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ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>
AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




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Integration of HR Functions in respect of Employees in all streams : GM (EF) , BSNL CO is assigned with the HR related works of Finance Cadre for the initial examination of the cases and Preparation of Proposals .

<< HR Integ Finance Stream>>

Update on the Very Long Pending Court Case at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh regarding Status-quo on AO to CAO promotions (OA No 1435/2018 ) : The Case has been argued for around one and half hours in the AN of today . Argument will be continued on 10-04-2023.

27.02.2023    EPFO Released the Application for Joint Option and the Application form for validation of joint options         
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Application form for Joint options : under erstwhile para 11 (3) and para 11 (4) of EPS 1995 for employees who were in service prior to 1st September 2014 and continued to the in service on or after 01.09.2014 but could not exercise joint option under erstwhile provision to para 11 (3) of EPS 1995 to be exercised on or before 3rd May 2023.

Application form for validation of joint options : Joint options under erstwhile Para 11(3) and Para 11(4) of EPS, 95.


Update on the Exercise of Option for higher pension of EPFO by BSNL recruited /direct recruited employees who was a member of EPF/EPS scheme before 01.09.2014 , in pursuance of the instructions and Guidelines for Compliance of Hon’ble S C Judgement dated 04.11.2022 in the matter of SLP Nos 8658-8659 of 2019 :

BSNL CO released Instructions to circle  and the Format : Undertaking By The  Employer   <<EPFO Instructions & Form >>

BSNL CO writes to Head of all Circles in BSNL for the utilisation of iGoT Karmayogi portal for competency development.   << Training -Karmayogi >>

DIR HR BSNL Board writes to CGMs to educate employees to adhere to the  office Timings and to follow the Online Attendance System in letter and Spirit. <<DIR HR- Online Attendance>>

Based on the DoT's corrigendum letter no. 2-6/2019-DGT/1-Part(1) Dated 22.02.2023 , BSNL extended the  date for receiving the applications for the posts of Sub Divisional Engineers (SDEs) in DoT units across the country on deputation basis up to 28.02.2023

<<BSNL -SDE_Deputation>>

22.02.2023    GS Com Shaji .V , President Com Rajpal Sharma , Dy GS Com JK Patel and Auditor CHQ Com Slathia had an elaborate meeting with DIR ( HR) BSNL Board , Shri . Arvind Vadnerkar ji on 17-02-2023 for around 2 hours in the Chamber of DIR HR in BSNL Corporate Office , New Delhi. At the outset AIBSNLEA appreciated DIR ( HR) for the song sung beautifully during the ulture program Evening of the All India BSNL Kabbadi sports event at Nagpur and really this went viral . DIR HR reciprocate with sincere Thanks. Most of the issues discussed with DIR HR BSNL Board follows...

Pending Promotions including AO-CAO long Pending Promotion struck at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh (OA No 1435/2018 ) :
This matter was discussed in detail with DIR HR for the issuance of long pending AO to CAO promotion Orders by considering any of the alternate dispute resolution method also, as this lone unresolved promotion is pending for more than 4 years due to the inordinate delay in vacating the ‘Status Quo’ from the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh.

AIBSNLEA Submitted that there is huge workload on the existing very few regular CAOs and DGM Finance after the VRS as various new Govt. Projects are being implemented by BSNL in a time bound manner. Moreover, the following points are also matters of concern.

(i) Many of AOs, CAO and DGM F who are working on Look After basis are certainly under risk of handling the Powers of the Regular incumbent of the post is a real concern for the officers, especially they are under pressure for the timely completion of the targeted works. Presently around 44 CAOs are only working across the Country in BSNL against the Sanctioned Strength of 756= [672+84(MT-Internal)] posts of CAOs and there is an acute shortage in the Cadre of CAO in BSNL.

(ii) In the scarcity of CAO and DGM-F, the role of IFAs is being carried out by Accounts Officers to the CGMs in several Circles as well as for the BA heads all across BSNL. In some BAs, even JAOs are functioning as IFA to GMTDs. This situation is extreme violation of the existing Instructions of the GFR (General Financial Rules) issued by the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India which specifies that the Internal Finance Advisor cadre must be one rank below the Cadre of the Officer in Control.

It is pertinent to mention here that the JAOs appointed from 1996 onwards are waiting for their second promotion since last 27 years. There are around 745 AOs eligible for getting promotion on 01-01-2023 including all the JAOs belongs to 2004 batch. The sanctioned strength of CAOs after restructuring stands as 756 [672+84 (MT-Internal)] and the vacant posts of CAOs as on 1.1.2023 are 712 (756-44 Existing CAO). As the methodology of promotion carried out in the CSS cadre, for accommodating all the AOs eligible for promotion as on 1.1.2023 may be accommodated by utilizing the posts of existing CAOs after promoting them to grade of DGM (F) as they have already completed their residency period of 4 years of regular service in the cadre of CAO as on 01.01.2023, so that the very long pending heart burning promotion of AO to CAO can be attained.

