Editor: Com. Shaji.V, General Secretary;  Designed by Com. M.K. Morodia, Ex-CS RAJ Circle  Last updated:- Thursday, 09. February 2023 10:41 AM

ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>
AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




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31.01.2023    Forum of Associations of BSNL   writes to CMD BSNL  for the  AO to CAO & SDE T to AGMT Promotions

<<Forum Letter for the AO to CAO Promotion>>

<<Forum Letter for the SDE T to AGM T Promotion>>

31.01.2023    Congratulations to all the Retiring Comrades!

AIBSNLEA CHQ extends Best Wishes to all the Comrades, who are going to retire on 31.01.2023 on Superannuation, We wish for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement. 

Com Ashok Kumar Khurana, AGM NOFN BSNL CO is also retired today on his superannuation .He has been holding multiple posts of AIBSNLEA CO Circle all along his carrier and presently he is the Auditor of CO Circle. AIBSNLEA CO Circle has given a befitting send of to him  <<Photo>>

31.01.2023    GS Com. Shaji V , President Com .Rajpal Sharma and CP CO Com.Rajender kumar had a visit to Sh Surender Mehra ( IFS ) , CVO of BSNL today the 31st Jan 2023, and greeted him with Shawl and Bouquet upon his appointment to the Post of the Advisor NITI Aayog by the Appointment Committee of Cabinet . Sh Surender Mehra , IFS is relieved from BSNL wef the A/N of 31-01-2023.
AIBSNLEA shares our honest congratulations & Good Luck in the new assignment of the very pleasant and dynamic officer.

30.01.2023     Update on the Exercise of Option for higher pension of EPFO by BSNL recruited /direct recruited employees who was a member of EPF/EPS scheme before 01.09.2014 , in pursuance of the instructions and Guidelines for Compliance of Hon’ble S C Judgement dated 04.11.2022 in the matter of SLP Nos 8658-8659 of 2019.

GS and President had a meeting with Sr.GM ( CA/ERP-FICO) Shri.Surajit Mandal and shared the sincere greetings of AIBSNLEA CHQ to him in causing to open a window in ESS Portal to exercise the EPF Higher Pension Option for the eligible BSNL employees . AIBSNLEA requested to extend the window period for exercising the options from 31st Jan 2023 to at least a week time as the window is just opened today the 30th Jan 2023 and just two days are insufficient for completing the whole process especially in the backdrop of the fact that some of the employees’ data are to be updated in ERP after the latest promotion, transfer and postings. We further requested to publish one joint option form, if possible, with all the relevant details so that the eligible employees can fill it up and upload the details. This will coverup the missing nomenclature updates of employees in ERP and also help to submit the Option form timely to EPFO . Sr.GM ( CA/ERP-FICO) had a patient listening of our suggestions and appreciated AIBSNLEA in sharing the feedback and concerns in relation with the ESS window.

Sr.GM ( CA/ERP-FICO) shared that a new option form is under preparation and suggested AIBSNLEA to input any modifications. Sr.GM (CA/ERP-FICO) considered the submissions of AIBSNLEA in finalising the Joint Option Form and demonstrated the ways of entering the details through Online Portal . Sr GM informed that one intranet link will be opened for the retired employees for the online submission of their option through OTP based authentication . After some more discussion Sr.GM ( CA/ERP-FICO) assured that the Joint option form with all the relevant details will be published today itself in Intranet .

This is very enthusiastic to report that around 7.30 PM , Sr.GM ( CA/ERP-FICO) informed from his office to AIBSNLEA CHQ that the letter is updated in intranet for the early submission of the Joint Option Form from all the eligible employees in BSNL without waiting for the last date of submission , the 10th Feb-2023. AIBSNLEA reciprocated thanks to Sr.GM.

AIBSNLEA CHQ request all the eligible executives to submit the Joint Option form duly filled in this week itself so that by Next Week BSNL can submit the same to the EPFO for further processing.

                                    << New Joint Option Guidelines : 30-01-23>>

27.01.2023     BSNL CO released   inter-circle transfer orders (Own-Cost) based on OTP request in AGM(T) Cadre and SDE(T) Cadre .

 << Transfer -AGMT>>  << Transfer -SDET>>

27.01.2023    BSNL CO released clarification that the recently joined 45 JAG level officers to BSNL from  DOT will be adjusted against the posts of DR-DGM quota.

<<Clarification - 45 JAG from DOT >>

27.01.2023    BSNL CO released the Procedure for BSNL New Group Insurance policy, 2022 for BSNL Employees who joined after 31.07.2014.


