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ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>
AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




HR Details

IDA Arrear Calc.

Minutes of Meetings

Glimpses, GS Japan Trip







31.08.2023     Congratulations to Shri. Abhishek Jain , SDE (T) : the OS ( North) , AIBSNLEA CHQ & the new Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA, UP (East) Circle Shri. Anuj Srivastava JTO ( T)  in forming an Ad-hoc Body of UP (East) Circle.

Subsequent to the expulsion of the former CS , AIBSNLEA UP(East) Circle Sh A K Verma from the primary membership of the AIBSNLEA against his anti-AIBSNLEA activities through unethical means  , by exercising the Powers conferred upon by the clauses of the AIBSNLEA Constitution in clause 8(VI) Powers & Duties of Office Bearers (c) General Secretary (v) (vii) (a), the General Secretary AIBSNLEA has formed the new Ad-hoc Committee of AIBSNLEA, UP (East) Circle Organization. The following are the new Circle Office bearers of the Ad-hoc Committee of UP (East) Circle.

<<GS Letter to CGMT UP(E )/PGM(SR) BSNL CO etc  on the Ad-hoc body>>

30.08.2023    Congratulations to all the JTO(Arch) promoted to SDE(Arch)  BSNL CO issued JTO (Arch)  to SDE (Arch) Promotion Orders against 67% seniority-cum fitness quota for 7 JTOs(Arch).

<<Promotion Orders>>

29.08.2023    ONAM is a great festival of leveler from Kerala to the World.

The legend of King Mahabali is the most popular and the most fascinating of all legends behind ONAM. There was absolutely no discrimination of caste, creed, color, or economic status during the rule of King Mahabali. All are equal and the spirit of oneness is tangible. It is even manifest in the dress they wear while dancing.

AIBSNLEA's Inclusive Appeal for Support in the Upcoming Election on this ONAM Festive Day.

In a testament to its commitment to equality and inclusivity, the All India BSNL Executives' Association (AIBSNLEA) has taken a fair stand against discrimination against BSNL Executives based on caste, creed, or race within BSNL. This stand of AIBSNLEA is in contrast to the current landscape where other associations (both Present MA & SA) may not be as inclusive as they have proved by discriminating against BSNL Executives viz SC/ST/OBC/OC etc , AIBSNLEA feels this is an unfair and unfortunate stand by both  the MA and SA against the oneness and harmony of BSNL executives.

In a heartfelt appeal, AIBSNLEA calls upon all BSNL executives to exercise your democratic right by voting in favor of AIBSNLEA, listed at Sl No.1, on the upcoming election day, September 12, 2023

28.08.2023    An appeal from AIBSNLEA CHQ to all the BSNL Executives belonging to the Accounts and Finance Stream “Accounts Fraternity” for Solidarity and Support in terms of your vote for  AIBSNLEA in the 3rd MVP .

<< Appeal Letter to “Accounts Fraternity”  >>

25.08.2023     An appeal for Solidarity and Support in terms of your vote for  AIBSNLEA in the 3rd MVP .

Kind attention to all the BSNL Executives belonging to the Accounts and Finance Stream “Accounts Fraternity”

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

I am writing to you today with a heartfelt appeal to our fellow executives belonging to the Accounts and Finance Stream regarding the importance of unity and support for the All-India BSNL Executives' Association (AIBSNLEA) during the forthcoming 3rd Membership Verification Process (MVP).

As we all are aware, AIBSNLEA was established on 1st May 2004 through the amalgamation of ten different associations, a significant move aimed at fostering unity among BSNL executives from various backgrounds. Of particular note, it incorporated the All-India P & T Finance and Accounts Officers, the sole Association representing our Accounts fraternity,  as the second strong pillar of AIBSNLEA.

Since the inception of AIBSNLEA, it has consistently provided sufficient representation for officers belonging to the Accounts and Finance Stream at all three levels (CHQ/Circle/Branch) within the association. AIBSNLEA has effectively addressed matters and grievances pertaining to the executives belonging to Finance stream, which is evident from its track record, verifiable on the CHQ site of AIBSNLEA.

Contrastingly, it is worth noting that no other association, including the current MA & SA, has shown similar dedication to addressing the concerns of executives from the accounting fraternity, as can be confirmed by examining the CHQ sites of those Associations. It was only with the advent of MVP that other Associations started considering the inclusion of executives from the accounting fraternity into their bodies.

