04.01.2011: Open session of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Kolkata-Click below for the Live coverage of the addresses given by following dignitaries on the occasion of Open session of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Kolkata on 31-12.2010

Click Here for complete Report of the General Secretary placed in the 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held on 30th, 31st December, 2010 and 1st January,2011 at The Heritage Academy, Behind Ruby Hospital, E.M. Bypass Kolkata  & Click Here for the Keynote Address delivered by Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary in the Open Session of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Kolkata on 31.12.2010

31.12.2010: Open session of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Kolkata Open session of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA was held at 15.30 hours at The Heritage Academy auditorium, Kolkata. The Open Session started with a glittering & colorful Cultural Programme which was arranged by Host Circle. The Open Session was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Shri Gopal Das, CMD, BSNL, Shri D.P. De, Sr. GM(Estt.), BSNL CO, CGMs WB/KTD/ETR/ETP/Stores Kolkata and all other dignitaries on the dias.  Shri Ashish Kumar Basu  Org. Secy. (E) welcomed Shri Gopal Das, CMD, BSNL and all other dignitaries, Senior Officers, General Secretaries of other Unions/Associations, CHQ  office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, delegates, press and media representatives. The Chief Guest and all Dignitaries were felicitated with Shawl, Bouquets and Mementos by the members of the host Circle. Shri Shri Gopal Das, CMD, BSNL was present as Chief Guest and Shri D.P. De, Sr. GM(Estt.), BSNL, Shri Soumya Rai, CGM Western Bengal Circle, Shri P.K. Sarkar Chief General Manager Kolkatta Telephones, Shri Anshuman Mukherjee C.G.M. ETR, Shri Somnath Maity, CGM ETP, Shri S N Roy chaudhary CGM TF, Shri M.K. Bagchi, President Retired Telecom Officers Association, MTNL, Shri A.K. Kaushik, G.S. TEAM, MTNL, Shri Sibal Sen Gupta, CS BSNLEU, Shri Dilip Saha, C.S. SNEA(I) were also present in the meeting as special guests.

Shri K. Satyanarayana, President, AIBSNLEA conveyed his sincere thanks to Kolkata Telephone and W.B. Circles for conducting the AIC and appreciated the organisers for making beautiful arrangements. He informed that during the last two days of the conference, lot of discussions were held about the financial viability of the BSNL and the same is being discussed at various platforms and occasions. He informed that there is huge infrastructure and staff strength available with BSNL as compared to other service providers.  Except the change of name from DOT to BSNL, the mind set has not been changed.  Lack of expertise viz. marketing, legal is one of the reasons for the present deteriorating situation of the BSNL.  He mentioned that only ITS absorption is not the reason for the loss of BSNL and requested the management to form a committee along with the representatives of the associations / unions, who will visit the units where profit is made and will find out the reason of growth as compared to the poor performing areas so that the remedial action can be taken to increase the revenue. He also expressed that inspite of being IT company, we are not using the video conferencing facility for various conferences to reduce the expenditure. He appreciated Shri Gopal Das, CMD for his co-operation and even signing the promotion order file during the mid night which is not expected from any other officers and wished that he retires as CMD of the BSNL.  He appreciated and thanked CMD for attending the conference inspite of his busy schedule.

Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA has expressed his sincere gratitude to CMD  and Sr. G.M. (Estt) for sparing the valuable time inspite of various meeting at New Delhi  and making convenient to attend the said meeting. General Secretary Shri Prahlad Rai in his key note addressed stated that the 3rd All India conference of the association is held in Kolkata with the representatives and delegates through out the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari representing about 30000 executives of the BSNL. He has stated that while forming BSNL from a Govt. Department there was serious doubts raised about its capability to sustain productivity and profitability. But with true grit determination, dedication and sincerity, BSNL has belied these misconceptions and sustained its position.  But, this year 2009-10 BSNL has made losses of Rs 1823 Cr which is a matter of serious concern for every one. In less than 8 years, BSNL has a acquired 78 million Mobile Connections with 11.50 lacs Broadband connections.  He informed that this year is a very challenging year for BSNL in sustaining its position.   He has expressed his confidence in the leadership of Shri Gopal Das, CMD, BSNL, and assured that under his leadership, BSNL will be achieving the targets set by the Govt.  He also informed that over the past 10 years, assets of BSNL have grown almost more than double with an assets base of about 65,000 crores at the time of its formation, now the asset  base has become more than 1,80,000 crores. BSNL's present customer base, which is about 78 million includes mobile & WLL subscribers also. It has about 46 million line basic telephone capacity, 8 million WLL capacity, 52 Million GSM Capacity, more than 38302 fixed exchanges, 46565 BTS, 3895 Node B (3G BTS), 287 Satellite Stations, 614755 Rkm of OFC Cable, 50430 Rkm of Microwave Network connecting 602 Districts, 7330 cities/towns and 5.6 Lakhs villages and about 3 million Internet Customers who access Internet through various modes viz. Dial-up, Leased Line, DIAS, Account Less Internet (CLI). BSNL has been adjudged as the NUMBER ONE ISP in the country. In basic services, BSNL is miles ahead of its rivals, with 35.1 million Basic Phone subscribers with 85 per cent share of the subscriber base and 92 percent share in revenue terms.  He has further stated that the declining Basic Telephone services of BSNL is another matter of serious concern to every one of us. GS on behalf of the association, assured CMD, BSNL all the co-operation and support to in achieving the targets set by the Government to make BSNL number one telecom company. He has requested the CMD that in order to make the arrears payment towards the  payment of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit,  BSNL should not opt for taking loan and the said payment can be made as and when the BSNL is makes profit. He has raised the following HR issues and requested the CMD and BSNL management to take immediate necessary action to settle the long pending issues.

  • Implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 regarding fitment benefit from 68.8% to 78.2% with effect from 01.01.2007.
  • Immediate withdrawal of clarifications dated 19.02.2010 and 13.10.2010 issued by BSNL Corporate Office AAO/Sr. AO/Sr. SDE and PAs/PSs cadres, pay fixation in Executive Promotion Policy.
  • Early settlement of Pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay  than their juniors
  • Immediate holding of DPC on seniority cum fitness basis and LDCE from JTO (T) to SDE (T) to fill up about 10,000 vacant SDEs posts.
  • Promotion from JTOs Offg. (TTAs) to JTO (Telecom) on regular basis and removal of FR-35 for JTO (Offg.)
  • Departmental promotee JTOs of 2005,  2007 and 2008 batches  pay anomaly needs settlement
  • Immediate settlement of revision of pay scale of Asst. Director (OL) as per 6th CPC recommendations
  • Sanction/creation of posts of PPS in the field units
  • Sanction/creation of three posts in JAG Cadre for Ministerial Staff (BSNL Corporate Office)
  • The single Rule for recasting of TES Gr. B officers seniority list should be implemented in BSNL
  • Modification of BSNLMS RRs to allow the existing JTOs/SDEs(C/E/Arch) for the promotion to the grade of AGM/EE/Architect
  • Change of designations of Executives on each Time Bound Promotion
  • One time placement of SDE to Sr. SDE grade on 01.10.2000
  • Date of effect of implementation of revised IDA pay scales w.e.f. from 01.10.2000 on notional benefit.
  • First and subsequent upgradation to the next higher grade on completion of 4 years of service in all cases
  • Immediate notification of new IDA pay scales (E1A / E2A) for JTO / SDE equivalent Executives
  • Immediate Settlement of EPF issues on transfer of DR Executives'
  • Regularization of adhoc STS, JAG & SAG level Executives' of all disciplines.
  • Filling up of all vacant JAG/STS level posts on regular/adhoc basis and SDE equivalent posts on regular basis in all disciplines.
  • Consideration of all pending requests / tenure transfer cases and seniority cases of SDEs /DEs , AOs/CAOs
  • Holding of DPC for 1999 JAO batch to AAO.
  • The IDA pension revision order for BSNL pensioners who retired before 01.01.2007 should immediately be issued by the DOT.
  • Rent free 3G mobile service and Broadband connections should be provided to all BSNL Executives.
  • BSNL CO should take immediate action to solve the problems related to O&M of CDR System which are resulting in surrender of a huge number of landline connections and in turn loss of business and revenue.

G.S. extended his sincere thanks to every one and assured that the AIBSNLEA will do everything to its customers to provide better telecom services. GS further stated that under the leadership of Shri Gopal Das, CMD, he expects that all the HR related issues can be settled amicably.  He wished all a very happy and prosperous new year 2011.

A colorful souvenir was released by the hands of Shri Gopal Das, CMD, BSNL.

Shri M.K. Bagchi, President Retired Telecom Officers Association, MTNL expressed his sincere thanks to CHQ New Delhi for inviting him and felicitating him on 3rd AIC of AIBSNLEA.  He informed that Retired Telecom Officers Association is the back borne of the retired officers and extended thanks to AIBSNLEA for extending its full support and co-ordination.  He pointed out that before discussing about the financial viability, we should consider the functional viability of both organisations viz. BSNL and MTNL.  He also mentioned that there are many hindrances viz. non completion of tender procedure in time, etc. payment of huge amount towards the spectrum, non-absorption of ITS officers are the example for the same.  He also mentioned that by ensuring the functional viability, financial viability will automatically gained and requested all the unions and association to take up this issue together with BSNL and MTNL.  He has proposed to form a co-ordination committee amongst the BSNL and MTNL to ensure the functional and financial viability.