Further, as DIR HR  well aware of the truth that the long pending promotions in Finance streams, what-so-ever be the reasons, turned thousands of heartened and motivated BSNL executives to dishearten and demotivated. The ‘Status Quo’ was called on the very general issue of reservation in promotion which is a common issue in promotion for all the cadres in all streams but only the Accounts Officers waiting for Promotion only penalized on the general issue causing wide heartburn to all other executives too cutting across all the other cadres and streams. In view of the foregoing, we would request your good self to kindly intervene into the lone non-conduction of CPC in Finance Stream for the immediate issuance of the promotion orders from AO to CAO by adopting the methodology as detailed above.

DIR HR had a patient hearing on all our requests and submissions. DIR HR   replied that let the CAT directions come firstly and then BSNL Management will take a decision on it. DIR HR shared the concerns and distress of AIBSNLEA in the delay in issuing the promotion orders from AO to CAO.


Pending SDE T to AGM T promotions : 

AIBSNLEA requested DIR HR for the Conduction of CPC for SDE(T) to AGM (T) promotions to all  the eligible SDEs who are already completed their residency period in the SDE so that justice in promotion will be extended  to all the all eligible SDEs of List 9 to 13.

We further submitted that there are around 3053 eligible executives in SDE cadre are waiting for their Group A promotion after completing their residency period  ; List – 9 (206 ) , List - 10(112) , List – 11 (584) List  - 12 (1769) List  - 13 (382) . More than sufficient vacancies for the promotion of these young officers can simply be arranged by BSNL management through the method as follows and there is no financial implication for doing the promotions.


Sanctioned / proposed posts

Total proposed/ sanctioned

Promoted (Approx.)

Vacant Post 












BharatNet (DGM)





4G Saturation Project (DGM) 














BharatNet (AGM)





Saturation Project (AGM)











Through the SDE T to AGM T pending promotions, all the thousands of officers will be motivated fully and the total working efficiency of the BSNL workforce will be enhanced. DIR HR listened all the submissions from AIBSNLEA and informed that BSNL management already working on issuing promotion orders from SDE T to AGM T.

Introduction of MSRRs 2023 untimely barring the eligibility of officers for Promotion:

AIBSNLEA submitted that against all associations’ fervent appeal to the effect of Notification may be from 1st April 2023 , BSNL management Notified MSRRs2023 from 1st Jan 2023 by splitting the SQ vacancies into 67% SQ and 33% LICE . Thousands of executives waiting for their eligible promotions (33%) are bulldozered by it. This may be seen as the violation of basic rights or Natural justice.          

DOPT guidelines notified (17-10-1986) quoting Supreme Court Order: ruled that the vacancies should be filled according to the rules (RRs) in force when the vacancies arose. This is not considered while framing new MSRRs in BSNL.   

Further AIBSNLEA submitted that Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement in 21st September – 2021 in the Civil Appeal Nos .5811-5814/2021(Appraising out of SLP(C ) Nos .26435-26438/2019) Medini.C & ORS.ETC.ETC ….Appellant(s) Vs Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited & ORS.ETC.ETC …. Respondent (s) with Civil Appeal No.5815-5816/2021 ( Appraising out of SLP(C ) Nos .14959-60/2021) @ Diary No .41354/2019) B.H Sreela  ….Appellant(s) Vs Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited …. Respondent (s) ; clearly stated in Page 16  that “ Citing the decision of this court in  Y.V Rangaiah & Ors . vs . J . Sreenivasa Rao – AIR 1983 SC 852 , it was observed that the posts which fell vacant prior to the amendment of rules would be governed by the old rules and not by the new rules . Consequently , all the Original Petitions and writ petitions filed by the respondents herein were dismissed by the High Court vide judgement dated 04.11.2011” 

DIR HR mentioned that MSRRs 2023 are framed as per the rules in force and BSNL management starting to operate the MSRRs 2023 shortly for giving promotion to all eligible officers in SQ and LDCE.  

Since the matter of MSRRs 2023 is taken up by Forum of Associations in BSNL , AIBSNLEA did not have much discussion on it .         

Second Saturday Working in Field Units as a torture

We submitted DIR HR that 2nd Saturday of every month is made as a working day for field units by many Circles /BAs . CTD Circle has issued a letter directing that Second Saturday of every month will be a working day for all Units /Verticals/Sections/OAs/BAs under CTD including the HQ with effect from February 2023. We requested DIR HR to give directions to all concerned to withdraw the letter to motivate the work force. Second Saturday is a closed Holiday for almost all Central /State PSUs/Govt Departments. DIR HR replied that some directions sought from CTD on their decision and BSNL CO is yet to take a call.

We further submitted that otherwise also the field employees are working 24*7 without any hesitation. Even during the midnight, for emergency, the field officers rushing to their field units, if needed. Even now the conditions of Battery, Power Plant and E/A are not up to the mark to support our end equipment systems connecting customers in both wired and wireless segments. Just after power failure , many of the Telephone Exchanges/ Mobile sites in rural areas are failing and if not coming up automatically the employees working in field rushing the sites through their own conveyance , most of the time , that too beyond office hours  . Many of the local purchases and local maintenance are being carried out by the field executives from their pocket either due to the scarcity in Temporary Advance or due to the emergency of the situation and the expenditures cannot be recouped through Temporary Advance because of the Preapproval of the amount from competent authority and so on.