However, the treatment meted out by these other Associations to our fellow officers from the accounting fraternity is concerning. It often appears that they either treat the representatives from officers from the accounting fraternity as mere rubber stamps or neglect them altogether. This disparity is unambiguous when compared to the inclusive and supportive stance of AIBSNLEA.

To illustrate, in 2018, when AIBSNLEA organized mass promotions for BSNL executives, AIBSNLEA demanded proportional post upgrades for the Finance Stream as well. Initially, the management hesitated due to strong objections from the then MA - SNEA. However, AIBSNLEA's diligent presentation of facts and figures led to the management's agreement to upgrade AO posts to CAO, on par with the Telecom Stream. When the happy news was uploaded to AIBSNLEA CHQ site, regrettably, soon after this positive development, SNEA protested against it through their letter , asserting that the Finance Stream should not be treated equally with the Telecom Operation Stream. Had SNEA not objected to the decision of management upon the persuasion of AIBSNLEA, all the eligible AOs now desperately waiting for their CAO promotion could have been promoted as CAO, and by this time they could have been promoted as DGM-F. Thus, instead of superannuating in the grade of DGM, the officers are retiring as mere AOs with wet eyes. Which Association is responsible for this cruelly crafted fate of executives from the accounting fraternity? Had SNEA not objected the agreement of management with AIBSNLEA, the “Status Quo” in the promotion from AO to CAO should not have been aroused as all the applicants could have been promoted to CAO in 2018 itself. Subsequently, hundreds of JAOs could have been promoted as AOs. The present MA also has not done anything sincerely either to vacate the “Status Quo” or for the benefit of the executives belonging to the Accounts fraternity waiting for their second promotion since last 27 years.

Furthermore, for the long-pending AO to CAO promotions, pending since 2018, neither the present MA nor SA has effectively approached BSNL management as AIBSNLEA has. Recent writings on their CHQ sites seem more like attempts to gain votes from executives in the accounting fraternity than genuine efforts to resolve the issue. Finally, as there is no effective support from either MA or SA, AIBSNLEA CHQ is forced to approach the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh to vacate the status quo to enable the promotion from AO to CAO.

Both MA and SA have demonstrated a concerning bias, treating executives from the accounting fraternity as second-class citizens. In various parts of BSNL, they have subjected executives from the accounting fraternity to unsettling situations by placing them under the supervision of Telecom Operations Executives.

Therefore, we earnestly urge all executives from the accounting fraternity to reflect upon this appeal and extend your support to AIBSNLEA during the impending MVP. AIBSNLEA stands as the singular platform that champions our cause and advocates for the rights of the executives belonging the accounting fraternity within BSNL.

Unity among the accounting fraternity is indispensable for our comfortable and balanced survival in BSNL. AIBSNLEA, with its proven track record, is the vanguard of this unity. We implore you to stand in solidarity with AIBSNLEA in the forthcoming MVP, ensuring that our voices are heard and our concerns addressed effectively for your prosperity.

Thank you for your consideration, and let us work together for a stronger, more inclusive BSNL where every executive is treated with the respect and fairness they deserve.

Sincerely Yours,

22.08.2023    The Posters prepared for BSNL CO .

18.08.2023    BSNL CO published the Scheme and Syllabus of LICE for promotions to the DGM/SE/EE Grades in all streams for the 33% quota as per MSRR-2023.

AGM(T) to DGM(T) level in Telecom Operations   << Click here for details >>
CAO/AGM to DGM level in Finance Copy    << Click here for details >>
EE(E) to SE(E) level in Electrical    << Click here for details >>
EE(C) to SE(C) level in Civil Copy   << Click here for details >>

17.08.2023    The GS Appeal and Notice for Electing AIBSNLEA as the Majority Association in BSNL in the 3rd MVP were released by GS AIBSNLEA to CS TN Circle and CHQ President to CS ChTD Circle, respectively, in an MVP Meeting held in Chennai on August 11, 2023.

15.08.2023    77th Happy Independence Day 2023 Wishes to One and All....

14.08.2023    Appeal of GS AIBSNLEA for Vote to AIBSNLEA in Serial No:1

<< Click here for pdf of the above Appeal>>

Why vote for the AIBSNLEA on 12th September 2023 (3rd MVP) against Serial Number: 1 in the Ballot Paper?