Shri A.K. Kaushik, G.S. TEAM, MTNL informed that as and when the issue of viability of the organisations are aroused, the middle management is being blamed instead to looking to  the situations leaded to it.  He also mentioned that top level management has threatened that if not getting absorbed, they will be send to surplus cell and the same people are not getting absorption, who are responsible for the present situation of BSNL and MTNL. He mentioned that the private service providers are engaging the retired senior officers of BSNL and MTNL to damage both the organisations.   He also informed that non absorbed Senior Officers will only face problems in case BSNL and MTNL close down and not the executives and non-executives, who have already got absorbed, as they do not have any other place to go.  He suggested that merger of BSNL and MTNL will strengthen us and we can fight together.   He wished very happy new year to every one.

Shri Sibal Sengupta, CS BSNLEU congratulated to Host Circle for holding the conference in Kolkatta.  He informed that if we overcome the present situation of BSNL; we can survive.  He informed that Private operators are taking advantages of these and every one is responsible for the present situation.  He further mentioned that Policies of Govt. of India, withdrawal of ADC charges, lack of timely procurement of equipments are some of the main reasons.  He also appealed that United struggle has yielded many result and requested to continue the same through  united platform to protest the interest of the organisation as well as Govt. of India.

Shri Dilip Saha, C.S. SNEA (I) attended the conference for and on behalf of the GS SNEA(I).  He has wished Happy New Year to all and  conveyed the message of G.S. SNEA (I) to see and ensure that both the association works together in settling the issues of the executives. He also informed that AIBSNLEA has formed by merging all the wings executives from different disciplines and demanded unification of both the organisation. He also appealed that there should be only one executive association in BSNL. 

Shri Soumya Rai, CGM Western Bengal Circle  during his address expressed his thanks for inviting him.  He has stated that despite of good manpower availability in the Circle, the revenue earned is very less and requested all the executives and non-executives to ensure that each one of should commit themselves atleast 3 times  of the salaries they earn to ensure that the BSNL can incur the expenditure of maintenance.  He has also stated that if available equipments and infrastructure are utilised BSNL in true sprit definitely BSNL will achieve the target.  He also informed that most of the ITS officers are equally concerned about BSNL and committed to their work as in the cases of the executives, who are  already absorbed in BSNL.  He requested to all executives to work hard with the management to strengthen the BSNL.

Shri D P De, Sr. GM (Estt) Corporate Office, New Delhi expressed his thanks for inviting for the conference.  He also informed that despite of official and family constraints, he has attended the conference to see and address the gathering.  He  pointed out that such a big gathering can be together to discuss the issues in order to strengthen the BSNL. He also mentioned that  BSNL has completed its 10 years and  during this period  many developments have taken place viz. GSM services, broadband, etc.   He also mentioned that the private service providers have increased their number of connections in order to get IUC charges for such connections. He also informed that BSNL have implemented wage revision of executives/ non-executives, revision of allowance for executive / non executive and also  promotion policies. He further mentioned that  BSNL is first to introduce the 2nd PRC, even then motivation from the executives and non-executive are lacking.  He also informed that No. of court cases are increased manifold and there is need to re-think on it. He pointed out that in this situation,  How the organisation will work?  He further mentioned that there is a lack of co-ordination from the BSNL employees and  he also appealed that  BSNL also expects something from its employees, when they expects from BSNL.  He requested all to come forward and give more and more output.  He wished happy new year to every one.