Hence, calling the 2nd Saturday of every month will be a working day for field units would demotivate the workforce that otherwise also they are doing the same even for Sunday. DIR HR listened all our submissions and replied that BSNL Management decided to have post tenure and rotational transfer in Post within BA also. This will help field people to come in Officers and vice versa. However, AIBSNLEA strongly requested to cause to withdraw the order for 2nd Saturday of every month will be a working day for field units.

Request to execute transfer of DGM (L/A), Kharagpur OA, Kharagpur BA, WBTC due to huge complaint raised from our members that the officer is working for 31 years in the same OA while all others are undergoing transfer.

BSNL Transfer Policy is not getting implemented in true spirit by some of the Circles/BAs. Some Nepotism from higher ups is reported from many circles including WBT Circle , Kerala , Karnataka etc where in for the last 30 years some executives are working in single building in field other than GM office. On the other side some executives are selectively transferred from place to place frequently. This demoted many field officers..

The Heart weeping anomaly of extending service life time protection for a DGM (L/A), Kharagpur OA, Kharagpur BA, WBTC working for 31 years in the same OA without any genuine ground of immunity against transfer when all other officers including Lady officers are undergoing transfer for inter circle also in addition to their multiple intra Circle transfers by honoring the Transfer policy in BSNL.

The matter is submitted to DIR HR . DIR HR commented it is certainly an anomaly.  DIR HR further mentioned that the letter submitted by AIBSNLEA is already gone through and the anomaly will be addressed and assured to transfer the officers who are continuously sitting in one BA while others are moving out of the BA.

DIR HR further added that the content of the letter of AIBSNLEA is an eye opener and BSNL management decided to practice intra circle transfers strictly for the better efficiency of BSNL . AIBSNLEA responded that AIBSNLEA is not for shifting officers out of BA or out of Circle and AIBSNLEA is against all the transfers for just transfers. However, we submitted that extending protection against transfer to a small group of officers without genuine reason while majority of the officers are undergoing transfers under inter / intra Circle is a matter of worry in general. DIR HR responded that no Nepotism will be permitted and transfers as per BSNL transfer policy and the process will be very transparent. DIR HR commented that it is good that AIBSNLEA is doing the whistle blowing against the anomalies.

Accounts Officers’ huge cut in Chennai TD and Kolkatta TD

DGM F: 7(As Proposed) against 3(Sanctioned),CAO: 23(As Proposed) 7(sanctioned) , AO/JAO  : 80 /83 (As Proposed) and AO/JAO: CHTD-46(Sanctioned) & Kol TD -44 (Sanctioned) . 

Even though Chennai TD is a 425Crores Revenue circle, the sanctioned post in cadre of Finance Executives and DGM posts are very less compared to sanctioned posts in even smaller revenue Circles. DIR HR assured to look into the matter especially for Chennai TD.

Bug in the APAR software package in ERP:

The wrong option selected inadvertently by the reporting officer against “Integrity” column under para 4 of eAPAR “Beyond Doubt” selected as “ Not observed .”This wrong selection happening while moving mouse down due to the selection of the Option Selection Box is not released. While the same APAR is reviewed by the reviewing officer, the same is unnoticed and agreeing with the comments of the reporting officer.

DIR HR replied that the issue is already capped in ERP for the future as per the submission of AIBSNLEA and for the existing cases, the same will be condoned for the affected individual officers after the individual representation. Individual has to represent such cases and after getting verification from the respective reporting and reviewing officers the same will be accepted by the appellate authority. Even in some cases, already the process has been started on individual representations. AIBSNLEA extended since thanks to DIR HR

Decentralization of training activities from ALTTC to Regional Training Centers for Accounts officers also for South . AIBSNLEA submitted that after NATFM is merged with ALTTC  all Accounts officers are to move to ALTTC is an expensive affair to BSNL and tedious to the executives too , especially for the officers in South India.

The matter is submitted to DIR HR and DIR HR responded that it is part of the stringent procedure for the effectiveness of training and subsequent examinations. AIBSNLEA responded that the stringed mechanism is only slapped over the middle level officers belongs to the cadre band of JTO to DGM equivalent in all streams. This is not made applicable to higher officers and other employees. Hence, request of AIBSNLEA may be considered and executives may be permitted to appear for the Financial Up gradation exams from Regional training Centers.

Extreme Unfortunate situation that GSLIS claims being denied by LIC of India to the depends of deceased employees of BSNL, Bihar Circle due to the policy lapse either on non-payment of premium from BSNL or due to delayed payment:  .

The matter of GSLIS is discussed in detail, AIBSNLEA seriously requested to give the necessary instructions to ensure that the eligible benefits are extended to the dependents of the deceased employees and also ensure that the premiums towards the GSLIS policy of all the employees in BSNL are credited to their policy account with LIC of India well in time so that policies do not lapse even in the cases where salary is not timely drawn for employees. DIR HR totally shared the views of AIBSNLEA and assured to look into the matter so that the painful event will not repeated anymore.