<< Click here for  pdf of the above Appeal>>

11.08.2023    AIBSNLEA CHQ leaders, along with Circle Secretaries  TN & ChTD and their team met and greeted the new Dir HR (Selected)  Sh Kalyan Sagar Nippani ji in a befitting way in his office in Chennai today .

The meeting was extremely fruitful, and AIBSNLEA CHQ Shared all the best wishes to the new DIR HR. The new Director of HR, Sh Kalyan Sagar Nippani ji reciprocates with sincere thanks to the leaders of AIBSNLEA.

07.08.2023     BSNL CO released the Sample Ballot Paper . Serial Number ( Sl. No.) for the All India BSNL Executives'  Association ( AIBSNLEA) is 1



Dear BSNL Executives,
Greetings from AIBSNLEA .

An Appeal from AIBSNLEA before Casting your
Very Valuable VOTE in 3rd MVP on the 12th September 2023

Kindly spare your valuable 3-4 minutes to go through this write-up in the MVP Scenario in BSNL.

The very unfortunate truth is that both the MA ( AIGETOA) and SA ( SNEA) , during their tenure in power for the last 3 years , failed to bring any positive changes for the betterment of our executive community. Instead, their actions have caused significant damage to our professional lives in BSNL viz.

1. Mass inter Circle Transfers for the last 2 years,
2. No Increase in SAB,
3. No formation of PRMB (Post-retirement medical Benefits) trust,
4. Withdrawal of additional increments on promotion through new MSRR 2023,
5. Reduction in Medical facility under BSNL MRS,
6. Mass reduction in the sanctioned strength of Executives’,
7. Untimely introduction of MSRR 2023 caused blocking the promotion avenues
     of thousands of executives,
& Many more damages for the executive community in BSNL by MA & SA.

What MA and SA have been doing against these damages to BSNL Executives ?

Shockingly, it has come to light that they are now resorting to sacking executives to manipulate votes and regain power. This desperate move demonstrates their lack of concern for our welfare and their willingness to use unethical means to achieve their goals. It is evident that their primary concern lies in expanding their membership and asserting dominance, rather than genuinely addressing the issues faced by BSNL executives.

On the other hand, AIBSNLEA, the lone association that has  consistently been working for the best interest of Executives. AIBSNLEA has proven its dedication to the welfare of BSNL executives by actively advocating for our rights. As an example,

1. In 2018 around 14,000 executives were promoted in BSNL due to the relentless stand of AIBSNLEA. AIBSNLEA was SA and SNEA was MA by that time. SNEA was demanding CPSU cadre hierarchy, and AIBSNLEA was for promoting all eligible executives first. The genuine stand of AIBSNLEA was accepted by the then CMD . The eligible executives were @ 14000 for promotion, but that many vacancies were not there. AIBSNLEA suggested creating/upgrading thousands of posts to give promotions to all eligible executives. That too, BSNL management accepted, and the big milestone in the history of BSNL happened only because of AIBSNLEA.

2. AIBSNLEA could Arrange E1+5 increments for pre 2010 batch Executives

3 AIBSNLEA filed a petition and succeeded in PBCAT New Delhi against the DOT move for the withdrawal of additional increments to executives on promotion. DOT moved to the Higher Court against the victory of AIBSNLEA for the whole BSNL executive team. AIBSNLEA is still fighting the case in the Hon’ble HC in New Delhi. AIBSNLEA is the lone association fighting in court for the benefits of all the BSNL Executives.

4. AIBSNLEA could Start the executive Promotion process in 2022 through the promotion orders for SDE (E) to AGM (E). AIBSNLEA is highly indebted to the Worthy CMD BSNL for considering the view of AIBSNLEA in granting promotions.

5. AIBSNLEA moved to the CAT Chandigarh in August-2023 for releasing the Very Long Pending AO to CAO promotion. The AO to CAO promotion is held up due to “Status Quo” called by Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh since last 4 & half years i.e., from Nov., 2018, hence AIBSNLEA CHQ is authorized to intervene in the Court Case in the interest of its members.

& Many more favours for executive community in BSNL by AIBSNLEA.

Dear executives, the time has come to make a decisive choice. We must support the association that has genuinely worked for our well-being and the betterment of BSNL. By voting for AIBSNLEA, we can put an end to further damage to the executive community in BSNL.