25.01.2023    Congratulations....BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for AGM ( PPS) in CSSS Cadres


23.01.2023   Congratulations....BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for DGM ( Sr PPS) in CSSS Cadres

<< Promotion - Sr PPS>>

20.01.2023   BSNL CO has written to the Central Provident Fund Commissioner (Pension) " on the Subject of Clarification in the Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 04.11.2022 in the matter of Supreme Court Judgment dated 04.11.2022 on the SLP Nos 8658-8659 of 2019 in the matter of EPFO "seeking  further necessary guidelines regarding exercising joint Option for contribution under EPS-95 scheme on actual salary for heigher Pension.

AIBSNLEA CHQ has been Pursuing the matter continuously with BSNL management to collect all the request option forms from the eligible executives and forward to the same to EPFO for the early finalisation of the matter . We express our Sincere thanks to Shri.Surajit Mandal Sr.GM ( CA/ERP-FICO) for taking up the matter effectively to EPFO. AIBSNLEA CHQ is also taking up the matter directly to EPFO authorities.

<<BSNL-EPFO Letter>>

19.01.2023    BSNL CO released instructions and Guidelines for Compliance of Hon'ble  Supreme Court Judgment dated 04.11.2022 in the matter of Supreme Court Judgment dated 04.11.2022 on the SLP Nos 8658-8659 of 2019 in the matter of EPFO .

<< BSNL CO - EPF>>


BSNL CO released transfer order in Accounts cadre

<<BSNL CO AO Transfer>>


GS Writes to CGM (BW) regarding individual representation from CHQ   Advisor (General) Com. S.D. Arya.

<< GS Letter>>

18.01.2023    Forum of Associations of BSNL Comprising AIBSNLEA / AIGETOA / SNEA / SEWA & TOA, writes to DIR HR to reinstate the Maximum Ceiling limit of Out Door Medical claims on the basis of Basic Pay and DA as on 1st April of Every Financial Year .

<<Forum Letter>>

BSNL CO released instructions for the immediate relieving of executives in the grade of Accounts officer

<<BSNL CO AO Relieving>>

16.01.2023    Forum of Associations of BSNL Comprising AIBSNLEA / AIGETOA / SNEA / SEWA & TOA, writes to CMD BSNL citing it's strong objection to the unilateral notification of MSRRs 2023 and requests for promoting all the eligible executives and filling vacant posts as per the existing BSNL MSRRs 2009 and comply with the existing Judgements delivered by Hon. Supreme Court of India in court cases against BSNL and the subsequent guideline/s issued by DOP&T as the basic essentiality for the MSRRs-2023.

The methodology recently used for promoting additional candidates than available vacancies in CSS cadre shall strictly be followed in all other streams also to enable maximum promotions in these streams, Forum stated in its letter.

<< Forum letter to CMD BSNL>>

13.01.2023    BSNL CO released revised dates for Q3 IPMS Achievements Entry & Q4 IPMS  Entry :

Revised Cutoff Dates for entering Achievements of Q3 IPMS cycle IPMS period Achievements are to be entered by executive:25 Jan 2023 .Reporting Officer to agree/disagree :1 Feb 2023.Reviewing Officer to decide: 8 Feb 2023
The supplementary window for the Q4 cycle will be open from 16.01 .23 to 23.01.23.

<<BSNL - IPMS >>

13.01.2023    BSNL CO released Transfer & Posting in the grade of AO

<< BSNL-AO-Transfer>>

12.01.2023    BSNL CO released OM for the  Payment of IDA at revised rates regarding : to increase in IDA rates from the existing 195.8% to 201.2% w.e.f.01.01.2023

<<BSNL OM IDA Hike>>

12.01.2023    GS Writes to the CGM (BW), BSNL CO , NDL  on the individual representation from CS Gurat Com.Jignesh Solanki  

<< GS Letter>>

12.01.2023    Further details of the meeting of GS  and  President with CMD BSNL on 10-01-20233 ....

Notification of MSRRs 2023:

As the matter of MSRR has already been taken up by the Forum of Associations of BSNL comprising AIBSNLEA/AIGETOA/SNEA/SEWA/TOA, so much discussion was not there on it and the forum would take up this further.