Disparity in the BSNL MSRR-2023 in term of the educational qualification for the promotion to the cadre of Executive Engineer Civil and Electrical Streams with their equivalent  cadre of DE /AGM  in all other Streams :

AIBSNLEA submitted the disparity in the BSNL MSRR-2023 in term of educational qualification for the promotion to the cadre of Executive Engineer Civil and Electrical Streams with their equivalent cadre of DE /AGM of For Civil and Electrical MSRRs Under Note 1 of Schedule 1   , it is stated that “Education qualification for executives to be posted to the grade pf AGM/EE shall be degree in engineering or equivalent . However,  existing incumbents holding the post of SDE or equivalent on regular basis on the date of notification of P&T BW ( Group A) Service rules 1994 ie, 06.08.1994 shall continue to be eligible for promotion to the grade of AGM/EE , if they possess a Diploma in Engineering in their respective branch a recognized University / institution or equivalent.”

As per the sanctioned strength of the new BSNL restructuring Policy dated 04-02-2021, around 80% of the executives in BSNL belongs to Telecom Operation Stream are permitted to continue to promote the grade of DE /AGM with the same educational qualification when they had been inducted to the grade of JTO cadre, if they had been a regular employee in the grade when MSRR 2009 was notified. On the other side the benefits of the facility of eligibility in qualification for eligible for promotion to the grade of AGM/EE has not been extended to the officers in Civil/Electrical Streams though the combined executives sanctioned strength   of both the stream is less than 4% as per the restructuring Policy  dated 04-02-2021.

AIBSNLEA further submitted that  , the executives in Telecom Operation Stream are blessed with existing qualifications to get the AGM cadre in line with almost all other streams and on the other hand the same treatment is denied for the sisterly streams of Civil and Electrical only . The massive technological shifts and its inductions are frequently happening with Telecom Operation streams and the executives in Telecom Streams are practically unaware of the latest nuance of Technological shifts but permitted  to manage the systems in AGM cadre with available qualifications and in the Civil and Electrical Streams   the same privilege is not extended to reach the post of AGM though practically no technological shifts from the basic patten of working are happening in these Civil /Electrical Streams . Is this not a discrimination.

We earnestly appealed DIR HR to look into the discrimination between Civil/Electrical Streams and other sister streams in terms of the basic qualification to get promotion to the grade of AGM and cause to issue necessary corrigendum to have a natural balance in the basic qualification to get promotion to the grade of  AGM in all streams. Though initially DIR ( HR) was against any modification , later Sir agreed to look upon the anomaly.

NATFM Merger with ALTTC fates of Accounts Officers shifted without extending Options:

The case has been discussed with DIR HR in all the meetings and DIR HR was favorable to our request. Today DIR HR narrated some technical difficulties of transferring the officers back to the requested Circle sand assured that as and when the officers complete the tenure for Circle Break, they will be transferred back.

Victimized transfer of DS Ludhiana  Mr Rajender Singh AD (OL)  to Patiyala by then GM Ludhiyana Sh.Punchok Dorjey :

We submitted that the GM is transferred to the Circle Office on the complaints raised by Associations/Unions but not relieved yet. As per CS Punjab, AIBSNLEA finding difficulty in functioning there in Ludhiana BA due to the unhealthy intervention of the GM into our day to day activities.  Also we requested DIR HR to cause cancel the transfer of DS Ludhiyana  Mr Rajender Singh AD (OL)  .

DIR HR replied that the delay in the relieve of the GM is due to the unavailability of Substitute and now the substitute is posted and the GM will be relieved without delay.

Pending E1+5 increments & Pay Parity 22820.

AIBSNLEA submitted that there is a huge difference in Pay to the tune of Rs 10000/- between the two sets of Executives recruited after 01.01.2007 onwards which created widespread resentment among the young Executives. They are demoted to a lower Pay scale and placed in E1 scale provisionally. AIBSNLEA has been representing this matter at different levels for quite a long time

Further we extended that due to consistent and continuous efforts of AIBSNLEA, BSNL Board approved the grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500 to the directly recruited JTOs of the 2007 and the 2008 batches and directly recruited JAOs in respect of whom result declared in 2010 have been ordered to be fixed at Rs.19020/-, i.e., the pay of such JAOS has been fixed in the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500/- by granting one notional increment @ 3% of their existing pay in the feeder grade or at Rs. 19020/- by way of granting five advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 scale, whichever is higher.

In the same line, due to the continuous persuasion of AIBSNLEA with the BSNL Management, the grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500 to SRD JTOs 2010 batch and LDCE JAOs 2013 batch has been considered and approved by the MC of the BSNL Board. But the approval of the BSNL Board is kept pending for the past so many years.

 AIBSNLEA  requested DIR HR to kindly intervene in the matter and cause to issue necessary instructions to the Officers concerned to extend E1+5 increments to JTO(SRD) 2011 -Direct -JTO RR-2001 , JTO(LDCE) 2012 -JTO RR-2001, JTO(SRD) 2013 -Direct -JTO RR-2001 , JAO(LDCE) 2013 --JAO RR-2001 , JAO 2015 -Direct -JAO RR-2001 , JAO 2016 ( LDCE) -JAO RR-2001 , JAO 2017 -Direct -JAO RR-2001 , JTO 2017(LDCE) -JTO RR-2014 .

