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Regd. DL(ND)-11/6158/2012-13-14 TELEWAVE A HOUSE JOURNAL OF ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATION NEWS FLASH AIBSNLEACWCmeetKolkatadecidesits5th(Fih)AllIndiaConferencetobeheldinKarnatakaCircle. BSNL CO vide le er number 400-172/2015 Pers I dated 02.09.2015 issued clarificaons on various points/issues related to the Execuve Promoon Policy. This has paved the way to AAOs and Sr AOs to get their first me bound promoon under EPP aer compleon of four years instead of five years from their AAO/Sr AO promoon before from01.10.2004. BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding DGM Look aer arrangements orders first me in BSNL Corporate Officeon03.09.2015. BSNL Corporate Office issued orders on 04.09.2015 regarding fixaon of the pay of the officials under FR 22-1(a)(i) from the date the officials, who are the members of AIBSNLEA and became eligible for pay fixaon under FR 22- 1(a)(i)i.e.thedatefromwhichofficialsareofficianginthecapacityofJTO. BSNLCorporateOfficeissuedorders on10.09.2015inrespectof 58ExecuvesforRegularPromoonfromSDE(T) toAGM/DEofTelecomOperaonStreamintheIDAscaleofpayofRs.29100-54500/- BSNL Corporate Office issued orders on 11.09.2015 regarding promoon and posng to 6 nos. Execuves in the gradeofAGM/DEofTelecomFactoryStreamintheIDAscaleofpayofRs.29100-54500/- Sh.M.A.Khan,ED(NB)andChairmanCommi eeonE2&E3payscalesforJTO&SDEequivalentexecuves&CPSU CadreHierarchysubmi editsrecommendaonstotheCompetentAuthorityon29.09.2015. ExpertCommi eehearingsonTESGr.'B'seniorityiscompletedon30.09.2015. BSNL Corporate Office issued orders on 07.10.2015 regarding promoon and posng order of Execuves of TelecomFactoryStreaminthegradeofDGMonregularbasisintheIDAScaleofPayofRs.32900-58000/-. BSNL Corporate Office issued orders on 09.10.2015regarding first me look-aer arrangement in the grade of AGMinTelecomOperaonStreamofBSNLCorporateOffice. DPE issued order regarding payment of IDA at revised rates w.e.f. 01.10.2015 (Revised IDA rate w.e.f.01.10.2015=107.9%) for Board Level Posts and Below Board Level Posts Including Non-Unionised Supervisors In CPSEs Revisions Of Scales of Pay w.e.f 01.01.2007 and the same is endorsed by BSNL on dated 14.10.2015. BSNL Corporate Office issued orders on 09.10.2015 regarding regular Promoon and posngs to 11 nos. Execuves in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Operaon Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/= - BSNL Corporate office nofied Recruitment Rules of JTO (Telecom) 2014 on 14.10.2015: This has paved the wayforregularizaonofOfficiangJTOsandLICEforfillingthevacantpostsofJTOs. AIBSNLEA WISHES A VERY HAPPY & PROSPUROUS DHANTERAS, DIWALI/DEEPAVALI, GOVARDHAN PUJA, BHAI DOOJ AND GURU NANAK JAYANTI TO ONE AND ALL Editor & Publisher CENTRAL HEAD QUARTERS PRAHLAD RAI VOL.-10, ISSUE-09 CH-17-2-15, General Secretary SEPTEMBER - 15 P&T, Chemmery Staff Quarters, Atul Grove Road, (Restricted to Members Only) E-mail : New Delhi-110001
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