Shri Gopal Das, Chief Guest of the occasion & CMD BSNL, New Delhi   informed that in last 5 years telecom sector has shown tremendous growth and  The customer base has crossed more than 750 million.  He further mentioned that in this journey, BSNL also has grown and we have only 102 million customers, but we have been left far behind.  He mentioned that the private operators came into service at later date but has surpassed our growth putting BSNL at 5th position, as far as wireless sector is concerned.  CMD BSNL informed that in Last year we have incurred loss of Rs.1823 crores and now BSNL is  passing through a very critical juncture wherein our profitability has not only decreased but has become negative.   He further informed that BSNL have many strengths and many weakness and our competitors are very strong in aggressive marketing with  very less staff strength.  He also informed that BSNL has spend huge amount towards salaries which comes to 45% of the total revenue from the services, where in private it is 15 to 16%.  He further mentioned that BSNL has got many strengths as compared to our competitors and we have all kind of technologies, Wireless, Wimax, 3G and good transmission network, which private operators cannot reach to that extend.  CMD informed that BSNL have very transparent working being the PSU as we have the trust of the customers.  He mentioned that all these attitudes are sighted and we can definitely make BSNL profitable in the coming years but we have to take into consideration that our service to the customers has to be delivered at faster speed and the same has to be reliable and also the customer has not only satisfied but to be delighted.  He further mentioned that after the implantation of number portability, if we fail to maintain the service, we will suffer a lot.   He mentioned that we have to consider that the service quality to the customer has to be maintained at any cost and not only the  quality of service, the delivery of service also to be very fast.   He also mentioned that timely provision of landline is one of the case of service delivery and service delivery has good role in acquiring the new customers.   He appealed that the broadband and mobile connections are to be focused and these services are to be marketed especially in rural areas.  CMD mentioned that there are lot of plans and incentives available for these services especially for broadband but we have to ensure that what ever demands are placed the services are to be delivery as quickly as possible which will generate the revenue. CMD informed that there are many new avenues viz. enterprises segment, GEPON services, upcoming areas and multi-storied  buildings are to be connecting by laying OFC and provide GEPON with voice, broadband and IPTV. He further mentioned that many circles have already initiated in this and experienced Rs.1000 per line revenue. He intimated that there are lot of potential for high speed broadband and we can compete very well with our competitors with FTTP.  He further intimated that the customers who have left to private operators can be bring back with FTTP especially Govt. customers viz. PSUs, Bank etc and enterprises wing play a very important roll. He mentioned that Income Tax department has given very good business and he has requested to all the CGMs to approach the respective State Government organisations and we have to explore by putting out hands together to see that how the revenue of BSNL is increased.  He mentioned that BSNL should not depend on the subsidy from Govt.  and  BSNL has to ensure that the revenue is earned to compensate the subsidy. He suggested that aggressive marketing  can bring the customer base and revenue and we have to go to the customer doorstop for services and ensure that the products are available with retailers and scarcity should be avoided. He further mentioned that these areas are to be taken care and requested all to see and enhance the revenue.  He further mentioned that unless we increase our revenue, BSNL cannot come out of the difficult situation.  He further mentioned that in expenditure control much scope is not available, as many expenses are unavoidable and minimum utilisation of energy so that the energy bill payment can be reduced.  He informed that he has attended many conference of AIBSNLEA and there is a substantial decrease in the list of demands. He mentioned that as a Director (HR), he will ensure that genuine demands are settled and the colleagues in corporate office has taken up many major burning issues and all the pending issues are being looked into and working on it.  CMD informed that  if we do not earn, how the additional expenditure can be incurred and we have to look into the ways and means how BSNL can be made profitable.  He mentioned that it is only possible by giving better customer service, delight, prompt response, maintain quality of service, getting more enterprise customer, new business and efforts are to be made as we have enough resources, very experience & expertise manpower & we have to make a joint effort.  CMD mentioned that there should not be a blame game, and should have a common goal of making BSNL profitable and our prosperity and welfare lies in the prosperity of BSNL. He finally told that if BSNL is made profitable, all these small issues can be early resolved.  He hoped that the conference will spend some time in deliberating the area needs attention and come out the suggestion which can increase our revenue and profitability so that in the year 2011, we again become profitable and wished good luck in the efforts and very very happy and prosperous new year to every one and their family members.

Shri P. Venugopal, AGS (Finance) expressed vote of thanks.  During the vote of thanks Shri Venugopal hoped that all the pending points are wiped out by the CMD before his retirement and assured CMD all the support and co-ordination in his endeavour.  He has also informed that AIBSNLEA is not against the ITS officers and we expects that their joining will strengthen our hands  to make BSNL no.1 company of the country.  He thanked every one and all. The auditorium was jam packed.

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30.12.2010: 3rd All India Conference at Kolkata: 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA commenced today morning at 9.00 hrs. Com. K. Satayanarayana, President CHQ hoisted the association flag. After Opening remark by CHQ Presient, a glittering & colorful Cultural Programme was arranged. One minute silence was observed in the memory of departed Comrades. The host Circle Secretary, WB Com Bijay Bhattacharya welcomed the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle President, Circle Secretary, CWC Members & esteemed delegates.


Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convenor JAC & President BSNLEU, Com. Kishan Singh, General Secretary, All India Retired BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED Executives' Welfare Association & Com. R.S. Nair, Secy. General, TASA attended & addressed the delegate session. After approval of the agenda, minutes of 2nd All India Conference held at Jaipur from 28th to 30th Aug'2008 were confirmed. Com. GS placed his report for discussion & adoption which continued for discussion till night. On this occasion Open Session is being organised at 15.30 hrs. at the same venue on 31st Dec'2010. Shri Gopal Das, CMD, BSNL will be the Chief Guest. Sh. D.P. De, Sr. GM(Estt.) BSNL Corporate Office & the other Senior Officers of WB Circle, CA Telephone, ETR Circle, ETP Circle, Task Force Circle etc will grace the occasion as Guest of Honour. About 1000 delegates from the nook & corner of the country are attending the 3rd All India Conference at Kolkata.

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ALL CIRCLE SECRETARIES are requested to check the UPDATED delegate list (as on 26-12-2010 corrected upto 5.00 PM)  (Final List). Circlewise_count also to be noted. Pl inform to Click Here for List  Instructions to Delegates

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM HOST CIRCLE Delegates arriving at Airport for attending AIC-10 may please contact Com. Somen Banerjee (Mobile No.-  9433400512) or Com. Susanta Das (Mobile No. - 9433400245)


ASSISTANCE TO DELEGATES ON ARRIVAL AT KOLKATA: At Howrah Station : Help Desk will be operational between platforms no 8 & 9 (old complex) from 28th Dec 05.00 hrs to 29th Dec 22.00 hrs. At New Complex volunteers will be available with placards. Contact person Com B.N.Sarkar (Mob 9477651444), Com Poley (Mob 9433000268) At Sealdah Station & Airport: Volunteers will receive delegates with placards as per information received on arrival of the scheduled Trains/Flights. Contact person Com Subir Banerjee (Mob 9432001244), Com M.M.Mondal (Mob 9432001811). For General enquiries Pl. Contact Com B.N.Sarkar (Mob 9477651444). Staying accommodation for delegates is arranged at Baishnabghata Patuli Telecom Complex, Parcel B, Near Patuli Fire Station, E.M. Bypass Kolkata.

ALL CIRCLE SECRETARIES are requested to check the UPDATED delegate list (as on 26-12-2010 corrected upto 5.00 PM)  (Final List). Circlewise_count also to be noted. Pl inform to Click Here for List

Presentation of Circle Secretaries Report through Power Point Presentation in 3rd AIC at Kolkata :- Circle Secretaries  are requested to prepare Power Point Presentation of Circle Secretary Report & e-mail to Host circle at e-mail id: before 15th Dec'2010 so that Host Circle may arrange proper presentation in 3rd AIC at Kolkata


Holding of Circle Conferences, if due, before 3rd AIC, Kolkata

As per the decision of GOA CWC Meeting and in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of AIBSNLEA the Circle organisation of AIBSNLEA are to conduct the election of new set of office bearers within one month after expiry of the stipulated extended terms of three months from the date of scheduled Circle Conference / General body of the Circle Concerned.

Hence the Circle Secretaries, in whose Circles the Circle conference is overdue, are advised to hold the Circle conference before 3rd All India Conference.

18.10.2010 : Detailed information for 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Kolkata from 30th December 2010 to 1st Jan 2011. Click here

08.10.2010: AIBSNLEA notified to hold its 3rd All India Conference from 30th Dec'2010 to 1st Jan'2011 and Pre-AIC Central Working Committee meeting on 29th December 2010 at The Heritage Academy, Behind Ruby Hospital, E.M. Bypass, Kolkata  

08.10.2010: AIBSNLEA notified to hold its 3rd All India Conference from 30th Dec'2010 to 1st Jan'2011 and Pre-AIC Central Working Committee meeting on 29th December 2010 at The Heritage Academy, Behind Ruby Hospital, E.M. Bypass, Kolkata  Notice for AIC, Notice for Pre-AIC CWC Meet,   Programme  Host Circles Write Souvenir Form 

08.10.2010: Reception Committee, AIC-2010  writes  to All Delegates / Circle Secretaries /Circle President / CWC Members / CHQ Office  Click Here for Circular

3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA will be held at Kolkata from 30th Dec'2010 to 01st Jan'2011. The Pre AIC CWC Meet will be held on 29th Dec'2010. Accommodation for CWC Members will be available from 28th Dec'2010 & for other delegates from 29th Dec'2010.Members are requested to book their reservations accordingly well in advance. The formal notice will be issued in due course.

Souvenir Forms of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA are ready for dispatch. Circle Secretaries; who are interested to get the form directly to Branch Secretary; may intimate the name, address, Pincode & mobile numbers to email-id Details of some Circles have already been received like MH, KTK, KRL. If no details are received by 6th Oct'2010, then bulk forms will be posted to the Circle Secretaries by Courior