Let us unite and stand strong to protect our rights, our future, and the future of BSNL. Together, we can ensure that the interests of BSNL executives are the top priority and that the organization moves towards progress and success.

Spread this true message among your colleagues as well so that everyone is aware of the reality and can take an informed decision during the upcoming MVP due to the fact that around 90% of executives in BSNL are concentrating on their office work and commute home to engage in their homely matters, or rather BSNL service-related matters, without engaging in the active associational domain. These lion's share of executives may not get sufficient time to listen to what has been happening for the last many years in BSNL through MA/SA. These executives might be forced to attract attention with colourful posters and false promises before casting their valuable votes. For all the last many years when the MA and SA were in power, they could not do any favours to we executives, then how can they do it during the MVP period alone? Hence, AIBSNLEA requests all executives to please don’t fall into false promises and cast your votes judiciously.

Vote for AIBSNLEA and let we together stop the cycle of inertness and self-serving interests in BSNL.

Thank you for your attention and commitment to the betterment of our organization.


01.08.2023    Details of the meeting held with the Dir HR BSNL Board...

Pending PS to PPS promotion: The PS to PPS promotion for field units has been pending for the last one year even though the necessary seniority details were received at BSNL CO well before 6–7 months.

The Provisional gradation All India Seniority List was expected before 6 months. The progress towards releasing the AIL (Provisional) at a snail's pace is not at all encouraging compared to the speed of those in other streams. AIBSNLEA shared the complaint from field officers of the cadres that only  PA to PS and PS to PPS promotions are delayed, and AIBSNLEA requested to release AIL by this week itself.

DIR HR assured us that management would do the needful for the early release of the gradation List.

Request to restart the EPP Up-gradation Training for the Executives belonging to the CSS/PA/PS/PPS/Sr.PPS cadres as well at par with that in all other streams.  

submitted that the Financial Up-gradation Trainings for the EPP Up-gradation Examination under Executive’s Promotion Policy are restarted for all the Cadres belonging to all major streams, including Telecom Operation, Finance, Electrical, Civil, etc. except PA/PS/PPS/Sr.PPS/CSS etc. Earlier the up-gradation mandatory training for two weeks was being conducted for each and every cadre of Executives in BSNL before the up-gradation examination and the same Training had earlier been extended to the PA/PS/PPS/Sr.PPS/CSS cadres also.

Now the training has been restarted for all the Cadres after the Covid pandemic but the executives in these cadres only are left out from training prior to their exams.  The officers belonging to these cadres now finding difficulties to complete their Up-gradation mandatory Examination successfully without training. << Letter to DIR (HR)>>

DIR (HR) also shared the concerns of AIBSNLEA . DIR (HR) immediately contacted the  GM ( Training) during the meeting and directed the GM( Training)  to do the needful to start the training for all the officers belonging to these cadres at par with all officers in other streams. AIBSNLEA shared our sincere gratitude to DIR (HR) for the immediate action on the request submitted by AIBSNLEA.

Congratulations to all the officers belongs to the CSS/CSSS and PA/PS/PPS in filed units , you can also  Complete your Financial Up-gradation Examinations effortlessly due to AIBSNLEA.

PS/ Sr PPS post enhancement for BSNL CO and creation of Sr PPS in field units

AIBSNLEA submitted the detailed report for the proportional enhancement of PS/PPS and Sr PPS posts in BSNL CO and the creation of Sr PPS posts in field units at par with the DGM posts in other streams like Telecom Operation , Finance etc. DIR ( HR) had a patient hearing on our submissions and shared our concerns.



Manpower approved (Corporate office / Field)




3 /37


10 / 159



Executive Total


Dir(HR) suggested to write the details to PGM(Restructuring ) , BSNL CO, and have a direct meeting with the PGM.

Granting of the request for transfers to home circles for CSS/CSSS cadre officers in BSNL CO :

AIBSNLEA requested to the DIR ( HR) that as the transfer request for all other cadres is considered for their parent circles, the requested transfer for the officers belonging to the CSS/CSSS cadre officers in BSNL CO may also be considered in the same way on humanitarian grounds. The office activities being carried out by these officers do not fall under the special category as of now, and the same officers may be replaced by officers/officials of any other stream. Hence, finding a substitute for the officers will not be a difficult task.

DIR ( HR) was not positive about our request, and AIBSNLEA will pursue the matter again for a positive outcome.

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