hurdle would be there.

PGM (Pers.) mentioned that we are trying our level best to execute the promotion orders without any legal complexities. We once again requested to release the promotion orders without any more delay since it is already delayed right from the implementation of VRS 2019. PGM (Pers) assured to do his level best for the same.

B) Promotion from AO to CAO: We submitted to PGM(Pers) that the AO to CAO promotion is a very big sensitive matter now among the executives in accounts vertical after calling the VCs for SDE(T) to AGM(T) promotions. This Association has been continuously getting the appraisal from the members of Accounts fraternity that the AO to CAO promotion has struck unfortunately since 2018 in the Court of Law after calling “Status Quo” from CAT Chandigarh. Though Management continuously trying to vacate the “Status Quo”, nothing has fruitfully happened has annoyed the members. This is a great concern for AIBSNLEA and hence much more sincere efforts are expected from BSNL Management to release the AO to CAO promotion immediately is quite natural. This delay very badly affected the working morale of the affected Accounts Officers since the very unlucky turn in their carrier happened in 2018 after the issuance of the AO to CAO promotion and consequential “Status Quo” called for by Hon’ble Court resulted some of the AOs could not join on their CAO posts but some juniors to them had fortunately joined as CAO before the “Status Quo” is called. The unluckily seniors faced handicap in joining their CAO posts due to “Status Quo” called. In turn, now the AOs who are Seniors but AOs even now and falling four years less CAO service compared to their juniors when counted for next CAO to DGM(F) promotion. This is a very big anomaly in the History of the BSNL. We added that, there is an acute shortage in the Cadre of CAO and presently only 47 CAOs are working across the Country in BSNL against the Sanctioned Strength of 672 posts. It may be noted that the JAOs appointed since 1996 onwards are waiting for their due CAO promotion for the past 26 years. The eligible executives for CAO promotion are very less, hence in the interest of the BSNL and manning the CAOs/IFAs positions in the Business Areas and Circle HQs in an efficient manner necessary relaxation for 15 days may also be considered sympathetically for the promotions from AO to CAO in BSNL.

PGM (Pers) totally shared our concern empathetically and informed that Management is doing their level best to vacate the “Status Quo” from the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh by engaging ASG , the highest level legal counsel representing BSNL & filed an MA resulted the Hon’ble Court caused to issue Notices to the related parties. AIBSNLEA appreciated PGM (Pers) in understanding the case in detail and on giving the latest development on the long pending AO to CAO promotions. Still then, AIBSNLEA requested PGM(Pers) to start preparatory work for the promotion by calling APAR & VCs and convened the DPC. After a pause, PGM(Pers) replied that he could perceive the heat in the feeling of AIBSNLEA in the undue delay of AO to CAO promotions, but calling of  any APAR and VCs could delay the promotion process on further litigation as the Court of Law has called ‘Status Quo’ in CAO promotion. PGM (pers) assured once again that Management will take extra efforts to get vacate the unfortunate hurdle in AO to CAO promotion and BSNL will be able to issue AO to CAO promotion also very soon.

AIBSNLEA submitted the fresh request for the AO to CAO promotion addressed to the CMD BSNL and asked for the simultaneous promotions for all the Cadres and Streams.  

<<<Click here for GS letter>>>    

C) Promotion of executives in all other Cadres: We requested to issue the pending promotion orders in all other Cadres than Telecom/Accounts viz: Civil, Elect, TF, Arch., PS, CSS/CSSS etc. PGM (Pers) mentioned that recently there is a Stay order got by some executives belongs to Civil wing on seniority issue against the SDE(C) to EE(C) promotions. Management is very much keen to give the promotions for all Cadres but such type of hurdles will badly delay the process of promotions.       

14.06.2022 AUAB decided to Organize a Massive Twitter Campaign Today between 1 PM and 3 PM for Long Pending 3rd PRC: Turn the Twitter Campaign a Thriving Success



Dear Comrades:  

All CHQ Office Bearers , CS , CP , DS , DP and all other office bearers  of AIBSNLEA are requested to take extra efforts to participate all our members to the Twitter Campaign called by  the AUAB of BSNL demanding settlement of the much awaited and Eligible 3rd Pay Revision / Wage Revision to all BSNL Employees .  

Date : 14th  June 2022 ( Today)

Time : Between 01.00 PM  to 03:00 PM


Hash tag :   # BSNL_PayRevision


BSNL is a 100% owned Govt. of India Enterprise implementing government Policies/decisions to provide telecom services on PAN India , as of now, including the  far flung, very  backward areas and no-profitable regions. Still then, BSNL is running on EBIDTA Positive for the last 3 FYs .Do not deny Wage Revision to the employees on the plea that the company is not making profit.


@PMOIndia , @DoT_India, @CMDBSNL, @devusinh @AshwiniVaishnaw

09.06.2022 Pers. Cell of BSNL CO called Vigilance clearance status of 3354 SDEs(T) for considering executives for promotion from SDE(T) to DE(T)/AGM(T) grade-<<<Click here for letter>>>

09.06.2022 Dear CHQ Office Bearers , Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents, Greetings to one and all.

An online meeting of the CSs , CPs and CHQ office bearers of AIBSNLEA is scheduled for Thursday , the 16th June 2022 at 6.30 pm onwards to discuss the pending HR issues, Organizational and Service Matters.

The detailed Agenda and the meeting Link will be shared individually well in advance.

All the office bearers are requested to join the meeting in time.

Thanks and Regards

08.06.2022 BSNL CO issued the Clarification for removal of mandatory signature of the controlling officer on change of membership form for Executives' Associations regarding option to change authorization for deduction of membership subscription from salary. With partial modifications vide letter dated 31.05.2022, the Membership forms will be accepted with of without signature of the controlling officer. 

<<<Click here for clarification dt 31.05.2022>>> 

<<<Click here for instruction dt 13.12.2019>>> 

<<<Click here for order dt 10.02.2017>>>   

All the CHQ/Circle/District Office Bearers are requested to enroll more & more new members in AIBSNLEA during the period from 16th June 2022 to 15th July 2022.

06.06.2022 SR Cell of BSNL CO circulated the name of office bearers of AIBSNLEA New CHQ body elected in All India Conference, which was held from 11th to 13th  March 2022 at RGM TTC Chennai, Tamilnadu. <<<Click here for letter>>>
01.06.2022  BSNL CO issues instructions regarding processing of e-APAR of Executive employees of BSNL, online through ESS-Portal for year 2021-22<<<Click here for order>>>