Also the anomaly of batch JTO 2007 (Direct) batch -JTO RR-2001 is also discussed that those who joined prior to notification of 2nd PRC by BSNL got 22820 and those who joined after notification of 2nd PRC by BSNL got E+5 increments on 16400 only. The anomaly between the same batches of officers is a matter of big concern.

Pay parity of 22820 for left out JTO 2007 (Direct) batch -JTO RR-2001 , JTO 2008  (Direct) batch -JTO RR-2001 and JAO 2010  (DR) batch is also discussed in details. BSNL Board approved pay of Rs.22820 for JAO 2010 LICE batch (both 10% Quota & 40% Quota) by ordering the exercice of option in the pre revised pay scale of JAO i.e, Rs.9850-250-14600. In the same analogy , we requested Dir(HR)  for exercing option in the pre revised scale may be permitted to JTO 2007,2008  and JAO 2010  (DR) batches too.

What AIBSNLEA could convince upon E1+5 increment & Pay Parity 22820 are the matters deserve utmost attention from management. AIBSNLEA requested DIR HR that these anomalies shall be addressed to motivate young blood of BSNL . DIR HR had a patient hearing on the matter of E1+5 increments & Pay Parity 22820 and appreciated AIBSNLEA to have a lengthy submission on the matter and assured that the matter would be looked upon when the financial condition of BSNL improved.

Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent and E3 for SDE/AO equivalent cadres  & 30 % SAB for BSNL DRs   

AIBSNLEA has submitted its views on the issue of Standard Pay Scales several times during the past 15 years. Though this is a dead topic for BSNL management, AIBSNLEA cannot stop to submit the issue for reconsideration. BSNL is an EBITDA Positive PSU for the last two Financial Years and spending only around Rs.550 crores for the monthly Salary expenditure and having a balance Revenue of Rs.950 Crore per month for other expenditures. AIBSNLEA firmly feels that this is a high time for BSNL to implement the Standard Pay Scales of E2 & E3 for providing some relief so that Young BSNL recruited Executives may get some sort of relaxation against the heavy dearth in their eligible 30% SAB benefits.  

The senior officers in DOT are turning the proposals down by swinging in tandem with their predecessors on many matters, but they are favouring deep down their heart to the standard pay scales for the young bloods of BSNL. The communication from DoT, vide letter no. 62-4/2020-SU (E-103496) dated 29.04.2022, communicating it’s disagreement for the whole proposal, under the pretext of cascading effect, has further complicated the issue and is causing grave injustice to the young officers. This issue is a classic example of apathy and indifference of the BSNL Management and the DoT administration, towards the employees . 

AIBSNLEA cannot compromise on the turning down of E2-E3 pay scales proposals for JTO-SDE equivalent cadres by DOT and is endorsed in the Letter No. BSNL/7-1/SR/2022 dated 11.05.2022. Its quiet unfortunate and heavily painful. For AIBSNLEA, the E2 & E3 pay scales & 30 % SAB are at par with the fundamental/ birth right of BSNL executives from their birth to BSNL.  E2 & E3 pay scales are eligible after the implementation of IDA Pay Scales in BSNL from 01.01.2000.  

The DoT, vide its Presidential Order dated 28.07.2003, accorded “9850-250-14600” as IDA Scale against the existing CDA Scale “6500-200-10500” for the JTO/JAO equivalent grade and named it E1A scale. Similarly, it accorded “11875-300-17275” as IDA Scale against the existing CDA scale of “7500-250-12000” for the SDE/AO equivalent grade and named it E2A. 2nd PRC Presidential Order for BSNL was issued by the DoT, vide letter no.61-01/2009-SU dated 27.02.2009. But, it did not provide the replacement of E1A and E2A scales. In the said presidential Order, it was clearly written that, “proposal of BSNL on E1A and E2A shall be dealt separately”. 

We earnestly requested DIR(HR) to initiate process for the roll-back of the decision of the DoT, communicating its disagreement for the up-gradation of E1A and E2A pay scales, informed vide it’s letter dated 29-04-2022 - approve BSNL’s proposal for the replacement of E1A with E2 and E2A with E3 pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007, without cascading effect on other pay scales.   

DIR HR had a patient hearing on the burning issue and replied that as of now it’s a topic not in consideration with BSNL Management as DOT turned down the proposal and suggested to AIBSNLEA CHQ that as and when the financial condition of BSNL improves, the issue may be taken up again by AIBSNLEA and shared best wishes to earn Standard Pay scales for BSNL executives. 

Pending PA-PS /PS-PPS promotions:

AIBSNLEA submitted that after completing all the formalities the files are waiting in BSNL CO from December 2022 onwards. On enquiry it is learned that BSNL CO is to finalize and approve for the promotion orders as per MSSRRs 2009 or with MSRRS 2023 .AIBSNLEA requested to settle the case without delay. DIR HR assured to look into the issue for the early confirmation of the CPCs.

Pending OTP transfer Requests:

AIBSNLEA requested to clear all pending OTP and other transfer related requests at the earliest . DIR HR replied that MSNL Management is full swing to do all these request .

Submission of EPFO- Joint Option Form from BSNL:

All the matters pertaining to the Submission of EPFO- Joint Option Form from BSNL to EPFO authorities were discussed at length. DIR HR responded that still now the clarity is not settled from EPFO and as and when the final call happens from EPFO, BSNL will do the best to comply intime on behalf all eligible BSNL executives.