Posting of 45 officers in JAG grade to BSNL from DOT:

AIBSNLEA shared our concern in the posting of the 45 officers in JAG grade to BSNL from DOT. As per the DOT letter No 12-2/2022-STG-I-Part (2) dated 31.12.2023, it is learned that 82 officers are promoted in JAG of ITS Group “A” by DOT and out of them 45 officers are deputed in BSNL out of which 22 officers were recruited in DOT era in recruitment years 1991 to 1997 as JTO similar to many other officers recruited by DOT and subsequently absorbed in BSNL. At the time absorption in BSNL all have been offered to opt for BSNL by DOT/BSNL Management, but they denied to take absorption in BSNL and opted DOT. Now these officers are promoted as regular JAG and posted in BSNL. We also shared that this Association is going on receiving grievances from our senior executives on this posting that though the absorbed employees are still working in the AGM grade only. AIBSNLEA further requested to consider the posting of these JAG officers in BSNL against DR DGM quota only and all the eligible AGMs/DGM(Adhoc) in BSNL should immediately be promoted to the grade of regular DGM since sufficient vacancies are available to avoid any heartburning and Humiliation of the existing executives.

Much delayed 3rd PRC for BSNL Employees:

AIBSNLEA requested to consider the much delayed and long-awaited 3rd PRC for the BSNL employees as BSNL has the EBIDTA positive for the last 2 consecutive years and reportedly BSNL may touch operating profit for this FY-2022-23. For the Last FY 2021-22, the BSNL total Income was Rs.19053 Crores and total expenditure (exclude interest & dep.) was of Rs.18109 Crore thus EBIDTA Positive by Rs.944 Crore but there was a Net Loss for the year by Rs.6982 Crores. This year BSNL received much financial packages from GOI as part of 2nd revival package including the Viability Gap funding of Rs.13789 Crores for operating the commercially unviable rural wireline operation done by BSNL. CMD BSNL replied that BSNL has to pay for the 2G spectrum licence fee to DOT may increase our expenditure for this FY 2023. DIR(HR), was also present on the meeting, has informed that the revenue from BSNL operations is not getting increased is a concern for BSNL. AIBSNLEA requested to consider immediately the 3rd PRC for BSNL employees since it is due from 01.01.2017 and more than 6 years have already been elapsed. CMD BSNL mentioned that we will look into it after the Financial Results of the FY 2022-23.  

Due to some urgent meeting called for CMD BSNL, we could not discuss on other pending points. These pending points will be discussed in the next Meeting with CMD BSNL.

10.01.2023     Today, the 10th Jan 2023, the GS Com Shaji V and the President Com Rajpal Sharma had an emergency meeting with CMD BSNL Shri PK Purwar ji and discussed the following matter

Long Pending AO - CAO Court Case at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh regarding Status-quo on AO to CAO promotions (OA No 1435/ 2018 )

AIBSNLEA Shared our sincere gratitude to CMD BSNL for causing to arrange an eminent Sr. Advocate from the Hon. Supreme Court of India to deal the case at the CAT Chandigarh as promised by CMD to this Association. We further appraised CMD on the heartburn of the affected executives due to the case. When all pending promotions in all streams are almost completely released by BSNL management, but the long-lasting blockage of the Status-quo called by the Hon. CAT Chandigarh could not be vacated is a painful matter of real concern to AIBSNLEA. More discussions on the Case and related matters happened with CMD for around half an hour since the AIBSNLEA CHQ team and CS AIBSNLEA Punjab had been very much available in the CAT Chandigarh all along the arguments of the Case.  CMD BSNL had a patient hearing on all our points and appals.

Further, CMD BSNL shared that CMD is ready to have a conference call with the Lawyer and AIBSNLEA to update all the relevant points to vacate the stay and whatever be the amount to be paid for that BSNL will pay additionally to the Lawyer , if required. AIBSNLEA extended whole hearted thanks and regards to CMD for his very sincere approach for getting way to give the very long pending promotion orders for the executives in Accounts fraternity. CMD BSNL replied that he is also equally or more worried on this pending promotion.

….further details of the meeting to be continued

10.01.2023    AIBSNLEA CHQ Welcomed & Greeted our new Director CM, BSNL Board ,  Shri Sandeep Govil ITS with bouquet and shawl .

10.01.2023    The Special CEC of the Punjab Circle has been enthusiastically carried out in the Hotel Banquets & Rooms in Chandigarh on Sunday  the 08-01-2023 . The meeting was welcomed by Com Harjot Singh , CP Punjab , Com.Ashok Sharma, CS Punjab submitted his report card to the CEC and explained all the issues taken up with management . The meeting was very well  anchored by Com Arun Kukkar ACS . Com Rajender Singh DS Ludhiyana proposed vote of thanks.

The CEC discussed about the malafied activities of the  General Manager of Ludhiana BA Shri Phunchok Dorjey who involved in sexual harassment of women employees. The GM was instrumental in transferring our DS Ludhiana Com Rajender Singh from Ludhiana due to  the fair stand of our DS on the sexual harassment done by the GM. The GM acted against our association in  Ludhiana in Collution with another association   . The wrong doing of the GM had been taken up by this association with BSNL CO and the GM is now transferred from Ludhiyana. The matter of wrong doing of the GM Ludhiana was taken up by BSNLEU and AIGETOA also. Now Punjab Circle trying to bring back DS Ludhiyana. CHQ expressed Sincere appreciation to CS Punjab and his team in dealing the matter effectively.

CHQ President Com Rajpal Sharma , GS Com Shaji V , FS Com Dinesh Kumar and Auditor CHQ Com RS Slathiya  have attended the Special CEC . The meeting had been very interactive and generated very positive note for the betterment of AIBSNLEA in Punjab Circle . The worthy meeting was concluded with the National Aunthem.

<<Glimpses of CEC >>>

10.01.2023    Update on the Pending DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotion in CAT Chandigarh:

The  MA filed by BSNL seeking permission for the DGM-T(Adhoc) to DGM-T(R) Promotion came up for hearing today ,the 10-01-2023 at CAT Chandigarh. The MA is admitted and the next date of hearing is on 31-01-2023.

10.01.2023    Update on the Very Long Pending Court Case at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh regarding Status-quo on AO to CAO promotions (OA No 1435/2018 ) :

The case has been heard by the double bench for long and decided to continue hearing on 08-02-2023 . For BSNL , as promised by BSNL Management ,  the Learned Council from Supreme Court has appeared to the CAT .

10.01.2023    Update on the Pending DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotion :

BSNL Management filed MA in CAT Chandigarh on 04-01-2023 and hearing  scheduled today i.e. on 10/01/2023.

09.01.2023    BSNL CO further released clarification referring the DoPT letter related to Reservation in Promotion to PwBD candidates that as per the latest guideline of DOPT dated 05-01-2023, the reservation under PwBD Category will be implemented for the vacancies arising on or after 17-05-2022 and it will be applicable up to the AGM Levels promotions.

<<BSNL-DOPT Clarification >>

09.01.2023    BSNL CO endorsed the EPFO Circular Dated 29-12-2022 issued subsequent to the Honorable Court Judgment on EFPO dated 04-11-2022 for vide  publicity among  beneficiary employees of the same.


04.01.2023    Congratulations.... As we have Promised , BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for SDE Civil to  AGM  Civil .

<<SDE C to AGM C Promotion>>

03.01.2023    New Year greetings of AIBSNLEA CHQ by giving AIBSNLEA Diary and Calendar 2023 to Senior officers including DIR (EB) , PGM (SR) , PGM (Establishment) etc & to our beloved AIBSNLEA members in BSNL Corporate office continued today also .


03.01.2023    BSNL CO issued guidelines for the reimbursement of the cost of Hearing Aids under BSNL MRS .

<<BSNL CO Guidelines >>

03.01.2023    BSNL CO OM on submission of IPR for the Year 2022

<<BSNL CO OM on IPR-2022>>

02.01.2023   AIBSNLEA Diary and Calendar 2023 are released by the CMD BSNL Shri PK Purwar ji , today 02-01-23.

AIBSNLEA extended Happy New Year greetings to CMD BSNL and when CMD wishes the Same , AIBSNLEA replied that we are not So Happy in the New Year due to the untimely release of MSRR 2023 without considering & Consulting Executives.... CMD had a patient hearing of our views and replied that he is ready to listen again to AIBSNLEA on it .... When we enquired on whether the MSRR is approved by DOT , CMD BSNL  replied that only Board Approval is sufficient..

Leaders of AIBSNLEA CHQ met Member ( Services ) , Member ( Finance) and some of the other Senior officers and their team Members in DOT and greeted New Year Wishes with AIBSNLEA Diary & Calender -2023. Also , the leaders of AIBSNLEA CHQ met all DIR(HR) , DIR ( CFA) , DIR( CM) , GM (Pers) and other Senior officers in BSNL CO and greeted New Year Wishes with AIBSNLEA Diary & Calender -2023 .

AIBSNLEA CHQ , once again extending Best New Year Greetings to one and all including for all our bellowed members & to their family.