Around two hours long meeting concluded in a very positive note. AIBSNLEA CHQ extended our sincere thanks, regards and obligations to the DIR (HR) BSNL Board Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji for sparing a quite long time , amidst his hectic office schedules, to have discussion with AIBSNLEA on all the pending Service/HR issues related to the executives in BSNL and for Sir’s very supportive responses to all the issues submitted by AIBSNLEA CHQ.

19.02.2023    GS AIBSNLEA Com Shaji.V and CHQ President Com Rajpal Sharma had a meeting with the CMD BSNL Shri. Purwar ji on 16-02-2023 and discussed all the issues pertaining to the Service and HR aspects of BSNL.

At the outset, AIBSNLEA shared our sincere thanks and the feeling of motivation to the CMD BSNL on the information that BSNL board has recommended TCL to supply 1 Lacks 4G BTS to BSNL with 5G Compatibility. Also, AIBSNLEA congratulated CMD BSNL for his relentless efforts in achieving 4G for BSNL. CMD reciprocates the same enthusiasm and informed that around 50 4G BTS are already rolled out of TCL to the two locations in Punjab to start with the functioning of the indigenous 4G of India in BSNL & BSNL hoping for the best turn with 4G ..... ..... Understandably  CMD BSNL planning to address all the representative Associations/Unions upon the progress of the induction of indigenous 4G  in BSNL.

Pending Promotions including that of AO to CAO.. The matter is discussed in detail and the CMD shared the clear stand that BSNL management is very keen on issuing the pending promotions of AO to CAO , DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) etc as and when the awaiting Court directions are received. AIBSNLEA extended our earnest regards to CMD BSNL that this association is well aware of the sincere efforts of BSNL management to issue the pending promotions to BSNL executives.

On the extremely Unfortunate situation that GSLIS claims being denied by LIC of India to the depends of deceased employees of BSNL : The unfortunate case from Bihar Circle due to the policy lapse either on non-payment of premium from BSNL or due to delayed payment is also submitted to the notice of CMD BSNL . CMD assured to look upon the matter.

The disparity in the BSNL MSRR-2023 in term of educational qualification for the promotion to the cadre of Executive Engineer Civil and Electrical Streams with their equivalent cadre of DE /AGM : The issue is submitted to the CMD BSNL that in Telecom Operation Stream as vide schedule 1 foot note number 1, it is stated that “Education qualification for executives to be promoted to the grade of DE/AGM shall be engineering degree or equivalent in Telecommunications , Electronics & Computers/IT/Electrical for Telecom Operations. However , existing incumbents holding the post of Executives on regular basis on the date of notification of Previous MSRRs dated 14-07-2009 shall continue to be eligible for promotion to the grade of DE/AGM(Telecom”

For Civil and Electrical MSRRs Under Note 1 of Schedule 1 , it is stated that “ Education qualification for executives to be posted to the grade pf AGM/EE shall be degree in engineering or equivalent . However, existing incumbents holding the post of SDE or equivalent on regular basis on the date of notification of P&T BW ( Group A) Service rules 1994 ie, 06.08.1994 shall continue to be eligible for promotion to the grade of AGM/EE , if they possess a Diploma in Engineering in their respective branch a recognized University / institution or equivalent.”…  CMD listened the anomaly and responded to see the details.

Inter Circle Long Stay transfer of AGMT/SDET….. AIBSNLEA requested to consider options of executives for nearby circles as it was extended in the last year, if the inter-circle long Stay in Telecom Stream is in operation this year too. CMD made it clear that everything in the Inter Circle Long Stay Transfer will be transparent in it. CMD mentioned that the Circle long stay list of AGM/ SDE for 25/24 years with  details to submit the options will be published shortly .

May the blessings of Lord Shiva always stay with you and your family. Happy Maha Shivratri!


17.02.2023    BSNL CO issued guidelines to Circles to have the Intra Circle Rotational Transfer and Posting as per station tenure /Post Tenure prescribed in BSNL Transfer Policy and share compliance report on it on or before 07-05-2023.

<< BSNL Intra-Circle Transfer>>

17.02.2023    BSNL CO has released the list of 494 AGM (T) and 422 SDE (T) having their Circle Stay for more than 25 Years and 24 Years respectively . The officers are directed to submit 3 choices of circles for intra circle rotational transfer through OTP window which will be opened from 01.03.2023 to 07.03.2023. Circles are to forward the requests to Corporate  office on or before 25.02.2023.

<<  BSNL CO Circle Long Stay AGM T- SDE T >>

16.02.2023    CMD BSNL writes to Circle Heads on the Operational Revenue trends at the end of Q3 (enhanced) and IPMS Bonus Mark.

<<CMD Letter on IPMS>>

14.02.2023    BSNL CO Released OM which restricts attendance permission for the controlling officers from 20-02-23 , if not submitting subordinates' online absentee statement in the attendance portal on or before 19-02-23 .

AIBSNLEA CHQ requests all our members to take special attention to submit the online attendance statements of your subordinates timely for every month i.e., on or before 15th of every a for the penultimate month.

<<BSNL-OM-Online Attendance>>

14.02.2023    BSNL CO released the Tenure Transfer orders of AGM/DE & that of SDE in Telecom Operation Stream.

Tenure Transfer <<AGM/DE T>>   <<SDE T>>

14.02.2023 Case of DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotions at CAT Chandigarh: The MA filed by BSNL in CAT Chandigarh on DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotions was heard on 10.01.2023 and was postponed and heared on 31.01.2023. Further it was posted on 10.02.2023. Argument continued and further posted for hearing on 02.03.2023.

14.02.2023    DOT letter dated 10th Feb 2023 has conveyed that the competent authority is pleased to appoint Shri. Rajiv Kumar , Sr GM (Finance) , BSNL to the post of Director (Finance), BSNL Board.

AIBSNLEA CHQ team once again Congratulated and Shared our best Greetings to Shri. Rajiv Kumar  after his regular posting as the Director (Finance) , BSNL Board.


13.02.2023    BSNL CO directed all CGMs to E-verify (in ERP )the eligibility of  all the Management Trainee ( MT) qualified candidates appeared for MT (internal) Telecom Operation Online Assessment Process held on 19.03.2019.


13.02.2023     GS writes to Sh Arvind Vadnerkar , the DIR(HR) , BSNL Board upon the heart weeping anomaly of extending service life time protection against transfer even to out of BA to some of the executives in BSNL without having any genuine ground when all other officers including Lady officers are undergoing transfer for inter circle also in addition to their multiple intra Circle transfers by honouring the Transfer policy in BSNL reg.

<<GS Letter to the DIR HR>>

10.02.2023      AIBSNLEA shares our sincere thanks and regards to the GM (Pers) and team in considering our request to release transfer orders on the pending OTP request in all the streams . Today the pending OTP  request transfer Orders in Finance Stream are released . As it is reported on 06-02-2023 in CHQ site , GM (Pers) assured to release transfer orders on all the pending genuine OTP requests in all streams ,  we expect the remaining request transfer orders will be released without delay. We are pursuing on it .

<< OTP Transfer-Finance>>

10.02.2023    BSNL CO extended the last date for submitting the EPFO- Joint Option Form from 10-02-2023 to 15-02-2023.

<< BSNL EPFO Date Extended>>

09.02.2023    Subsequent to the Status Quo called by Hon’ble CAT Ahammedabad in OA No. 53/2023 on the SDE to AGM Civil Promotion Orders, BSNL CO issued clarification that those executives who have been relieved but not joined may be allowed to join back in their respective previous circles  .


09.02.2023    BSNL CO issued guidelines to Circles permitting to give the look-after in AGM (T) grade against available vacant posts of AGM (T) restricted to 450 posts in total.

<< BSNL-AGM T - LA >>

09.02.2023    GS writes to the DIR ( HR), BSNL Board on the Extreme Unfortunate situation that GSLIS claims being denied by LIC of India to the depends of deceased employees of BSNL, Bihar Circle due to the policy lapse either on non-payment of premium from BSNL or due to delayed payment  .......

......... ........ Therefore, it is seriously requested give the necessary instructions to ensure that the eligible benefits are extended to the dependents of the deceased employees and also ensure that the premiums towards the GSLIS policy of all the employees in BSNL are credited to their policy account with LIC of India well in time so that policies do not lapse even in the cases where salary is not timely drawn for employees.

Further, it is earnestly requested to review the status of all the GSLIS policies and cause to confirm that all the policies of all employees are paid up to date . A provision in the salary slip of the employees shall be made available on monthly basis as in the case of GPF updates that the payment for both the Risk Premium and the Savings Premium with LIC are up-to-date for every employee.

 <<GS Letter to DIR(HR)>>

09.02.2023    BSNL CO released the guidelines for annual renewal of Group Term Insurance for BSNL Executives  w.e.f. 01.03.2023 for one year ie. from 01.03.2023 to 29.02.2024


08.02.2023    Long Pending AO - CAO Court Case at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh regarding Status-quo on AO to CAO promotions (OA No 1435/ 2018 ) The case is coming up for hearing today , the 8th Feb 2023. AIBSNLEA CHQ  deputed Organising Secretary (North), Sh. Ashok Kumar Sharma to CAT Chandigarh to observe and report the proceedings .

Sh. Ashok Kumar Sharma reported that the case has been heard today and will come up for final hearing on 28-02-2023

.......The young & Dynamic 8th  Circle Body of WB Circle taking the Oath of Office from  Com Rajpal Sharma , President CHQ ..........

07.02.2023    Update on West Bangal Circle Conference....

The 7th Circle Conference of the West Bangal Circle has been enthusiastically conducted in Kolkata at Mahabodhi Society of India Bhavan on the 4th and 5th of February 2023 with hoising of AIBSNLEA flag by the CP Com Biswajith Sarkar . West Bangal circle is one of the strong hols of AIBSNLEA with atmost full of very Young & Dynamic BSNL DRs. The youthful and energettic Open Session of the Circle Conference has been inagurated by CGMT WBTC Mrs. Madhu Arora . CGM CNTx-E Mr. Pradip Gupta , Sr GM (Fin) WBTC Mr.Shamendra Kujur and GM(Admin/HR) WBTC Mr. Ramji Tiwari have also been graced the Circle Conference with their presence and address the house. The PGM NWO CFA, WBTC Mr C. Rajendran also attended and addressed the meeting. The open session has also been addressed by the Circle Secretaries of all other associations and unions.

CHQ President Com Raj Pal Sharma , GS Com Shaji , AGS(Engg) Com Binobaditya Sahoo , Organising Secretary -East Com . Avijit Khamrui and AFS CHQ Com. Raju Roy were attended and addressed the Circle Conference.

The new Circle Body has been unanimously elected by the house and the meeting concluded with National Anthem.

Circle President: Com. Biswajit Sarkar, C.A.O (Taxation) Circle Office, Circle Secretary: Com. Amit Kumar Mukherjee, J.T.O(HCM) Circle Office and Circle Finance Secretary: Com. Ashoke Saha, AO (CNTX-East). Com Soumen Polley and Com Anand Sharma are elected as CWC Members.

Com Anupam Sadhukhan JTO Circle Office (Elected as Asst. CS) has been capturing all the events of the Circle Conference. The glimpses are attached in the following link:

  << Glimpses of the Conference>>

06.02.2023    GS , President and Dy GS met GM (Pers) and requested to release all the pending OTP transfer requests. AIBSNLEA submitted that some of the genuine OTP transfer requests those are rejected on administrative grounds and shared the cases to  GM (Pers) . GM (Pers) assured to look into all the cases for releasing the OTP transfer  orders.

Long Pending AO - CAO Court Case at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh regarding Status-quo on AO to CAO promotions (OA No 1435/ 2018 ): The matter is discussed in detail and it is confirmed that the Sr.Advocate from Hon'ble SC will attend for the case on 08-02-2023 for BSNL  . AIBSNLEA appreciate BSNL Management since BSNL management has been taking all out efforts to vacate the status quo to release the long pending promotion orders from AO to CAO. 

06.02.2023    Update on the SLP (23441/2012) Filed on 27-08-2012 by JAOs from Kerala for  the revaluation of paper V of 2010 JAO (Departmental 40% quota) Examination.

The case listed for hearing today (06-02-2023) in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and postponed to the next date of hearing on 10-04-2023. During last week, AIBSNLEA CHQ met GM (Pers) and DGM (Pers-legal) to remind the case and cause to arrange the Sr.Advocate from BSNL side.  All these JAOs have qualified through the next exam i.e. 2012 exam, hence the applicant JAOs want to dispose of the case so that the vacancies can be released and these officers can be regularized in JAO cadre. BSNL Management assured to  do the needful in the matter and revert back to AIBSNLEA. On last Friday , the DGM(Pers) informed AIBSNLEA that the BSNL advocate has been updated on the case  and the Kerala Circle has also been instructed to do the needful for the speedy disposal of the case.

06.02.2023    BSNL CO issued Reminder Letter to Circles : "No manual applications for request transfer shall be considered" and it was requested to ensure that no request based Intra-Circle transfer are done on the basis of manual applications.

<<BSNL - Intra Circle>>

02.02.2023    Endorsing DOT Circular , BSNL shared Vacancy circular for Sub Divisional Engineer (SDE) posts of TES Group 'B' DoT HO, DGT HQ & LSA/field units, NTIPRIT, TEC, NCCS, and USoF, on deputation basis.


02.02.2023    PGM (SR) , BSNL CO , Ms Anita Johri, informed  GS AIBSNLEA regarding  formation of Core Group and appointment of Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for the successful conduction of the 3rd Membership Verification Process for grant of recognition to Majority Representative Association  of Executive Employees in BSNL.

GS and team met PGM (SR) on 02.02.2023 and discussed on  further process of the 3rd MVP. It is informed that the Notification for the 3rd MVP would be issued by July 2023 and the referendum would be carried out in September 2023 after having enough interactions with all Registered Associations in BSNL. For the same already a Whatsapp group is created by SR section.

<<Notification : CRO - 3rd REA>>   <<Notification: Core Group -3rd REA >>

All CHQ, Circle and Branch level Leaders/Comrades are requested to initiate all round preparations for the active  participation in the ensuing 3rd Membership verification process by September 2023.

It is categorically re-emphasised without any ambiguity that AIBSNLEA will be participating in the 3rd referendum independently as we have decided in the last AIC at Chennai.

Dear CHQ Office Bearers, CSs and CPs:
In the backdrop of the declaration of the 3rd MV Process for September 2023, an online meeting of CHQ OBs, CSs and CPs is scheduled to be held on 16 Feb 2023 at 7 PM sharply to discuss and decide on the venue for the conduction of next physical CWC  for transacting all our pending matters and strategy for winning next referendum.

All Office Bearers are requested to participate in time without fail. Meeting link will be shared on the penultimate day in the CHQ whatsapp Group.

02.02.2023    DIR HR writes to all Circle Heads on KPl-based IPMS in BSNL and necessary action to be taken by all circle heads on Q4 targets and Q3 Achievements.

At the outset, I would like to wish you a very happy, healthy and productive New Year 2023! From the Corporate Office side, we hope to make a lot of progress on the initiatives undertaken to implement HR Transformation in BSNL....  << DIR HR Letter>>